Old new friend

Today was the fourth consecutive day that I managed to attain a split (mile) at faster than 18 minutes. That’s a good pace for my recovering lower limbs.

Given that I was feeling good when I left the house, I went a different direction than I have been going this month, and once again checked out the Beside-the-BeltLine apartment complex that’s under construction. The floor decking is down, and the rebar is poking up, just as it does across much of the concrete-using third-world. The best, however, is the row of pickups servicing their workmen and the worksite.

Must be a reason

I finally had suffient good-knees to visit that building site over by the BeltLine. From what I saw until my not-going-for-walks-because-ouch began in November, there was a possible basement parking area, with large volume drainage culverts below it. Or so it seemed. Now, the crews are up to ground level and I find it interesting that this edge walking area is decking and not poured concrete.

Vista views

Our first notable sight, however, was a covered bridge made of blackened, tarred (?), timbers. Private. Keep your vehicle off.

Today’s headline has to be about the long views, however. Especially long from the top of Mount Mitchell. Highest peak east of the Mississippi, if you can read the fine print.

And up in that rarified atmosphere, the acid rain is killing the most susceptible species (hemlock?), and the tree skeletons are being colonized by mosses and lichens. Life goes on.

At a lower elevation, another tree skeleton, very artful.


Just saw footage from Tintern Abbey on a British show about moving to the country, and I remembered our visit there in April 2016. Waaaaaay pre-COVID.

BTW, the name is Welsh is Abaty Tyndryn.


Even in the gloominess that was today, some trees are showing fine colors.

BTW, at least intermittently, I’m still monitoring the multi-unit housing structure under construction next to the BeltLine. So many support pillars—underground parking? [Notice the clouds obscuring the tops of the tallest buildings.]

Good and best and good

I think I’ve noticed this before. Still, in this light and with all the bright green growth from this season, the corner 2-and-3 frames look fantastic.

Made a run to Little A-Town to see the Gray Sisters and their people. Lots of laughs and good times. En route home, we heard the first half hour of Game 1 of the World Series. Braves did darned well in the first inning.

Building complex mysteries

New cabin

I’ve been keeping an eye on this project. At first, I just saw guys and heard sawing. Then, poof, walls and siding, but no roof. I thought it was a camp cabin, but now I think it’s a garage. There’s already a structure in the woods behind it, but it doesn’t look cabin-y either. Outside the frame to the right is another garage, pretty large. So: all garages, no domiciles? I await developments….

I’m perfunctory

From afar, I have been seeing construction vehicles on this stretch of the BeltLine for weeks, and today there were very few pedestrians around, so I went down to take a quick peek. That strange narrow addition to the wide sidewalk? That’s where many runners trod (although not this guy), to avoid the hard concrete…and it looks like they’re adding a strip of a bouncier surface…which is a bit late, but darned appropriate. The space to the left of the sign is allocated for the planned parallel streetcar line…which is coming no time soon, as near as I can tell.

We’re almost half-way through September, and the light is changing…and so’s the vegetation. Jessayin.

Light shining

In Joshua Rothman’s “Thinking it Through” (New Yorker, Aug 23rd), I came across the term motivated reasoning. He writes that it’s when your gut tells you what to think and your mind then figures out how to think it (paraphrasing).

Earlier on the Gail/Anthony/Tony show, I had seen a clip of a woman at the mic at a school board meeting on mask-wearing by attending children, who declared, “Science is not facts.”

Sounds like motivated reasoning.


Chimney art

When I see this design on the chimney, I think microscope. On a table. Or looming above one.

See it? See something else?

And now for something completely different…