Twists of life

Bromley yes snowy

Isn’t this the way it goes? Well, not always, but enough times that it dominates your memories (creating anxiety?). Perhaps you’ve experienced a version of this….

We headed out on a winding two-lane road, yeah, a small line of traffic ahead of us, but they were locals, and as we got farther from town, they lefted or righted out of our path. Soon, it was just us and a tanker truck, with him leading. Sigh. He rolled pretty fast considering the upgrades and curves. Still, we were stuck following.

Then, after a while, on flipped his blinker. Yippee!, we thought! Freedom!

As he made his slow turn into a gas station on the left, we could see a fully-loaded logging truck pulling into the tanker’s old position in front of us….


However, luck was with us and the road opened up a bit, as you see, and our intrepid driver was able to careen around the slow-mover, and we could enjoy the terrain ever so much better.

With white stuff….


If I’m not mistaken, the AT crosses this peak….

Close your ears

Peach butt above

Overheard in the cafe where we dined around 6:45 pm: Priuses don’t go faster than 60 mile per hour, you know.

Does it help to know we were in West Virginia—or is that irrelevant?

Thoroughly festived

Festivity sign xmas ready

We “festived” with an out-of-town friend this evening (mostly at the corner table at Pura Vida—delicious, as always), here to do a 90-second presentation tomorrow morning. We enjoyed getting together for more like five hours. We got the better deal, although we missed his plus-one.

No purchases

Birds eye viewing

Store One: Apple Store. Test item: iPad Mini.

Niiiiice. Really nice.

Store Two: Microsoft. Test item: Surface.

A bit slow, nice screen. Kinda strange (for a Mac-person).

Store Three: Office Depot. Test item: Nexus 7.

Really slow (sales-dude said the system was overloaded—not a good sign); never loaded photos from this blog, just text. Screen fine. Text strange (as in different fonts) but readable. Map cacheing isn’t quite what we expected.

Take away….

I now know what it’s like to hold the Mini—I’d hold it from the side and use one hand by instinct, but that’s not the most efficient way; take a lesson: learn the two-handed cradle that’s best for phone-typing.

Jaybirds a-hunting

Blue jay in yellowy leaves

My theory after watching two busy jays (Cyanocitta cristata) in the backyard for ten minutes: with the leaves on the ground, the temps in the low 40°s, and the sun out, the tasty bits are in the shady spots.

Never did catch them in the sun.

For better bird close-ups, check out the the Marquis’s photos….

Look up, v. 8339

Ginkgo branch against sky

Glorious sunshine for my afternoon walk; I enjoyed every step.

It’s the Time of the Autumn Ginkgo—that’s my excuse for the repeat.

Leaf and leavings

Ginkgo leaf on car in dew

Leftovers are a lovely thing. Undeniably. However, the corollary is that when you work your way through them, you can accumulate a pile of dirty empties!

Lovely morning

Clean empty dish drainer coffee maker

Forgot to give thanks for all the help and clean-up. Note the coffee-maker in the background.

Giving thanks for dessert

Pecan pie top view hot

We used to do pumpkin and apple pie. This is the new interloper—very happily received.

Big news in big world

Yellow fall flower

As I recall, I thought up at least four posts while my hands were busy today, but didn’t write a one. And now, nada.


Read a bit on the cease-fire here. And the Rep’s resignation here. Aw, heck, I was just roasting and stirring and measuring.