Leaf CU

Doncha love backlighting?

Pole utilities tree

Doncha love a blue sky?

Unexpected science

Anthill in granite

After the rain stops, insects get busy. I think of this as an anthill, but that’s a large passage for a typical ant. Ah, the rain has changed the ants, and now they’re mega-ants! 😃

This was unexpected…you can’t tell, but the reflection on this first-floor wall is from a window in the upper story of the opposite building. I guess the angles work, but on first glance I didn’t intuit that the window-ghost would be projected at a downward angle.

Or, if you prefer Bill Nye science, check out the latest John Oliver….

Hither, yon

Maple juniper pattern

A particularly maroon Japanese maple, with some kind of (procumbent?) juniper, very (yellow) green.

Creeper brick pattern

A Virginia creeper climbing a brick wall. Different contrast in shapes, but still generally red/green.


Lots of action at the Gliderport. On the ground. Also, stay on runway to avoid mud.

No Chiitan sighting (watching John Oliver), not surprisingly.

Vultures over Deshler

Dawn frost

No photo of the thermal-riding vultures, circling, circling (catchy title, however—heh). Instead: frost in the field.

Bridge lane closure

Almost always a lane closed on the Big Bridge. Yay for infrastructure maintenance.

Rabbit wondering

Rabbit wondering at roadside.

Pioneer sugar

Sugar in towers. [Do you think of Ohio as a sugar producer? Nope? You aren’t alone, I’m certain. (Beets not cane (duh).)]

I hope you’ve enjoyed this exercise in prepositions. Overkill, in all likelihood….

Sunny, warm day

Chive bud

Ever noticed a chive bud before? This is the first I remember noticing. Tiny.

Pretty still lake

The lake was pretty still this afternoon, and the solar gain put the porch temp above 70°F. Yay!

Sunset pink

Lovely sunset. Note: no leaves.

By THAT lake


Lake Superior beach at Hurricane Creek, east view (so no creek; it’s behind me).

Beach snow remnant

Snow remnant on beach; snow insulated by sand. Or perhaps just protected.

Igloo snowbank remnant

Rare Grand Marais igloo snowbank remnant. (Being truthful: it didn’t look so igloo-ey from the other side.)

Rainy, gloomy; improving?

Melting snowbank

The astronomical report on the radio indicated that the sun would be up today for 14 hours and 14 minutes…not here! It rained last night and through mid-afternoon enough to fill the rain barrel. I assume the rain melted this snowbank, but it looks quite similar to when we arrived.


This guy is not an editorial comment on William Barr. [Fingers crossed.]

Beachless beach

This particular rainstorm lacked the storminess, almost no wind, or not during this part of the afternoon when the rain slacked off. Note how quiet the lake is. And how high the water (I know I’ve mentioned this already).

Lookee there

Warm day

Lookee there: warm enough for a sleeveless top! Got up to 82°F on the porch, combo of solar gain and wood stove….

Sandhill in orchard

Lookee there: sandhill in the orchard!

High water

Lookee there: high, high, high water! Bad for the shoreline!

I wanna crawl

Lookee there: “I wanna crawl!” “And doncha love my hat!”

Light watching

Light vs sky

That is, watching the light. Not watching a mediocre TV comedy.

Light on Frida

Later, the skies cleared, and I found the light on Frida. Who is sitting on a special fly-tying table. With a gorgeous walnut top. On the table.

Night light

Finally: night light. Really: dusk light. Later we drove into the night. Long day as I awoke at 4:38am (canna tell?). Yawn. G’night.


Valley view

Valley view. Alternatively: split-rail fence view.

Barn view

Barn view.

Root view

Root view. Note high water draining away after that storm that ended two days ago here.

Long view

Long view. And smokey-like. And bluish.