Plugging along

This is not far from yesterday’s Tree of Refuge, and the parking zone (official? I do not think so) is at the bottom of a moderate hill…and the rain/deluge made the rides into a big blue metal pile. Abandoned property?

I think the slight haziness is my fault…a smear on the lens.

I was surprised to see that a cloud obscured some of the buildings…I thought it was clear, clear, clear.

This was after I cleaned the lens.

Probability bites

My app indicated 50% chance of rain, but I thought it was clear out the window. I walked anyway. Blithly. When the rain really kicked up I took refuge under a big, spreading oak. I was protected for a while, but the rain eventually worked its way through the leaves and branches. I did not realize that this oak was in a local low-spot. Yes, the curb had substantial drains, but so much water came down that even the middle of the street was covered with a couple of inches of water. I saw no cats. I saw no dogs. I don’t know how that saying came about.

Soon, of course, the rain slacked off so I returned to my route. Since I was walking on a sidewalk below houses, they had drains shooting brown water onto the…sidewalk. And driveways, the same. And the water was still coming, although the precip was not. Squish squish.

And, not long later, if I looked the right direction, the sky appeared positively innocent.

Autumn hints

This morning I walked under the last of the cloud cover courtesy of Ida, and by afternoon we had clear, sunny skies. And unseasonably cool temps. Relatively speaking.

Outer bands arrive

Cloud cover already accumulating this morning. Ida-weather.

Scientist-Me asks: what happens to ants during a hurricane? Do they create an air-bubble if flooded? Lots of relocation among survivors, I’m guessing.

Cleome beauty for today’s flower power. Wet from Ida-rain.

Murky morn

Thick fog this morning. Good for me—I was walking (not driving—or bicycling)—kept the sun’s rays at bay. Yay!

Water and light

Heavy dew this morning. Augmented by unnecessary watering in some yards.

Sun at 8am. In an alley between apartment buildings.

That low sun angle reminds me: wear your hat and sunglasses even in the early morning. That low sun angle means the rays come straight in your eyeballs and cause more damage than being overhead at mid-day. End of instruction.

Beyond flowering

We’re moving past mid-summer, and I see post-flowering plant-ness (plantations? haha).

Here, cherry tomatoes and canna lily examples.

Charging along

We got a bit of a temp/humidity reprieve during post-Fred, although I found it darned oppressive outside this morning. Cooler, yet the air seemed like it sat heavy on my skin.

All in a day’s…outdoor exercise.

Fred’s fangs

Yesterday we lived through thin outer bands of the Fred Storm. Today, we had a bit more substantive bands. I understand that by 6am, we’ll be getting serious rain from the center of the storm, to total perhaps as much as 4 inches before tomorrow is up.

We are preparing for power outage and more. I understand the power has been out in at least parts of Ann Arbor since last Thurs/Fri?…in any case, even in a US city, the power can be out for days. So, I’ve been preparing my basket of necessaries (ID, keys, cash, meds, nutrition bars, you know: the usual) to stash bedside. In case.

Haze survey continues

We continued our haze survey in Tennessee. Have I made it clear (haha) that the haze is smoke from the northwestern US and Cali fires?

And into Georgia. Haze continues, with clouds. And humidity. The normal humidity, seems to me. But heavy traffic on I-75, including many semis…we mused that this suggests a busy national economy. Mere speculation, however.