Smoke arrives


Last night we went for a late-night walk, between nine and ten, enjoying the clear night and pleasant temps. This morning I got up and noticed a vague smoky odor, which I couldn’t pin down. I thought it might be the Guru breakfasting but 1) it was only 6:50 am, and 2) it didn’t smell like toast.

Around 9 am I took some kitchen-water out to the desiccating hostas and azaleas, and then I really smelled the smoke. I finally caught the local TV weather-dude revealing useful information; he said that our quiet air patterns have the trapped smoke from the fires south toward the GA-FL state line in our part of the state. Whew! Must be just awful down there.

Oh, and the picture? When was the last time you noticed the climbing pegs on a power/telephone pole? And this one was right in-town.

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