White lavender(!!)

Flower deep

Somekinda deep flower unknown to me. Or, frankly, forgotten. It happens.

Lavender white

Now this, don’t think I’ve seen white lavender before, but that is what this is. And the bees know it’s collection time.

Rain wind storm

We got blasted by two vigorous storm cells. Rain. Wind. Mildly scary for a Sunday afternoon when we didn’t have any idea we’d riled up the weather gods.

Odds, ends

Redbud leaves droplets

Little bit of precipitation last night…wowzer, these (redbud) leaves look mid- to late-summer.

Tumbling bus

I don’t think this means the bus tumbles. I hope.

Containers curbside

We missed Summerfest in the neighborhood this weekend. Not sure what these are but my guess is they were to catch wastewater (like from sinks in food trucks).

Home basil pesto

First big basil harvest here in the ATL. Also have Thai basil for some Thai curry—wonderful eats this week!

Rain just started


Neighbor hydrangea. Just opening.

Redbud leaves

Redbud leaves. Full term.

Tired good n evil statue

This good-and-evil statue replica looks like a tired farmworker. Not a party animal. Or an after-party attendee.

Rainy, gloomy; improving?

Melting snowbank

The astronomical report on the radio indicated that the sun would be up today for 14 hours and 14 minutes…not here! It rained last night and through mid-afternoon enough to fill the rain barrel. I assume the rain melted this snowbank, but it looks quite similar to when we arrived.


This guy is not an editorial comment on William Barr. [Fingers crossed.]

Beachless beach

This particular rainstorm lacked the storminess, almost no wind, or not during this part of the afternoon when the rain slacked off. Note how quiet the lake is. And how high the water (I know I’ve mentioned this already).

I’ll sought a yesterday replay, but I got today

Ramps cluster

Yesterday, I went out for a walk and found sunshine and ramps (Allium tricoccum).

Snow ice balls

Today, I found overcast as I stepped out the door, and a minute later, heard small noises on the leaves…white stuff…not rain. It quit within fifteen minutes. Still.

Now, the wood heater is keeping us warm, and I’m hoping for fine solar gain tomorrow.

Fingers crossed

Basil and

Having already demonstrated that The Foot is a functional gardening appendage, I did more, mostly removing unpruned azaleas. Also got soil amendment mixed in around the quince and lavender, here with added basil plants—both regular Genovese and Thai. Watered everything in, and hope all will settle in and produce!

Hit 83°F yesterday, and only a mere 82°F today. Yup, AC is on upstairs in self-defense (skylight accelerates the solar gain!), although night will be cool-ish.

Today, back in time

Lily on Easter

Lily posing on Easter. On our dinner table.

Trees leafing out mtns

We got outta town and drove into the mountains…where spring is a couple of weeks behind ATL.

Reflected clouds

And major rain over the last three days made rushing streams and puddles to reflect the blue sky.

Pink dogwood many petals

The azaleas and dogwoods are in their prime here. Thank you latitude and longitude magic.

Infrastructure above

Assertive infrastructure above.


Bucket feet

Sometime after midnight the rain started. I figure it rained, sometimes a lot until well after dawn (obscured by rain clouds), then off and on through the morning. This bucket was empty when it got dark last night. I tried a keep-the-phone-safe photo, attempting to use my feet for scale. Hrrumph. Not a big success. So, I headed off on my walk.

Bucket measure

When I returned, I got serious about science and measurement. That’s an honest measurement—almost six inches of rain accumulated in this bucket since last night. That’s a darned lot of rain. Glad we live closer to the hilltop than any valley drainage.

Iris purple

Okay. Flowers from our traffic island. I don’t thank my neighbors who care for this area enough. Or help them…I COULD do that.

Hot afternoons, cool mornings

Sunset light

Last night was night one of having the AC on. And something like 30 inches of snow are expected less than one thousand miles north of here. A yikes-ian contrast.

Mahonia droplets

Meanwhile (hey, this word was around before Stephen Colbert!), we got a tad of precip overnight…as these Mahonia berries(?) show.

Japanese maple leaves

And the Japanese maples are responding to the heat and growing queeeeeeekleeee.

Spiderwort not dayflower

Rather taken with the fragment of lichen on this spiderwort. Nice shadows, too.

Throes of pollen season

Pollen carglass

Nice clear, warm weather this time of year means huge pollen accumulations…I think of the yellow as mostly pine….

Purple iris

Certainly, there isn’t much iris pollen accumulating!

Snowball bush

I know this as a snowball bush, although these snowballs are mighty green. Viburnum?