Precip reigns (haha)

Unk flowers

Rain this morning, and more coming.


The creek will rise.

DK rose

A rose is still a rose…

Rose fence

…even if it’s a big plant with lots of blooms.

Found objects

Peeking chipmunk

“Found objects” is a bit of a stretch, although it gets at what I’m thinking…. A chipmunk is not an object. You can quote me.

Painted rock

Artsy rock. Is this an Easter thing, to paint rocks and put them out instead of eggs?

Cement pond

Cement pond. The maroon color is from an Acer palmatum looming over the pond. Interesting light filter.

Orange metal paint

Another metallic paint study: burnt orange this time.

Fallen façade fiction-writing

Rose red

The light was spectacular this morning, making this rose have gem-petals.

Pink purple

What a color combo! I don’t know what this is named.

Leaf pair

Dogwood leaves. With oww-wees even before they’ve finished growing.

Fallen façade

Finally, here’s the fallen façade. There’s a stump above, and I’m guessing the growing tree popped the rocks, then the tree was removed…but the tree removal could have popped the façade. Your hypothesis?

Fence ambience, and more

Iris fence

Iris, supported by the fence post after last night’s storm.

White on white

Flower unknown to me; white on white.

White bow

My hypothesis: tree awarded white ribbon for excellence in lichen nurturing.

Red reflection

Red, red car with ribbon reflection from rear-view mirror, and pollen sprinkles.

Look down! Look up!

Gutter penny

Gutter penny! In these days of heightened awareness of germs, I let it lay.

Tulip poplar petal

I think of this as a tulip poplar petal, but that is not probably the proper name for the plant part to a botanist. Which I am not.

US flag backlit

I wasn’t only looking down today (so as not to trip). Perfect backlighting on this plastic US flag. It appears to be an all-weather flag, despite that proper flag code/protocol, as I was instructed anyway, means that when the sun goes down, a flag must be lit if outdoors….

And so it goes

Malus branchlet

As the unknowns mount, mostly beyond my control, I decided that as I walked I would focus on what I knew in the moment, and make that my stability.

I strolled and opened my awareness of my senses. Sniff. [Sounds hokey…but but but.] Sniff. I discovered I was bathed in wafts of the scent of blooming Malus. Substantial trees and high branches loaded with flowers emitted fragrance that permeated the air.

Lovely. Real.


I found rosemary blooming. I had to be close to get the scent.

Periwinkle group

Periwinkle aka good ol’ Vinca. Did not kneel down to nose these.

Azalea rebound

And this azalea was too far for my neck to stretch.

Many pop-culch associations with that phrase. I’m just thinking of the meaning, strictly speaking, and not the myriad ways it has been used. Kinda like focusing on scent while perambulating through a turbulent world.

Wide wide world

O4W wide wide

Old Fourth Ward Park: still no leaves.

Gold ford wide wide

Also revisited the Gold Ford. Front right tire is getting soft, BTW.

Clear sky

Frog baby

You see the frog-baby, and you know we visited the ATL Bot Garden. And: note clear sky and sunshine. [We won’t discuss the accompanying windy conditions.]

Man in tree

Found women (volunteers?) weeding and tidying, and this guy, the only guy outdoors, tree-climbing. We saw three ropes in the area, but only one man, so did one guy (this guy) wrangle three ropes, or did this fellow’s buddies desert him for a late lunch break?

Bot garden bulb

Bulbs are champs.

Deep plant

Hothouse foreigner.

Spiny cacti

Spines! …in the expanded cactus garden.

Toldo sombra

Temporary architecture. In Spanish (or the Spanish that I learned in rural México), this is: toldo con sombra.


Bee butt

Hanging out. (The bee.)

Leaves hanging on

Hanging on. (The leaves.)

Two-movie trip


Thought the morning was going to be murky. Wrong. Look: buds!

Gull beach

One last look at salt water. Cold wind. Look: unruffled gull!


Special public art: airport version. Look: I think this mix includes at least one duodenum!??

Earth again

Lights rule here. Look: Earth!


Nice view of the new awning/cover from the train platform. Great trip; good to be home—these feelings can coexist.

The two movies were “The Current War” and “Parasite.” Enjoyed both.