More than tax dollars

Jackson st bridge view

We had a miscellaneous errand over toward downtown, so we strolled around that area. This is the view of downtown from Jackson Street bridge. You many have seen it in a movie or in advertising art.

Child feet mural

Turns out the libraries are closed for the holiday, so we used the book drop. Our regular branch is closed for renovations, so we used a different branch, over by the MLK center. [TMI, pretty sure.]

MLK statue ATL

One of my favorite public art pieces of all time. MLK stating that he has a dream, I’m guessing.

Patio furniture

People live around here now, in some rather expensive new apartments and not in the crack-infested public housing that was here.

Renovation underway

Nice reflection in window of business undergoing renovation…sign is for an axe-throwing business. Have fun, it states in multiple ways.

Pansy triangle

Pansy (etc.) triangle by the MLK center. Your federal dollars at work. National Park Service property.

Grady practice football field

We discovered that we didn’t know that the Grady HIGH SCHOOL football team has a practice field. More tax dollars at work.

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