That morning light; that morning mist

That morning light

Love it when the sun comes up bright, there’s been no wind overnight, the dew is heavy, and the light and dew begin their misty dance in the orchard and the field.

That morning mist

A little later the mist had thickened and the spiderwebs became little silvery apparent light sources.

One spider web damaged

Here’s a damaged web, not so brilliant out of context, yet still compelling. I feel badly for the spider.

Camo grader

Later we took a couple of truck trails through the woods. The first section was in terrible shape due to the small angular limestone chunks that were used as fill (way larger than large gravel), and how this camo beast had stirred them up. Well, the ride was terrible and the tires got a workout, but the mud holes were filled, so maybe not totally terrible. Most of the route was sandier, and one place I had to back up twice to get a run and better line on a low sand dune the road went over that was just plain soft. After the backup reconnoiters, we came through just fine, no spinning, on the third try. Triumph! (In a Nissan. 😉 )

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