Snow day

Only part of the day was snow day. It began as a rain day, then morphed into sleet-rain…then actual accumulations that qualify as an icy version of Snow day.

This was probably about the maximum accumulation in our neighborhood. It’s still above freezing. At the moment. On this street.

Wintery mix

…well, with lovely sunshine. And here wintery mix is cold and breezy, at least most of the time. White stuff is rare, and not present today. But the cold breeze did cut. However, daffies persevere.

Sun benefits

Despite the sunshine, I braved a cool-bordering-on-cold wind, and learned once again that walking with the wind in sunshine is much more pleasant than walking in the shade and against the wind. Note how these bulbs are using a bit of added heat from the thermal mass of the adjacent low wall to get ahead of the curve.


Got more Blue Ridge vista views.

Got high-altitude clouds.

Got truly high.

Got Greenville.

And this is the view of Reedy Falls from the Freedom Bridge, above.

Vista views

Our first notable sight, however, was a covered bridge made of blackened, tarred (?), timbers. Private. Keep your vehicle off.

Today’s headline has to be about the long views, however. Especially long from the top of Mount Mitchell. Highest peak east of the Mississippi, if you can read the fine print.

And up in that rarified atmosphere, the acid rain is killing the most susceptible species (hemlock?), and the tree skeletons are being colonized by mosses and lichens. Life goes on.

At a lower elevation, another tree skeleton, very artful.

Great idea

Noting that the meteorologists predicted fabulous weather in our part of the world for the latter part of the week, we hit the road this morning headed for the mountains. First sight-seen: a fancy-painted (ok: wrapped) GooStreetView vehicle. Given how much I use that data, I’m okay with being in a few shots. I’ll remember to look in a month or two…

Our first real stop was our fave mountain bakery, just at the west end of the…

Cherohala Skyway.

Beautiful high-elevation views along most of the western Skyway. We ate the first half of our tasty bakery sandwiches here. Breezy, but sunny and not too chilly.

Stopped at Stecoah Gap to eat our second sandwich half. And I walked a good twenty-five feet along the AT.

Yay. And yay.

Ta-da! First walk in a month. Two big fat miles. At faster than 20-minute miles, so healthy.

I even found the odd flower, and this ready-to-open camellia bud. Interestingly, the flowers were totally white. No pink rims, as you might expect.

Memory lane, uh-hem, pond

I used the GooPhotos wayback machine and dredged up this image from fifteen years ago. Taken with a Real Camera, and not a phone. It’s First Pond, across the road from the house I grew up in and in the interior of the section…in Midwest township and range territory.


These were coming down and coming down and now the back yard is carpeted at least three deep in supple golden leaves.

I found these elsewhere, and particularly liked the scalloped, serrated margins. And the goldenness.

Southbound, continued

From northern Ohio, we pushed south, beginning while it was still full dark. Here’s a maple tree we found in Kentucky.

And its samaras.

Eventually we made it to ATL, with traffic problems here and there necessitating a creative route home. The Guru is stupendously good at serendipitous routing. I am unaccustomed to this view of downtown and some of midtown.