Vultures over Deshler

Dawn frost

No photo of the thermal-riding vultures, circling, circling (catchy title, however—heh). Instead: frost in the field.

Bridge lane closure

Almost always a lane closed on the Big Bridge. Yay for infrastructure maintenance.

Rabbit wondering

Rabbit wondering at roadside.

Pioneer sugar

Sugar in towers. [Do you think of Ohio as a sugar producer? Nope? You aren’t alone, I’m certain. (Beets not cane (duh).)]

I hope you’ve enjoyed this exercise in prepositions. Overkill, in all likelihood….


Valley view

Valley view. Alternatively: split-rail fence view.

Barn view

Barn view.

Root view

Root view. Note high water draining away after that storm that ended two days ago here.

Long view

Long view. And smokey-like. And bluish.

Hot mess

Ds peony

The Île de la Cité will never be the same. The gargoyles are still coughing (I’m pretty sure).

Tranquil Sunday

Red maple eh

I left earlier than usual, having heard the meteorologists say: rain later! I set off on a typical wander, looking for photo potential. Mmmm, maple “helicopters.” Perhaps for red maples? haha

Lion planter detail

Mmmm, a lion detail on a planter…. Hmmm? where’s the traffic?

Race clog

Oh. Foot race. Hence, streets closed off, so, hmmm, an especially traffic free neighborhood, even for a Sunday!

Tranquil until the thunderstorm! Which now has passed. Whew. All is well. Wet, yes, but well.

Jux stah…

Old n new

It’s all about juxtaposition.

Lacey outlines

It’s all about shadows and shadow-makers. And orange cones? Wha?

Bathroom fixture

It’s all about bathroom interior decoration…light fixture/ceiling…dare I say?…juxtaposition.

Suuuuuuhnee day

Wall shadows

I liked the shadows, and the shapes of the leaves/vegetation that made them, juxtaposed with the warm browns of the wall stone.

Deciduous magnolia

For those craving flowers, here’s a deciduous magnolia…

Forsythia in bloom

…and forsythia—outdoor forsythia, somehow mixed with a holly. Seem to be strange phyto-bedfellows to me.

Full sun = vitamin D

Japanese magnolia bud

Japanese magnolia bud. They were open on another tree, but this one was all bud.

Golden crocus

Golden crocus. Croci.

Fireplug silver

Silver fireplug with two columnar friends. Buds?

White fences

Round finial

Finials are not newels, but may be atop newels.

Round finial.

Knurled finial

Knurled finial.

RTT has ended

Six flags partial

Coming into Atlanta from the west, the interstate passes by a major amusement park just before it descends to cross the Chattahoochee River.

View E ATL

At night, the view of the city is…twinkly.

With this post, I report the end of the Rainbow Triangle Trip. Accomplished all goals, foremost among them seeing loved ones. Fun trip; and, simultaneously happy to be home.

Change of perspective

Cloudlayer above

I think this morning we drove under the last of the dense cloud layers that we’re likely to see in Cali. I enjoyed seeing the sun on the flanks of the hills…

Drive up into cloud

…and ahead of us as we climbed into the visible humidity.


We even found at least two large herds of mechanical dragons.

Dry hills

Then, we crossed a pass, and, zip, no more clouds.

Bird Paradise

And into the city, the giant metro area. This species is the city flower. A showy choice as you’d expect for LA.


Here’s the City Hall tower; you’ve seen it in many movies and TV shows.


And, in the busy train station, a for-real shoeshine stand.

Under the tracks

Here’s the busy corridor that crosses under the tracks, allowing access to each of the tracks above. Cops arrived in the golf cart; the fine is at least $1500 for going up to the tracks without a valid ticket, the sign said. We just didn’t get caught. Heh.

BTW, this city traffic, wow, exhausting. Sleepy-time for this blahger….