I thought about a light in darkness theme, but it’s too darned depressing. Instead, I propose leaf-light mosaic. Simplistic, perhaps, but a bit vivifying.

Infrastructure updating

Pole replacement

I walked this morning in the coolness, nose-level or nose-down as is typical for me. Below this I noticed a one-foot chunk of wooden pole, triggering a look-up.

Yup, replacement underway. The upper lines and a transformer (?) have been switched to the new, taller pole, but the old one, albeit shortened, still seems to be carrying the lower lines.

You can tell it’s relatively early in the day, as the light is bright only on the tree-tops. [Proud of myself; photo was taken at 6:48am.]

Crape myrtle framing

Neighbor windows

Here’s a different visualization of a bit of the neighborhood, both the angle and the exposure/crazy-camera. Looks almost like a jungle….

Drops do accumulate

Redbud leaf after rain

Around here, June was a bust for rainfall…we received close to zero-zilch. The last four days have more than made up for that deficit and launched us most of the way to our July average to boot.

The tough part is that it is darned humid outside (outside meaning: beyond the air-conditioning).

Imagine the explosions

4th over Puget Sound

Our Left Coasters departed today, and left behind this image of the gorgeous 4th fireworks across Puget Sound.

Sky speculation

This picture and last night’s picture were taken one day and five-and-a-half minutes apart. We had rain in the late afternoon, which, I’m guessing, sapped some of the dramatic color.

Aren’t we lucky?!

Sunset pink

And from the sky descended an airplane carrying precious cargo…loved ones visiting from the Left Coast.

Delving into contrast

Patterns in plants

Look at all the visual contrasts! Color, shapes, living vs inanimate—the whole shebang!

Fireworks began precisely at 9:15pm, and they’re now booming in various locations in the southern direction…with nothing sounding in the northern quadrants. This is audio contrasts?

Living with weather

Sometime in the dark hours, I woke up and was fuzzy about why I woke up. Soon, I realized there was a snuffly noise outside…pretty sure it was a deer, perhaps the doe we’ve been seeing, calling to her wee fawn (tracks just over an inch long).

By dawn, we had rain.

Then, it stopped for a few hours and I went down to the beach.

Sometime around two, more rain came in, with lightning, thankfully in the distance. Just after three, the power went out. And the rain quit. So much for the mint sauce I was planning to make for our communal dinner.

The power came back on about 7:30. I was so happy.

Three shells

Clam shells lake edge

Oh, and another fatality in the lake in the food web shifts accompanying the zebra mussel infestation—no live clams, only clam shells. The mussels cluster on the clams, and pfft, the clams don’t survive.