Sun hides

Sun playing peekaboo. [It’s a perspective Thang.] We wound through some valleys, and spent our last hurrah-miles up on a long ridge. I liked the views down into the piedmont. All blue, as in blue-ridge-y.

Oaks overhead

Oaks overhead. The press release on the weekend of the prime leaf color must have come out, and, with the coming weather changes, the meteorologists on the morning news shows kept repeating it. So as not to miss It, we headed out to see the leaves! But these southern mountains are mostly vegetated with oaks and evergreens, and not so pretty as maples. Still: darned lovely!

ABG trio

Phoenix topiary

It’s topiary season at the BotGarden. [The phoenix is Atlanta’s symbol.]

Pitcher plant

The pitcher plants are stellar in autumn. Colorful, too.

Bee busy

Even found a busy bee; does s/he know the weather that’s coming?

Change of direction

Decorative grass

Beautiful shade of purple, and unexpected in a grass.

Tall objects

Assorted smallish tall objects.

Beltline art

BeltLine art and Ponce City Market, the former Sears Roebuck building.

Lantana berries

Lantana blooms and berries.

Small puffballs

Very small puffballs.

I pondered composing a screed about the inefficiency of bureaucracy, but: too familiar, too boring.

Fading green

New door

I’ve been watching this project progress over the last week-plus, and today I found a new fence and gate. I suspect after this the gate will repose closed.

Birdbath reflection

Elsewhere I found a reflective birdbath, autumnal mode.

Dahlia bloom

Love dahlias. We’ve got a torrent of rain at the moment, so I’m guessing by tomorrow: no pretty dahlias any longer.

Entomological moments

Mantis walking

Walking mantis.

Red bug

Running ladybug beetle.


Maple color

There’s some splendid fall color!

Dahlia downturned

And a downturned dahlia (in the shade).


640am newtime

This is up in the back yard at 6:40am, new time. It looked much darker to my eye. Such is the magic of computational photography. Fits right in your hand.

Autumn white azalea

Some robust azaleas are flowering for another round. This must be the sixth cycle this year.

(New to me) Concept of the week: blue carbon (sequestration ecosystems).

Watching things play out


I was zipping along trying to keep my heart rate solidly in zone 3, and had to back up a step to get this photo. I snapped, and as I got my feet moving to re-attain my zone, I heard a voice behind me chuckle, “That’ll be five bucks!” Heh.

Night style

Tried out a night shot of the sky, letting the computations pile up to make the photo. Can’t decide if the green Thang is a UFO or schmutz on the lens.

PiedmntPk sculptures

Sidney lanier

Sidney Lanier is today best known for his poetry, although he also played the flute and composed music, worked in law offices, fought for the Confederacy, and taught English literature. Although he died in 1881, this bust wasn’t installed until 1914. Rah.

New mobeeel

Liking this mobeeeeele, although the pivot area seems rather clumsy. I was too lazy to walk over and see its title…. Swamp ruler, perhaps?, although this spot looks swampier than it is…(mostly).


Watershed management

Short term, it’s not a good sign to have this crew digging a deep hole in your neighborhood. Watershed management; I take that as a synonym for several things including sewage. I saw two guys in uniforms door-knocking and peering in the window at a night club across the street. Not likely for there to be anyone there at 1:50 in the afternoon, when the door doesn’t open until something like 7:30pm. A little, teeny-tiny story…. Turns out that whatever the interruption was, it didn’t extend the several blocks to our house. Whew.

Grass in seed

Another bit of autumn: ornamental grass in seed.