Downtown skyline

I’m back in the city, around imposing skylines…

Apartment building rear

…and buildings. Here, I found my eye going to the plants and pots in the lower windows. I walked around the right side of the building, and that right lower apartment had potted plants in every window. Smallish pots, less than 5/6 inches across…yet no grow light operation.


Cell nest

We think this cell tower’s…uh-hem…adornments…are new since we cruised this neighborhood last. It had three large construction cranes around it (only one and an edge in photo), and I said, “It’s a crane nest.”


I guess you had to be there.


Cell tower buford

We took a Sunday-really-Wednesday drive, just to get out of the city. We really didn’t get far.

We stopped in a small town, now well within the metro area, and strolled down the high street…parallel with the railroad. Look: a cell tower; there’s really almost no farmland—the terrain is either floodplain or waiting to become housing and business developments, and the web of connecting roads and parking lots—if not already built on.

Bank chandelier

See: the small town has a bank. Or was-a-bank, with an oozing-financial-security chandelier. It’s now a restaurant and salon, but maybe the restaurant is covid-closed? Didn’t check; moved on.



We’re seeing summer begin to give way to shorter days. I’ve been grooving on the low-angle light on the porch ceiling. I think this was briefly an outdoor porch, and it was closed in not terribly long after the house was built. My theory, anyway.

Also enjoying: mornings in the (admittedly upper) 60s.


Steps driveway

I’ve been eyeing this driveway and steps combo for years, watching the concrete degrade and thinking somehow there’s a photo here, but not finding a way to capture it. This comes close.

Big leaves

This is easier to grasp: leaves (almost) the size of a manhole cover! Ehem, sewer access lid…whatever.

Fort Michilimackinac

Fortified: by a fort.

Flower fuss

Invigorated: by socially distant socializing with a long-time friend over cocktails.

Beyooootiful sunset

Enriched: by a wide expanse of beauty.

In which we see a Great Lake

Charcoal kilns ground

We felt the need for an outing today—a gen-u-wine Sunday drive. We stopped first at these charcoal kilns (at least, they’re for charcoal if I remember correctly). The smelting facilities were up on Lake Superior, but they established industrial-sized charcoal-making stations at some distance—this one is just a few miles north of Lake Michigan. And on private land, so I looked from the road.

Kilns above

And the Guru looked from above. The overhead drone shot shows the foundations of buildings that surrounded the kilns, and makes the complex look tiny rather than imposing. The arches in the shot above are probably 10 feet across.

Seul choix

Since we were close to Lake Michigan, we went down to Seul Choix lighthouse, although we didn’t go in. I wonder what the lighthouse staff would have thought if you could go back in time and show them GPS navigation….

Lk Michigan viewENE

And finally: Lake Michigan. This view is to the ENE, which is tricky on the north shore.

Disused buildings

Traincar house

Not far from here is a house that has an incorporated train car. No one even visits the house anymore (don’t know the back story, but I’m guessing aging owner(s), plus this year’s special complication: Covid19), although someone local does mow the lawn. Anyway: train car house.

Field bldg

This is in the corner of a field that has been fenced off from the rest of the field with a small orchard. I’m guessing old chicken house, but maybe it was geese or turkeys. In any case, the building and the fruit trees seem no longer maintained/used.

Sunny, with great clouds

Eagles Nest

We got antsy this afternoon and took what on another day would be called a Sunday Drive. No destination. No agenda other than Getting Out of the House. Which is a fine goal.

This place is called Eagles Nest.

Great lake sand dunes

And here’s a Great Lake and some low sand dunes, foreground, and much higher dunes in that rather distant shore-curve.

Half barn

Wandered down a dead-end road and found a half-barn. What beams! And the silo is wood, too, with metal straps encircling the walls one above another.

S is for…

Spartan tree

Spartan! Yeah, an ag school…different kind of maize here than at that big, noisy school down the old Indian trail to the southeast.

Sheriff on bridge

Sheriff…as in behind the law on top of the bridge.

Cloud cover looks a bit thicker than it was. Just want to mention: temp about 69°F. Soooooo fiiiiiine.