Looking the other way


Not sure what Paul Krugman is thinking…must be an inside joke. And I’m not Nobel economist enough to “get it.”

Overcast and spitty most of the day, but I think the theme out the window is leaves.

UPDATE: Apologies for using the same photo again; look, I even cropped it nearly identically!.

In motion


This morning JCB made a movie. But that’s his story. (Nayyyy, a detractor might say! But, no, he conceived, scripted, directed, did the audio, and produced the masterpiece. Ask him!)

This afternoon we drove across Ohio (pronounced uh-hi-uh).

One notable thing about this photo: the traffic is stopped on the other side of the highway. We saw two huge traffic jams and dodged a real mess coming through Cincinnati right after the Browns-Bengals game finished (I think); we ended up in the “right” lane, which was really the left lane. Sometimes we have the right vibes for I-75.*

* And, and, and the fitful radio popped on in northern Ohio and stayed on! Hurrah!

Red sky at morning*


Even at dawn, we could tell today would be relatively cloudless, or actually cloudless, as it turned out.


Especially along the Huron River.

* Check here for the full rhyme….



And not the housekeeping sort, either.

Despite the cold and white-stuff, I’m sure the Explorer is still glad (please pardon the anthropomorphization) it didn’t become an official Clunker.



The meaning is totally different, and I know almost no French, nevertheless the phrase rattling around in my head after these two apple pies came out of the oven was “prie-dieux.”



…that’s what we are, here in the ancestral…ranch house.

What are we doing? Preparing for hubbub, like most folks in our fair country.

My preparations today were totally uncharacteristic, for me, involving two trips to the beauty parlor (which is most assuredly not what they’re called today, I’m guessing). Happy trips, but still….

Explanation will not follow; make up your own short story!

Welcome to Kentucky!

Cop report for I-75, northbound.

In short: yes.

We saw the most in TN and northern OH/southern MI, almost fleets of them.

More were parked than with civilians, but new stops seemed imminent.

Fungi and gas prices


I gave in to the overcast weather today, and here’s a current photo, no sunshine.

I’m assuming this is true, but it’s been filtered through so many “he-said”s that the primary data was collected WAY down the line…. Anyway, Mike Morris in the online AJC reports:

Metro Atlantans began the holiday travel week paying nearly 20 cents less than the national average for a gallon of gasoline, but considerably more than last Thanksgiving, according a a Web site that tracks gas prices.

Usually, it seems to me, prices go up when there’re mass vehicular perambulations in this country.

So, with these prices, don’t be a mushroom and stay in the dark (or murk, or overcast)! Head out and get some fresh air!

Bad me! I forgot about the pot of aloe I scored when we were up north late last summer, and our neighbor’s been keeping for me! Oops.

Cyber sunshine


It’s rainy out there this morning, with precip expected to continue into the evening, albeit at decreasing intensity.

I’m up early, or rather at my winter normal of 5-5:30 am (no matter when I go to sleep, oddly and unfortunately). I’d rather have more sleep in these dark hours, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

Anyway, absent walkable weather (for a while), and with time on my hands (for a bit), I thought I’d break my pattern and blog early. Very early!

And, to bring sunlight to the day, I select this photo from earlier this week: the new outdoor pool at Piedmont Park (which seems nearly overfilled from recent rainfall). It’s part of the renovations there along with the new parking garage and gardens installed by the ATL Bot Garden. While this hardscaping etc. provides interesting new visual scapes, I also hear that the ABG now turns away local garden/plant groups they used to let use their meeting rooms, which seems a poorly conceived management trend.

Texas oysters, Oaxacan carrots


Special afternoon, down near Pine Mountain, at an oyster roast with most excellent company…thanks much, D&K, for the invite!

Clouds tried to drop some precip, but we sent good vibes skyward and we were spared.

Our hosts made the party pot-luck, and I took this simple pickled carrot* dish, which several people found tasty.

* Spanish lesson: carrots are zanahorias, pronounced something like sah-nah-or-ee-ahz