Happy Hogmanay

Fern moss blue

I’m with the majority, I’m certain, that I’m happy happy happy to say goodbye to 2020. I sure hope 2021 is much, much better, and the trend-lines suggest it surely will be.

That blue object is a stray piece of trash, but so…um…artistic?…the blue-ness anyway…with the mini-fern and moss. And natural detritus. It’s an outlier!

The year is ending

Tricki plant

Surprised to find this pitcher plant in a front garden…although the BotGarden has them and I think distributes them (or did) in various situations. A change from pansies and camellias typical of Dec/Jan.

Keep the darned B.1.1.7 contagious variant of Covid-19 away from meeeeee. And youuuuuuu.


Mistletoe search

I got this Wild Idea that I could selfie with the mistletoe in the top of this oak, and also show my wind-resistant head/neckwear. I see me and my garmentage, but somehow the mistletoe camouflaged itself. Squint: they’re there, just less dense than I expected.

En plein air*

Autumn gem leaves

Sometimes sunlight and foliage are a truly magical combo. Those leaves are pointy gems.

* …without the painting part….

The obvious (v.27.05.1)

Blue ridges

It’s really no surprise that these are called the Blue Ridge Mountains, eh? [Or the Appalachians? Am I wrong? So much for poetics….]

Memory photo from yesterday. Sigh. Such a wonderful day.

Up with rhodos and hemlocks

Ice face melting

We got high today, climbing the last bit on foot past noisy melting ice on this warm day on the dark side of Whiteside Mountain, in North Carolina.

Big view

This view is easterly, with Whiteside along the left side of the frame. To the right is South Carolina, as Whiteside is the last of the mountains, overlooking the piedmont.

So gorgeous. Such a lovely adventure.

Lucky 🍀 me

Dusk sky

Every once in a while the cosmos and my activities correspond and I glimpse a colorful, well-lit moment of transcendent beauty like this. Sigh.


Leaves up

There are a variety of ways to measure time using plants. Sometimes the plants are at odds. This tree is leaves-on.

Leaves down

And this is under a leaves-dropping tree.

Clearly, time is marked by leaf-dropping/holding behavior. In this wee scenario.

Eyes open

Vine mix

Yesterday afternoon was sunshine and horn-tooting drivers on all the main streets in this neighborhood, and I assume beyond. Today was a bit overcast and I didn’t hear a single honk. Sunday respect?

I posted a photo perhaps six weeks back with a red Virginia creeper on a tree trunk, so I’m repeating a theme, but, geeze, doesn’t this look foine?!

Maintain the momentum

Autumn leaves

It’s well into November, folks, but it ain’t over.

Georgia voters: elect Ossoff and Warnock the first week of January in the run-offs, and turn the Senate Democratic to help Joe and Kamala enact legislation and policy For The American People.