New and old construction

The BeltLine is a 22-mile route captured from abandoned train tracks to make a pedestrian corridor that encircles downtown. Long-range plans call for a light-rail streetcar to parallel the walking/cycling corridor.

On the left is the old rail corridor. Parallel is something under construction, except that the workers are taking a break. I assume the streetcar line will fit along here. This view is from the Park Drive Bridge into Piedmont Park.

On another note, here’s some architectural detail of the west façade of the Dockside building at the (south)west end of Lake Clara Meer in the park, with some blue, blue sky.

Light sight

Urn applique

I’ve been wearing a ballcap when walking lately, but the light seemed bright this afternoon, so I switched back to the shadier 360° broad-brimmed hat.

Here’s the sun showing off making the arty planter appliqué even more dramatic. Also, I can tell the daylength is increasing.

A spring day, way early

The weather was glorious today, so we took stroll-and-sit leisurely walk at Old Fourth Ward park, languidly enjoying the sunshine. This, however, was a look-over-the-railing moment.

Architectural bits

Look at these wee windows all lined up to ogle pedestrians walking by on the sidewalk. Or that’s how it looks to me.

I thought the light on the fence-top loops looked darned special, and tried to capture it…but, nope, in the digital world, it looks just flat and not side-lit curvy lovely.

Level lines, unaligned

Somehow I managed a ten-minute I’m-in-the-city stroll this morning. The sun balanced the cool temp beautifully.

The presentation would have been better if I’d taken the time to remove the keystoning (?: keystone effect), but you get the original.

Techno upgrade

I walked in the morning, in the old world.

Then, my new iPhone arrived, and I began the transfer. I hit snags, and The Guru stepped in and did the magic with Mint, etc., and it finished.

The new phone means a major camera upgrade. See! Look at that vegetation variation detail!

I’m smiling

This pair of photos is from the beginning of our day…from the hotel portal…oh, and I should add this is an early urban motel, dating to 1957 according to the plaque (right), I kid you not.

…and a view from the bridge crossing the great Ohio R.

The rest of the day was chugging through miles, eventually with a podcast to entertain us, followed by anti-traffic-clog detours in the northern ATL suburbs, and whoosh, we made it home in good time. And home was fine, if a bit dusty and in need of an airing. Relatively nothing as far as problems, in my book.


The first part of the day: packing and closing the cottage. Then we said goodbye and hit the road.

Next stop (after dropping off garbage and returning library books): pay bridge toll. Lots of work vehicles on bridge, both sides. And we saw a freighter almost under us…exciting, no?

Then on the south side, we made a scenic pit stop. I’d expect these are sumac, but I don’t remember any yellow sumacs…for now, a plant mystery.

Soon we dropped down on old lake bed and logged miles and more miles, in Mich then in Ohio. I’m going to post before we stop, which should be into Kentucky. It’s a plan.

Quite a day

With our fine cuppsa-joe in hand, we strolled across the Fox River bridge rather early in the morn, meeting these googly-eyed statues of two of the four fox-sons of Papa Charlemagne. The St. Charles (Illinois) Chamber of Commerce website tells the story of Charlemagne’s command to his offspring to take care of the EuroAmerican settlers of the valley. I find it a fanciful and strange tale.

Upriver a short way, we came across this statue, also with rather paternalistic words, although I rather liked the figure’s presence.

We continued up the riverwalk to the older train trestle (green), now with a walking bridge nestled alongside (brown). Our friends said long ago when they were children, the daring among them might cross on the trestle…this was long before the river was cleaned up and the walking trails developed. And condos built and development and resurgence…and gee, it’s great someone spent tax dollars to clean up the river….

In the afternoon, we attended a fine party and BBQ, and still later, we caught the smoke-altered sunset en route to our overnight location in Wisconsin. A great time was had by all.

Sunshine cleanse (ish)

I began my afternoon perambulation here, as it is close to our hotel.

That’s a Rail Runner Express on the right, with the active track to the right of it. The parked train must be a backup? I don’t know what the deal is with the blue-purple train, decorated in a pseudo-graffiti style from nose to tail.

Gate drive

Feeling like I had “done” the depot area—now a Saturday Farmers’ Market—I proceeded into a residential area…

Loreto chapel

…and then looped to the central plaza area. This is the Loretto Chapel (privately owned)…

…and this is the active Catholic cathedral basilica.

Looking at the churches, followed by this “Settlers Monument” (2003), by sculptor Donna Quasthoff (1924–2021), I could not help but think about the arrival and “good works” of the Catholic priests and Euro-American settlers, who upended the lives and health and cultures of the people who lived in this area. Notice how the incomers are atop their beasts of burden and invasive species. Kinda creepy and definitely an ethical downer. I’m glad it was sunny and that we had leftover red-chili ribs for dinner to cheer me up.