Clean lines

Clapboard lap siding

I finally found the upstairs maid (hahaha) and got her busy. Three loads of laundry and lots of miscellany. Still: odds and ends remain for tomorrow morning.

I think of this as both clapboard and lap siding. Turns out both terms are used. Here, in the yew-ess of ay, anyway.

Flag convention

Sunny and warm for my walk. Found this blue flag convention, but not the blue flags of spring. Sewer lines? Buried cable? A mystery.

One comment

  1. Maureen says:

    Blue= water. Yellow=gas. Red= electric. Green=I forget. Cable? I dunno.

    At least that’s what it used to be when I did CRM 20 years ago. Someone called Ms. Utility, as it used to be called.

    From this angle, it almost looks like a sinkhole or old well, but hopefully then you would see yellow caution tape.

    And, more tax dollars at work probably.