Shy rose? Petal screening privates, you might say.

Shy Olympics? Clouds screening upper slopes and peaks. One gorgeous day, however.

Another world

It appears that a spider found this protected spot to weave, and the rain stayed in the web rather than falling through. I wonder if the droplets have teeny critters zipping around in them.


So many lovely patterns in fern-world. Even the spines of the fronds have complexities.

I focused on the insect, and the whole photo looks mis-composed. My ID app says it’s a carpet beetle, Anthrenus species. On what I would call a potentilla, but apparently it’s not classified as a potentilla anymore, and is now a Dasiphora species and commonly called cinquefoil, a term previously used when it was a Potentilla species.

I know that taxonomists are turning to genetics for classification information, and finding groupings not recognized based on morphology and geography. Plus the Linnaean taxonomic system doesn’t have room for the hybrids and variations, etc., they can now distinguish. As I understand it.

For now, I’ll stick to looking for visual interest, as in the fern-patterns above, and avoid taxonomic mysteries.


Good omen. Also shading into fog to the left….

Bicolor beauties.

DYSWIS: do you see what I see

Communing with MaNachur

Sometimes, IMHO, plant sequences like opening buds aren’t predictable.

This doesn’t seem unexpected.

However, the open blooms are far more complex than the buds suggest. And the color shifts a bit. These are all from the same bush.

Sunset behind the Olympics

We changed three time zones, and traveled via train, plane, bus, and rental car. And I’m taaaahrd.

In transit

We had to leave this beautiful place today. Had to be done. Travel was fine, with minimal delays and bad drivers (around us, not us).

Speedy springing

The lupins are out! These are probably the farthest along of any on the property. There’re perhaps one hundred blooms in this photo, but none opened other than this cluster.

…not even opened as much as these rare white ones. There are also a minority of pink ones.

However, the lilacs are perhaps two-thirds opened, and they are scenting the whole area. Mmmmm!

Also, the first skillet of morels has been found and consumed. Thank you, Neighbor!

North to the lake

We paused our chores list and headed north to see The Big Lake. Grand Marais harbor.

Mouth of Hurricane Creek.

Coaster brook trout resting during their travel upstream to spawn in Hurricane Creek. These fish were something like 15 inches long.

Walked a mile and a half east to Au Sable Point Lighthouse.

Pleasant shoreline view. You cannot see the annoying biting stable flies. You cannot see how warm/humid it was.

Tres venados

Today was laundry day, only one load, a medium sized machine in the establishment we visited. Of course, the “regular” machines hold about half what my home washer holds, so I’d call them minis, while the washer we used holds more than our home machine. Happily, we had sunshine the rest of the day to dry our dungarees and tees. So: yay.

Then, in the late-day sun, when I was out dumping compost after dinner/supper, I spotted this trio, part of a larger group we’ve been seeing that numbers in the range of a dozen. Our tick-bearing, four-footed friends.