Dandelions—two types!

Dandy greens 4sale

This was not predicted. We went AGAIN, for the third day in a row, OTP, that is: outside the perimeter. This time for high-quality veggies…and other stuff. No plans to go OTP tomorrow. Seriously. Might get an affliction or something if we did…. Today’s adventure, however, was all electric—gas engine never came on…shows how short a distance OTP we went (not even a tenth of a mile).

Cherry or plum

More tree blooming documented…plum or cherry, I believe. Saw dogwoods with swelling buds, but no open blooms (in this neighborhood). And that’s the botany-bloom report.

Cycle-circle or circle-cycle

Dandy robustus

Been seeing these Dandy robustus (not their real name), but today’s the first I noted them in full seed-puff spheres. Not this one, however….

And so the circle-cycle of the seasons rotates another notch.

Kayak wall

For the second day in a row, we ventured outside the perimeter, shopping this time. At one of those hunter-fisher-outdoor-y (and overpriced, IMHO) places. With kayaks against the front wall. So ornamental. So yellowy-green.

True news


That is a fake rock. And that is not fake news. It’s the truth.

Camellia petals down

Wind and rain the last few days have brought down so much organic detritus…including these glorious, red petals. Sorry, camellia.

Meanwhile (I would have written that before Colbert), I am discombobulated as per usual from the time change. The light outside and the clocks do not match, my spidey-sense declares vehemently.

No greens tonight, though

Bloomin bulbs

Still enjoying blooming bulbs.

Japanese magnolias

I do like Japanese/deciduous magnolias; I especially enjoy the dark pink ones.

Dande lion

Starvation food—maybe no longer appropriately classified that way, since dandelion greens now are sold at Whole Foods.


Sidewalk fixed

Sidewalk is fixed. Opposite side is getting sidewalk break; never had one before. Wow!

Three racks

First oven project: note triple decker of roasting pans! Potatoes! Chicken drumsticks! Mixed veg! (Just this one session and I’m a total convert to the convection process—everything crispier! Yum!)

Bare tree

Bare tree.

Blooming tree

Blooming tree. (Different species.)

Observations: street, sidewalk, playground

Both metrics

Detritus/graffiti from the Sunday footrace…

Sidewalk redo

Broken sidewalk slope zone…will return to discover what it’s been converted into.

Blue slide

Color and shapes…I’m regressing. Or retro.

Note small lily pad

Goddess in winter

We made a pilgrimage to see the Earth Goddess. She’s clearly awaiting spring.

Tulip interior

In a sunny part of the garden, tulips…

Many tulips

…and more tulips!

Tree reflection

In another water feature…a reflection of leafless tree above.

Eeny, meeny (no meany)

Hawk earth mural

Do I lead with the avian mural?

Decrepit machine

Or the decrepit machine?

Wall moss lichen

Or the vegetation patterns on a stone wall?

I rather prefer the last one, but I’ll just leave it here at the end….

Jux stah…

Old n new

It’s all about juxtaposition.

Lacey outlines

It’s all about shadows and shadow-makers. And orange cones? Wha?

Bathroom fixture

It’s all about bathroom interior decoration…light fixture/ceiling…dare I say?…juxtaposition.


Playground reflection

I left the house and thought, hmm, soggy day again. Pretty tough to find a photo subject. And I walked thinking that for a while, noting the nodding heads of the daffodils (done that), and the puddles and sorted sediments from when the rain was heavier.

Then, I thought, geeze, I should have a better attitude.

And, sometime after that, I found this…a seat on a modern-type swing in the playground…with a reflection!