On our wee jaunt yesterday, we found abundant evidence that the highway department’s routing specialists have gone for traffic circles in a big way in recent years. In our experience, they can showcase, um, interesting art. And varied detritus.

On the move

We drove far enough north today that we found pears in bloom, rather lushly decorative among these old (for the Midwest) buildings…

…not far from the Uh-Hi-Uh river.

Fun fact: although many boundaries that follow rivers track the middle of the river, or what was at one time the middle, somehow, that’s not so for the Ohio River. Indeed, the state of Ohio, The Guru (aka Mr Ohio) says, doesn’t “have” any of its namesake river.

Distribution center

This is not charming, although I do find it interesting, mostly, I guess, in the lineup of blue trashcans and the double row of meters. And, then there’re the liberated cables and wires. I’m rather glad I don’t have an apartment in this complex, I must admit.

It’s just me

The color is ho-hum, but the shape-contrasts are fabulous.

And a wee update from That Corner. After having that smooth cement surface, today it got a new asphalt layer. That I didn’t expect.

Dead trees, architecture version

I thought a year ago that new construction in our general area would die down. How wrong I was. Here’s what I call the empty tooth socket stage.

And here is the new underway. I heard four nail guns busy simultaneously.

And even the casserole heat-and-eat place is getting an upgrade…and while that’s underway, they have a temporary parking lot freezer (with its own generator). Yes, the lot is very desnivel (Spanish for un-level).

Variable conditions

Heavy overcast, although I found these (and other) blooms cheering.

That Intersection was partly open, with one crew working around the edges of a pile of unused pipes and other materials. I could not tell if all the detritius would be removed today or not; they would have needed another vehicle and a motor-driven loader to accomplish that. Maybe I’ll check tomorrow. The road surface, however, looks ready for thousands of tires.

Waiting for a line of bad weather to come through, oh, between now and 3am.

Winter works

Yesterday I saw the crew compacting the fill to a level a short foot below the surface-to-be, so I knew this was coming. Today the concrete is poured and the surface skimmed (or whatever), so that it’s almost as glassy as a skating rink.

And down the way, they’ve removed the Big Green Pump, leaving just its sound-mitigating panels, fence, bumpers, and orange cones.

Over at the Firehouse, the project remains in early phases, still chunking the concrete from the driveway. Perhaps tomorrow they’ll load it in trucks and send it to…the suburbs? Some dump outside the metro area? To fill an eroded gulley?

Nice sod

I can’t see because the lot’s surface is enough above the sidewalk, but my theory is that the people in the house to the right bought the lot to the left and had the house that was there removed. Gone. And my theory is they had a pool installed (lot now completely fenced), although I can’t see it. I will listen for water noises when it gets warmer out. Anyway, more hypothesizing: this apparent driveway is not for daily use.

Concrete report

Ah, the BeltLine-adjacent apartment project is moving along. I should have figured before when I saw the wooden “decking” that it was really part of a large concrete form. Here’s the floor curing.

Over at the firehouse, the concrete is leaving the project—chunked, piled up and ready to go.

Rain day

More That Corner news: those excavators seemed like birds watching over their nest, the deep square-cornered excavation under the steel plate. And another wrapped-up-against-the-elements jacketed pump.