Acorn flour

Acorns becoming acorn flour and being blown to the curb on a street. From passing tires. Big waste of protein. If not people food, would be quality pig-food.


Some brickwork remains, but little of the wood structure above the floor (will they keep the floor even?). Wonder how much of a McMansion this will become.

Effect after cause

Pecan trees

The overnight cold snap and a day of wind brought down the pecan leaflets to the extent that they made a carpet beneath the trees.

Gingko leaves

This gingko (and another I found) also lost many leaves, but the branch snapped before the wind really got started.

Birdbath turquoise

Full birdbath, yet no ice.

Double double-u day

Colorful leaves

Windy today, really quite windy. Makes me nervous, duh. I got out wearing overpants and turtleneck, gloves and wind-blocking ear covering and jacket. Yup.

Dogwood decaying

Obviously, one double-u is the weather (supposed to be well below freezing overnight—brrrrrrrr), and the other is Washington. DC. Which I’m trying to not think too much about—generates stress.


Sun hides

Sun playing peekaboo. [It’s a perspective Thang.] We wound through some valleys, and spent our last hurrah-miles up on a long ridge. I liked the views down into the piedmont. All blue, as in blue-ridge-y.

Oaks overhead

Oaks overhead. The press release on the weekend of the prime leaf color must have come out, and, with the coming weather changes, the meteorologists on the morning news shows kept repeating it. So as not to miss It, we headed out to see the leaves! But these southern mountains are mostly vegetated with oaks and evergreens, and not so pretty as maples. Still: darned lovely!

Change of direction

Decorative grass

Beautiful shade of purple, and unexpected in a grass.

Tall objects

Assorted smallish tall objects.

Beltline art

BeltLine art and Ponce City Market, the former Sears Roebuck building.

Lantana berries

Lantana blooms and berries.

Small puffballs

Very small puffballs.

I pondered composing a screed about the inefficiency of bureaucracy, but: too familiar, too boring.


640am newtime

This is up in the back yard at 6:40am, new time. It looked much darker to my eye. Such is the magic of computational photography. Fits right in your hand.

Autumn white azalea

Some robust azaleas are flowering for another round. This must be the sixth cycle this year.

(New to me) Concept of the week: blue carbon (sequestration ecosystems).

Wait five minutes

Fog and dew

As the sun emerged, fogginess materialized. And dew.

Seeds coming

In the later sunshine, evidence of the seasons changing: seeds are coming.

Lion spider

Holiday fun: a modern spider tickles a see-ment lion. Boo!

Bench branch

See: blazing sunshine! Or: autumnal afternoon blazing sunshine?

Lovely Sunday

Road closed

We walked as far as we could north along the BeltLine. Seems like it’s usually “bridge closed,” but here it’s “after-bridge closed.”

Fountain steps

Returning to the south into Piedmont Park, this big cooling fountain was going, although it wasn’t that hot.


Overhead: gorgeous blue, blue sky.

Neighborhood moments


I was on my perambulation late this morning, and plodding my way up a hill when I saw this ditcher-machine in the ready position in a trailer.

Water flowing

I passed two more construction vehicles and then spotted this mess across the street. Out of the frame behind shrubberies above the tubing and waterfall were three guys busy with shovels. I’m guessing they wished the yard were flatter and they could use the ditcher. Red clay mud is no fun.

Cardinal birdbath

Later, I came across this birdbath. Are those stylized cardinals? I don’t think of the cardinal as a birdbath species, but I’ve never had a birdbath to watch to study/learn attendees.

Circular visuals

Birdbath reflection

New phone did NOT think this was a face; it’s pretty sharp!

Dahlia blooms

I think of dahlias as fall flowers, but maybe that’s what they do in the Deep South, and not in cooler places.