Covered vs cute

Oregano snow

This morning the oregano was partly covered by the S, but this afternoon, not so much. Temps are up(ish) now, but will be dropping a bit again later in the week.

Coffeepot birdhouse

I spotted this and thought it was an artsy coffeepot birdhouse. But I’m human. A bird might think this is an architectural abomination, and flit on to another location for nesting.

Blue skies

Verge decoration

Sunny today, but cool enough that shady places kept their snow accumulations. Places like our yard. And driveway. The Guru kept after the driveway, and now it’s wet and not icy. And overnight temps are not predicted to go below freezing.

I did get out for a fine walk, not especially ambitious, but a good one. Sometimes with seasonal decorations.

My HR experience begins

Walking on snowy sidewalks

The meteorologists all said it would snow today—days ago. I didn’t quite believe them. They were right; I was skeptical/wrong.

Rose a snowze

However, the mail-dude did get through this morning, and brought my new device. I’ve been wanting something I liked better than my aging fitbit (which seems to wildly undercount my steps these days), and my SIL suggested a cool, tasteful Nokia watch-fitness device. I discovered Nokia would release a new version that also would monitor heart-rate (the Steel HR), and I figured that would be the model for me!

Snow outdoor loveseat

I had to wait some time for it to be released, then ordered it when they finally accepted pre-orders in mid-November…for delivery in “early December,” which I figured was code for about the 14th. I was wrong. Nokia sent an email on the morning of the 5th, saying that my order was shipped. Over on the USPS tracking, they indicated only that a shipping label had been created that morning. That night, though, my package was at a USPS facility. It trickled down over the succeeding days, to be delivered this morning! And I got it set up! Time to walk! Even though the snow was coming down in big wet flakes, we set off. At my slow speed, it wasn’t slick; lucky me!

I was just upstairs, and the white outdoors and on the balcony reflected the light (despite the overcast), reminding me about night snow-light. Meanwhile, the heat’s going and we are toasty warm, with plenty of goodies in the larder. We are good!

Ginkgo check

Camellia CU pollen

By the time we got out to walk, the morning fog had lifted, the sun shone, and it was afternoon. I had PT during morning-fog time, and realized that despite the knee THANG, I am doing SO MUCH better than two weeks ago when I last had PT. Yay!

Gingko n web

We checked out several ginkgos in our neighborhood on our little sunshine wander. Despite a solid scattering of leaves, most remain solidly attached to their trees. Maybe tomorrow for the drop?

Stay tuned.

No longer fully green

Oak leaf dotted

Here’s a variant of how leaves change from summer green to autumn…whatever. Polka dots!


Precip view

We did have a reasonably clear view of the mountains—for about fifteen minutes! Then they resumed being socked in, and we’ve had rain, spitty moisture, and variations in between.

And traffic (if we venture out!). Mega-traffic.

However, we are Midwesterners (in origin), and we are tough, and we are fine!


Longleaf pine

Yesterday we thought we’d do another excursion, maybe I’d get another 1K-step day. But, no. Autumn moisture descended. We are happy with the cool, yet wished for clear-overcast, or even partly cloudy conditions.

* This meaning of pine derives from a word meaning pain. [Tweak imaginary mustache, and murmur “interesting.”]



We have been detouring around the Cut River bridge off and on for years. This is a US highway, and the bridge was fine for decades. I don’t know why it has become an expensive problem necessitating a repeated detour—whatever fixing the hwy dept has had done, they haven’t rebuilt it (or it still looks like it did when I was ten, I swear).

Bridge above

After the Big Bridge (it wasn’t as ominous-dark as it looks), we had enough spitty rain that the windshield crud I shot “through” above finally got cleaned off. Then we were out of the raininess, and back into cloudiness.

Sky pretty

The sky got lighter and kinda pretty. Farther south, we saw the silver-sliver moon over Jackson. By the Ohio line, it was briefly golden, then disappeared, covered by cloud-cover.



Yeah, this is an over-backlit photo, but it’s Good Hope General…not hospital but store. I thought the name would be a good omen when I picked it for us for this night…the rain from outer bands of TS/H Nate are supposed to be here before midnight….

Thanks, Sweetie!


Jan2017 snow

January 2017 snow, in ATL.

Thinking for a moment about snow today, one of those unpredictable mental wanders…. Our temps did climb out of the “high in the 60s” of the last few days to creep into the 70s. This is a slower than predicted pace toward the “normal” 80s we may well see tomorrow.

No snow, however.