Plain and fancy patterns

Here’s that property that I posted photos of on the 8th and 12th as the building clearing process was underway. Today, it’s all clean and the lot is flattened. It looks like the machine-operator “captured” a piece of i-beam and used it as a scraper. Smart!

Cardoon; fascinating foliage…the leafy cousin of the globe artichoke.

Fake forevers

The cylinder wrap reads “Forever lawn,” that is: plastic, more plastic, green plastic that you’ll never have to mow and will shed water and emit who-knows-what as the sun beats down on it. In other words: not green green.

Natural big bumbling bee. With pollen.

Dramatic flowers, kinda like straw flowers, but larger and not straw flowers.

I’ve been watching this abandoned old building for months; it used to have artist studio spaces. Then it was empty. And empty. Until today, when it got crunched. I expect the condo for-sale sign will reappear.

Closed Sunday

Industrial scene

This small industrial complex next to the old railroad grade, now an important artery for foot, bicycle, and scooter/etc. traffic, makes specialized railroad “cars.” With the gates closed and the sun glinting off the exterior ventilation ducts, it waits for the tumult to launch anew on Monday morning.

Blue skies, for a while

Plane sky

That’s a plane down at the bottom, all gleaming in the BRIGHT sunshine! Look at that sky! Clouds rolled in late in the afternoon, and rain will follow overnight, I hear.


This house is one of the odder ones around. I think it’s two houses that share the carport about two-thirds of the way toward the left. On one lot, near as I can tell. An oddity.

And sunny, too!

City market beltline

Stiff wind and I was nearby, so I deemed it safe enough to visit the BeltLine…not many people, and MaNachur was moving any and all germs right along, away from meeee….

Share the road

I only traversed two short blocks…which was enough to remind me what I’ve been missing…the many public art installations along the route! I am uplifted!

Glorious sunshine

Mermaid x2

I’ve been passing this pair for days, and I liked the light today…and how you can see them, too!

B ball shadow

Totally different scene, yet: fantastic light.


Bench mildewed

We received a postcard today from a well-meaning sender: please vote in the Senatorial election, and please vote for Warnock and Ossoff. That is: the election of the 5th of Jan.

Yeah, the Republicans messed up the PO…and we got a Republican Party “Please Vote” mailing on Saturday (that is, on the 9th, well after the election). So the Republican Party did not believe that the Republican disruption of the PO would delay their mailings.

I cannot parse all this.

Also: do not stay on the bench.


Train tracks from below

Sometimes a different perspective is enlightening.

Bridge from below

I would have been happy without a train passing above, yet it was a bit of a thrill pounding by ka-thunk-ka-thunk-ka-thunk overhead.

Let’s be clear

Moss gate

I’m going for the purely aesthetic: this is a lovely mossy gate.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Architectural metaphor?

MT house

Got an empty feeling in your soul? Did trick-or-treaters somehow remove your inner framework?

Plow forward with your plan…to vote. Tomorrow’s the last day.

We dropped our early ballots off in a secure box at our county library branch…and they were accepted two? three? days later…. So, we THINK we’re in the system. Yay, civic responsibilities!