Fungi and gas prices


I gave in to the overcast weather today, and here’s a current photo, no sunshine.

I’m assuming this is true, but it’s been filtered through so many “he-said”s that the primary data was collected WAY down the line…. Anyway, Mike Morris in the online AJC reports:

Metro Atlantans began the holiday travel week paying nearly 20 cents less than the national average for a gallon of gasoline, but considerably more than last Thanksgiving, according a a Web site that tracks gas prices.

Usually, it seems to me, prices go up when there’re mass vehicular perambulations in this country.

So, with these prices, don’t be a mushroom and stay in the dark (or murk, or overcast)! Head out and get some fresh air!

Bad me! I forgot about the pot of aloe I scored when we were up north late last summer, and our neighbor’s been keeping for me! Oops.