Lovely, lovely sunshine

Ginkgo wide

While today was cool and windy like yesterday, it was sunny—and lovely in comparison. The ginkgos haven’t yet dropped their leaves, and are rather brilliant in their yellow-green way.

Winter is arriving

Varigated camellia

My apologies—this photo is from the other day…when it was sunny. Today was overcast and windy. The temps started dropping mid-morning, and that is never pleasant this time of the year. The meteorologists say there may be snow overnight in the mountains. Here: nope. Cold cold cold, however, as in below freezing overnight, and tomorrow night, too. I turned up the heat a degree as the house has only mediocre insulation.

Turn, turn, turn…

Rose backlit

I’ve been aware of the changing day length, as it does this time of year. I haven’t noticed as much the shift in the sun angle. And…tah-dah! here it is!


Strange hibiscus

That title might mean any of many things. What I thought about today was that at some point this season, I’ll be switching from preferring to walk in the shade (pant pant), to being happy to walk in the sun (oh so cool).

Never noticed a hibiscus bloom that looked quite like that.

Greek autumn

Zeta eta

Zeta brought the tree down. Eta brought the leaves down.

Zeta was recently; Eta was yesterday and the day before.

However, there are still many green and greenish leaves on the trees, although I heard the weather gal say this morning that we’re at peak color. Perhaps Greek peak.

Zeta wind

Limbs down

Zeta-center passed by to the northwest of us overnight, yet gave us plenty of action. Not as much rain as was predicted early on…but about as much wind.

Limb basketball

That brought down branches.

Limb wire

And power lines.

Here at our address, just small stuff, whew.

But but but, the wind is kicking up again. No rain, but whew, wind-wind-wind. I’m gritting my teeth and getting through it while willing all trees nearby to remain upright and keep all their big branches intact.

Pre-Zeta and Zeta predictions

Lichen branch

Back in the bad old days, life forms were rated as to, well, sophistication.

In that hierarchy, these would have been lesser life forms. And “lesser” was freighted with all kinds of superior qualities.

Shroom mounds

Me, I think fungi and lichens and mosses and the like are very complex. And sophisticated…biologically, for sure! So there!

Also, at something like 2am the winds are supposed to really kick in. I’m not looking forward to that. The eye is supposed to pass just west of us, so that means we’re getting the worst of it, whatever it is this far inland.

Changes afoot

Bee mum

I was lucky that this cluster of blooms was large enough that it had multiple bees…and I was additionally lucky that I could capture one’s soul.

Night view

Evening view. I hear that from midnight tonight until moon Thursday we are to have rain rain and more rain, with lightning for something like eight hours of that. Should make for an interesting drip drip walk tomorrow, ¿eh?, yet no bees?

Mushroom mountain-ettes

Fungal pile

Over the last few days we’ve south-shifted our latitude, driving mile after mile, leaving winter-is-pending. This means we’ve moved back to late summer.

Fungal multi piles

And the evidence suggests it’s been a bit rainy. Fungi loves a bit of moisture. And some warmth…saw a prediction of 81°F high today On My New Watch. From Wea-Channel data/sponsor.

That’s a big change from frost on the pumpkins, roof, grass, and possibly deer napping overnight curled up in the orchard at our previous latitude. High of 75°F predicted for tomorrow…guess I should walk earlier rather than later, no?…for more temperate exercise conditions.

Variability (ovah and ovah)

Frost on grass

We arose to frost on the grass (many places), as well as our roof…a sign of increasing overnight cold temps.

During the morning we had intermittent sunshine, and managed to get another round of hatch-battening completed on the “garden”—enough for the winter.

The meteorology report indicated rain in the 1 o’clock hour…and, indeed, it was raining by 2pm. And still is.

I haven’t seen flocks of Canada geese overhead for days…and I assume that means they are far to our south. So, being somewhat smart, we, too, have turned our thoughts toward our final days here and closing the place for the winter. We’ll be sad to go, to leave our friends here, and to leave the beauty of this area. We’ll not be so sad to leave rubbish weather off and on, day after day.

I had not anticipated this, but the temp now is about 39°F, and my watch-borne weather app indicates 48°F at midnight and 45°F at 3am. That doesn’t fit the typical “increasing cold overnight” model—however, we’ll take it!