The Guru with a favorite product*—at Manuel’s Tavern (the man’s name unexpectedly pronounced like the helpful book or guide).

* Thanks, Leslie.

Oh, NO…


If it sounded in the least like I was complaining the other day, I take it back. This morning, after being off-line for a few days, we received an email that’d been waiting for us. Bearing b-a-d news. Kevyn, the Guru’s very close friend since college days at OU and one of the best there is, has breast cancer. Two places. Full mastectomy 2 June.

Please keep her in your thoughts.

Thanks very much.

Prosecco bubbles


Mostly we opened the prosecco because it’s tasty and fun to drink. We also opened it in honor of Mom’s b-day. And because we dined on The Best Food with the lovely M and the musical B, and their entrancing daughter G. In Lexington KY. Where the Guru and I also learned that the Lexmark brand (printers) is named that ’cause it’s from Lex KY!

Big 88!


One day early, we celebrated and celebrated Someone’s 88th! We were split on whether the biggest (edible) treat was the Botanist’s first big picking of strawberries or my killer brownies.

Special thanks to all who visited, sang, and/or sent cards!

Turtle Day


My biggest excitement today was finding this critter trying to check out the garage. S/he had already crawled up a 4-inch “cliff” to reach the door sill, quite a feat for having a carapace approximately the diameter of a basketball! Dad coaxed her/him (well, prodded her/him with a stick) into a small plastic garbage can and I carried her/him across the road to the neighbors, since we figured s/he was headed for their ponds.

Later, Dad saved a painted turtle that was crusing down the center line of the road. Not a smart move on the turkel’s part!

Holmes Hall


I lived in the third floor room—its window is behind the right corner of the porch roof (if it’s indeed a porch roof)—for a long three years. Go Spartans!

Driving blues


Early morning in the Tennessee Blue Ridge, sometimes you get lucky and see the ridges tinted blue.

Bummer day


[Famous last words yesterday….]

Bummer day. Our Honda was stolen. From the driveway. Apparently that model is particularly easy to slim-jim. 220K miles. They must have taken it because it was easy, not because it was flashy.

Simon’s conceptualization


Some weeks just slip-slide away into the mists of the past with no help from me; this is becoming one of those weeks.

Smoke arrives


Last night we went for a late-night walk, between nine and ten, enjoying the clear night and pleasant temps. This morning I got up and noticed a vague smoky odor, which I couldn’t pin down. I thought it might be the Guru breakfasting but 1) it was only 6:50 am, and 2) it didn’t smell like toast.

Around 9 am I took some kitchen-water out to the desiccating hostas and azaleas, and then I really smelled the smoke. I finally caught the local TV weather-dude revealing useful information; he said that our quiet air patterns have the trapped smoke from the fires south toward the GA-FL state line in our part of the state. Whew! Must be just awful down there.

Oh, and the picture? When was the last time you noticed the climbing pegs on a power/telephone pole? And this one was right in-town.