Trust issues

I know we’re in the second half of February, yet the daily high temps lately have been higher than average. I heard that the sun would be present in the morning, then cloud-cover would rule, so I walked early to make more Vitamin D. Then, it clouded over, but only for a short while, and most of the afternoon was sunny. Lesson: don’t believe every detail of the weather predictions.

Forest bath without tub

I strolled around the easternmost of Atlanta’s string of Olmstead linear parks. Its along a tributary of Lullwater Creek—I couldn’t find its name, but the park is Deepdene. The trails have a half-dozen stepping-stone crossings like this. Some of the stones are askew and haven’t been realigned in years.

Here’s a spot where I found a nice, clear pool framed by ferns. Lovely, despite the traffic noise.

Light sight

Urn applique

I’ve been wearing a ballcap when walking lately, but the light seemed bright this afternoon, so I switched back to the shadier 360° broad-brimmed hat.

Here’s the sun showing off making the arty planter appliqué even more dramatic. Also, I can tell the daylength is increasing.


One year ago today we enjoyed a sunny northland day. Here, today, it was overcast and nowhere near as nice. No snow, though.

Clocking landscape

I was inspired by the subtle colors in the sky before the sun eliminated the ambers and oranges.

This afternoon we visited a park south of us (on the edge of metro) we’d never visited. It appears to get heavy use (including by fisherfolk—broken bobbers all along the shore), and almost no maintenance. Typical public funding troubles?

Cypress knees and more

Workmen were noisy right next door, so we went to the park to sit in the sun and enjoy MaNachur…

…and a great blue heron, lots of ducks and geese, and even some turtles.

Rocky rise

Why, look! Over that roof…it’s a monadnock. Nope, it’s a pluton! Hah! It’s both.


I got out this morning as rain was predicted for after noon. It actually rolled in after three or so. Still, it was already grey and overcast.

As a bonus (and to be uplifting), here’s a photo from the other day, when the sky was clear and blue, with a jet zooming by.

A spring day, way early

The weather was glorious today, so we took stroll-and-sit leisurely walk at Old Fourth Ward park, languidly enjoying the sunshine. This, however, was a look-over-the-railing moment.

I’m being watched

I’m calling this The Perch…beloved by the odd squirrel and bird. Not that this squirrel is odd…just squirrelly. Probably Mama Squirrelly.