My own fault

Shelf paper bits

More years ago than I care to estimate, I put contact-paper style shelf paper on the “main” shelf of the butler’s pantry. Big mistake. And then, time. With a razor blade, I managed to remove it from half the shelf in a couple of hours (max). It was about 40in of shelf. Scrape scrape.

Glasses shelved

Sometime when my thumb-bruise is gone, I’ll tackle the other half. After T-giving. You can see the edge of the yellowing ancient stuck-stuff over on the left. The new shelf “paper” is plastic. So modern. Not green at all, but I am confident that it will not stick. 😎

One comment

  1. Cousin M says:

    Sometimes I wonder if this is a generational thing.. I must have shelf paper/shelf liners on/in all my shelves and drawers….BTW, changing the paper in the stone house this past visit, found newspaper dating back to the 1960s and early 70s… guess it had been awhile!

    Happy T-Day!