Downstream effects

Night bridge

A feisty line of storms came through just as we were driving hither and yon. All the leaves that have accumulated helped the rain pool rather than drain away. I could imagine how many dust, pollen, and smoke particles washed down with the leaves. And, sometime later, the sun poked back out. Watch for mildew densities to rise.

Done and done (kinda)

Rain gutterspout

The morning’s big news: rain rain rain! Since about midnight. Slow enough maybe it’ll seep in a bit. Other places not far away got more rainfall than we did; let’s hope for more.

Final turkey soup

This evening’s milestone: the last of the turkey dinner became soup, and we consumed it with gusto!

Gravity fed

Balcony leaves

Too many leaves on the balcony…now on the flower bed below.

Round world

Fisheyed fronds

Went out for a short wander in the mixed overcast—not smelling smoke today (have I gotten accustomed to it?). Took the fish-eye gadget. Nothing original here, but you sometimes have to try things yourself.

Roses world

I call this Rose’s World. Exposure is wonky, but the composition has promise.

Choicefulness (not a real word)

Door light

First, I thought, oh this geometric light-dark is…dramatic.

Bulbs arising

Then, I thought: new life. And the burgeoning bulbs took center stage in my mental universe. Go flowers! [Too early for bulb-growth…just too darned early—it’s DEcember.]

Turkey not tetrazzini i

Then, I thought: the easy and wise choice is to go with the leftovers-that-don’t-look-like-leftovers. This is not tetrazzini…

The choice is yours…I give you all the options.

Temporal processes

Leaf senescence

Formally, this is leaf senescence. They’re off the tree and desiccating…and the decomposition bacteria and critters are a’coming!

And I think today ties the record for longest stretch in ATL without measurable rainfall—39 days. That’s why we have power-dry and hard-as-cement soil (depending on compaction). Last time we had this stretch was, I think, 1844.

Will anyone say “climate change”? These sure seem like the maximal shifts that multiple specialists have forecast, and perhaps the drying of the interior continent that has been predicted.

Times, they are…

Dessert yum

Today part of the group had some discussion about “next time” just having a few sides and dessert. I’m guessing we go instead for a fuller menu when the time comes, just as we did today.

BTW, I forgot the mushroom side in the microwave. Even I didn’t notice that they didn’t appear on the overloaded table as we sat down.

Side dishes: check

Tree view

I smelled a bit of smoke today outside, but mostly I was pacing around in the kitchen doing this and that and couldn’t smell it (thankfully).

My own fault

Shelf paper bits

More years ago than I care to estimate, I put contact-paper style shelf paper on the “main” shelf of the butler’s pantry. Big mistake. And then, time. With a razor blade, I managed to remove it from half the shelf in a couple of hours (max). It was about 40in of shelf. Scrape scrape.

Glasses shelved

Sometime when my thumb-bruise is gone, I’ll tackle the other half. After T-giving. You can see the edge of the yellowing ancient stuck-stuff over on the left. The new shelf “paper” is plastic. So modern. Not green at all, but I am confident that it will not stick. 😎

Table, chairs—twice

Reg patio furn

The lack of rainfall means the leaves have stayed fluffy for weeks.

Fisheye patio furn

Here’s the same scene with a new fisheye gizmo the Guru found that clips on over the phone lens.

I took the two shots hours apart, hence the different light.