Facing the maw


Lucky us, the prevailing wind when the soybean harvester came by was away from the house, and its open windows!

BTW, the machine is coming toward me/the camera….

Gecher lingo right


We’d been calling them (green) stoppers, which is still alliterative, but (at least the local) official name—splash sticks—sounds far more Starbucks-y.

Cloudiness reigns (somewhere)


We crossed The Bridge under open skies, and as we motored south the cloud-cover came in, until the poufy (SP) blanket was nearly solid. Still, the shapes and color variation offered plenty of visual interest to the heavens.

Hey outside world!


Part of the reason I’ve been able to maintain good email contact while off in the boonies is the fancy bluetooth keyboard that makes iPhone typing MUCH easier. However, the situation for posting the photos for these entries still takes the laptop and some version of conventional wifi, which requires more effort to arrange. Hence the delay….

Note clever use of binocs as iPhone stand….

Big Day: Roofers return


Today the roofers finished up, including bringing the playhouse (note the stacked log walls, although most of the chinking is gone—note for next year’s to-do list…) into the 21st century.

Big Day: Roofers v.1


Finally, the big day has arrived. Or, more correctly, the roofing crew arrived.

Morning rain delayed their start, so they just did the north side of the cottage.

Note the fancy “first” layer along the edge of the roof (farther up they used regular 30# roll roofing). It’s made by Grace and called Ice and Water Shield. It’s sticky on the back and just the trick to keep the meltwater from getting to the wood.

Overseers behind the fence


This is actually a yesterday-picture, but it would fit today’s weather, too.

Note: if you’re in an area without milking barns and you see a pasture of half-grown Holsteins, well, you know you’re looking at some not-so-fine hamburger on the hoof. Is this a waste of greenhouse gasses?

Don’t bite!


The wasps (?) and other insects also seem to be enamored of the autumnal milkweeds.

Milkweed report update


The friends (?) of the milkweed are relocating downwards, plus the proportion seems to be shifting to more of the larger species.

Still life: apple tree with ladder


The other night I tried some flash shots, and given that the only flash unit was standard-issue, right on the camera body, the lighting was, mostly, just plain odd. This was among the “better” of the collection….

I give you this picture because the weather is pretty darned odd so far. Cracking thunder and rain overnight. No rain now, but overcast, windy, and…warm! Spooky warm.