Different era

Went to bookclub tonight. At someone’s house. A pleasant living room seating area with eight of us.

I was slightly antsy the whole time—because: Covid-Delta. Duh. I know all have been vaccinated. Still.

Outer bands arrive

Cloud cover already accumulating this morning. Ida-weather.

Scientist-Me asks: what happens to ants during a hurricane? Do they create an air-bubble if flooded? Lots of relocation among survivors, I’m guessing.

Cleome beauty for today’s flower power. Wet from Ida-rain.

Botany bits

Didn’t know okra is a perennial. So are tomatoes.

Although they aren’t typically grown that way in these parts.

Is that why they are so good together in the cookpot? 😉

Gossipy bits

I awakened to no electricity. Which is a tad spooky. So, I found my hat and dark specs, and headed out. On the nearby “main” street I saw a firetruck and a power-company truck. Did the former attend to the problem that caused the need for the latter?

Never did find out.

Text from the Guru two miles into my walk indicated the power was back. Yay!

And no need to park here. Was the blockage for a movie? Rumors are flying. And we got a hand-delivered hand-out about a different lane-closure…probably for a different production.

Light shining

In Joshua Rothman’s “Thinking it Through” (New Yorker, Aug 23rd), I came across the term motivated reasoning. He writes that it’s when your gut tells you what to think and your mind then figures out how to think it (paraphrasing).

Earlier on the Gail/Anthony/Tony show, I had seen a clip of a woman at the mic at a school board meeting on mask-wearing by attending children, who declared, “Science is not facts.”

Sounds like motivated reasoning.

Murky morn

Thick fog this morning. Good for me—I was walking (not driving—or bicycling)—kept the sun’s rays at bay. Yay!

Lunar view

I got out early-ish this morning because stunning levels of heat and humidity were predicted by 10am. And I found a waning gibbous moon. I only know the moon phase because of my fancy watch/fitness device.

Cast your eyes to the skies

I called this photo night light. So clever (haha). That’s pretty much the apex of my wit and wisdom at this moment.

Maybe I’d have more of both if I had Magne’s hammer, or if it was nearby (just finished watching season 2 of Ragnarⱺk—that’s really a non-traditional “o” from the Swedish Dialect Alphabet and not the one in the logo, but this version was a new one on me…so I’m sharing).

Water and light

Heavy dew this morning. Augmented by unnecessary watering in some yards.

Sun at 8am. In an alley between apartment buildings.

That low sun angle reminds me: wear your hat and sunglasses even in the early morning. That low sun angle means the rays come straight in your eyeballs and cause more damage than being overhead at mid-day. End of instruction.

Closeup milieu

Decorated, decorative wall. Turquoise…lichen?

Simple ID: red red red hibiscus.