Sunny, with great clouds

Eagles Nest

We got antsy this afternoon and took what on another day would be called a Sunday Drive. No destination. No agenda other than Getting Out of the House. Which is a fine goal.

This place is called Eagles Nest.

Great lake sand dunes

And here’s a Great Lake and some low sand dunes, foreground, and much higher dunes in that rather distant shore-curve.

Half barn

Wandered down a dead-end road and found a half-barn. What beams! And the silo is wood, too, with metal straps encircling the walls one above another.

S is for…

Spartan tree

Spartan! Yeah, an ag school…different kind of maize here than at that big, noisy school down the old Indian trail to the southeast.

Sheriff on bridge

Sheriff…as in behind the law on top of the bridge.

Cloud cover looks a bit thicker than it was. Just want to mention: temp about 69°F. Soooooo fiiiiiine.

Different day…DIFFERENT

Downtown later early

Did the Fates sleep in this morning and that’s why I did? Dunno. Fact remains that I woke up late…well, later than usual. I finally left the house at 7:38am, and downtown sure looked different than it did much earlier in the morning on the first—different sky conditions, I admit, but not THAT different.

Mushroom duo

Also, from what I saw today—at least eight different species—the weather (warm, moist) is bringing on mushrooms, here’re two kinds co-existing.

I’ll keep watching


Such lovely delicate pale purple shades in these hosta blooms. Nice visual contrast from that wandering periwinkle vine.

House underside

I’ve been watching this house, first empty, then with for sale sign, then sold sign, then empty, then one little machine and several guys taking down part of the back of the house, and more disassembly in back including some high-energy sledgehammer work on the back wall (right, out of frame), more slow disassembly by hand…and now, it’s down to this. Can’t figure—are they taking the materials for re-using?

Little surprises

Mushroom under

When I saw on the morning weather that it would be 81° by 10am, I thought: get moving! And, after the usual milling around, I did!

Brickwork problems

Yeah, and outside it also was HUUUUUU-mid. Although, during my wander, I did find a fine, upstanding mushroom (with gorgeous gills), and a wee library (not closed like the government ones) with foundation problems.

Blue heart

Window heart

Sometimes I scan my surroundings and continue walking, then my brain jogs me to go back for something I passed. That happened with this window…because of the heart. I went back for a blue heart.

Hosta drippy

And, yes, rain overnight, and high humidity all day. Happy hostas.

Look fast

Doomed building

Lately, about once a week I traipse by this building to see if it’s still standing. It began as a light industrial nexus adjacent to a railroad track.

Crepe myrtle trunks

Now the railroad track is gone, and the right-of-way is an artery for foot traffic, segways, bicycles, and the like. And the edifice was long ago converted into artist studios and apartments.

Such is the evolution of land use.

Two stories today

Color graduation

I headed out on my walk thinking my body was adjusting to early-mid Deep South summer after being in mid-spring northern Midwest, and I was darned lucky that it was overcast. Humid, but no bright sun.

Parted plant

A man’s voice penetrated my distraction. He told me about a lost dog, a small golden retriever. Phone number on collar. I said I’d call if I saw her. I rounded the next corner and saw a woman carrying a…yup, small golden. Which was not tiny; I’d say smallish medium-sized. I said, “you found her!” “Yes,” she said, “she was sitting at the end of a driveway.” All’s well.

Municipal market

Not so happy second story. Voting is a real mess in this state, or at least in this city.

We were lucky that we received our absentee ballots. They were long. About half judges, at all governmental levels. Took us both quite a bit of study to work through all the options.

Then we set off with our properly (I sure hope) packaged ballots to drop them in a ballot box toward downtown. While we were there long enough for me to drop ours off, we saw six other parties dropping off ballots. That’s a steady flow, considering it took me less than a minute to walk across three lanes, a wide sidewalk, and up a gentle half-flight of steps, push them through the door, then return. That’s a big pile of absentee ballots, and there were at least a half-dozen other absentee drop-off stations in this county.

For grins (as the saying goes), we returned home by two polls…. Both had long snaking lines, at least a half-mile, I estimated. Social distancing had collapsed somewhat…huge numbers of people. Lots of reasons for the problems, beginning with long ballots, brand new machines, and inexperienced poll workers. Afternoon showers I’m sure did not help things. I will not speculate on the role of incompetence, or the potential for malevolence masquerading as incompetence in the poll problems.

Photo themes: color graduation (small changes…you get it); parting of the plant (separations in wholes); and the sign for an Atlanta institution, the Sweet Auburn Curb Market (local name for the market; WikiPee details that the Municipal Market sign is a replica.

Oh, exclamation point

Grape no grape

We’ve traveled back into earlier spring. Hello, grape hyacinths!

Bridge view view

And rediscovered a Big Bridge!


Hello, Hemlock’s Own Trillium! Been watching for a spring lovely in this exact spot at the foot of this tree for decades.

On the move

Flooded butter jesus

We loaded the vehicle without precip, and drove into spitty rain cells for many miles, and then finally out of the rain. Then, north of Cincinnati, we found the Butter Jesus’s christening pond overflowing, with its waters merging with acres of flooded fields. I don’t know if this Replacement Jesus is also called Butter Jesus after its slightly yellow predecessor, but that’s how I think of it.

High water

Later, we got very close to high water. Possibly yesterday we would have had to detour a few miles.


Managed to catch the late-day light/dusk at the county courthouse I rode past twice each schoolday after I finished elementary school and had to go to town for my schooling. [Full confession: I never had to walk to school.]

Dusk Ingham co

Finally, out of town we got a good sky view across the flat flat fields. Purdy. [Sarcastic take on local pronunciation.]