Slow-day Sunday

Morning light

Good vibes morning sky.

Mystery floral

Don’t recognize this tree (shrub?).

Fence shadow

Just a bit of mystery to this fence-shadow.

Rain cells came through afternoon and evening, so it’s a good thing I got a nice morning sky photo—evening would have been…drizzle.

Two expeditions

Lake MI at Manistique

We ventured farther afield…took US2 along the north shore of Lake Michigan. The lake is HIGH, backed up into the rivers that normally flow into it. Of course, until just recently it was very low, and many people are not old enough (raint-raint-bwaaah) to remember normal levels. Such is life in the time of climate change.

Hardware pickups

One chore was to stop at this hardware. One small tank truck, one SUV, and otherwise a line of pickups. And more pickups on the other side of the parking lot. An unconscious social statement? Probably pretty clogged inside (narrow aisles), but I didn’t go in.

First lupine

We drove into rain after the hardware, and it is still with us. After everything was unpacked, I finally got a bit antsy and put on boots and headed out for a walk…and found the first lupine in bloom. White! And not a single other plant that I saw even has a bud!


Some kind of pussytoes, the flowerheads weighted down by the rain. I just read in the cyber-land of miscellany that pussytoes (Antennaria sp.) are in the daisy family (Asteraceae), and these plants are connected underground, and so are one, or clones, however you want to describe it. Plants are not animals.

Chive bud

Speaking of plants and seasonal progression…I nabbed a handful of chive-tops to put in tonight’s salad, and discovered they’re already sending up buds. I almost missed that transition, too!

Two because: one to town, one around the property….

Changeable sky

Eradication underway

After coffee and whatnot, this was my morning exercise…more eradication of cow parsnip. And a few odd burdocks that I came across. Quit when sweat rolled off my nose and the mosquitoes joined the blackflies. Enough!

Dog geese

And at the end of the day, after a fantastic meal shared at the proper distance, I went down to the water to get a shot that I hoped would capture the way the distant shore was alit. Kinda. The geese took off when they saw me coming; the dog came later and didn’t chase them, although that’s what it looks like. Later I saw her biting the waves breaking on the shore. Young dog behavior. BTW, two pairs of adult geese, each with four goslings. 💩

I selected these two shots and then realized the sky was so different. And between: bright sun. The last three days we’ve been hearing we’d get some rain during the past 24 hours, but nooooo—rather dry, except the way-too-high water in the lake. 😧

On the move

Flooded butter jesus

We loaded the vehicle without precip, and drove into spitty rain cells for many miles, and then finally out of the rain. Then, north of Cincinnati, we found the Butter Jesus’s christening pond overflowing, with its waters merging with acres of flooded fields. I don’t know if this Replacement Jesus is also called Butter Jesus after its slightly yellow predecessor, but that’s how I think of it.

High water

Later, we got very close to high water. Possibly yesterday we would have had to detour a few miles.


Managed to catch the late-day light/dusk at the county courthouse I rode past twice each schoolday after I finished elementary school and had to go to town for my schooling. [Full confession: I never had to walk to school.]

Dusk Ingham co

Finally, out of town we got a good sky view across the flat flat fields. Purdy. [Sarcastic take on local pronunciation.]

In which I became glooberificated

Sky infra

I checked my fave weather app at 7am (ish) and it said to expect rain (and lightning) by 11am. I checked later, and it indicated not until 1pm. It was 11:20 by the time I hit the street and…looking up, hmm, weather-y, but not so bad. Then, a few drops. I wisely had stayed close enough to the house that I looped myself in the back door and acquired a big umbrella, thanks to a hand-off from the Guru.

Flag out

Twenty minutes later, I figured I was in the clear, but within two more minutes, the drizzle was kicking in. Mr. Personal-Putting-Green (see entry perhaps a month ago) had his flag out. In the rain. Got my blood pressure up. I took a photo and kept going.

Good rain

Of course, by the time I was in the final stretch the weather had clinched the deal and I was super-glad I had the umbrella. Or my walk would have been gloobered up. (See Kayakwoman for this vocabulary.)

Wind energy

Pink dogwood

Breezy today, and most of my flower-photos had lousy focus because of that. But not this one.

Green blueberries

See: lousy focus. Still: blueberries that are almost blue-tinged.

Bad bad horrible strong storms expected in the dark hours. The meteorologist is saying 45% chance of 60 mph winds HERE…with flooding and a good chance of hail to round out the conditions…clearing out by 4am…you know my blood pressure is up over this…waiting for the line to roll in before midnight.

Burden of weather

Moss petals

The rain came through in the wee hours, enough of a storm front that I never fell back asleep. It and the wind brought down these dogwood petals…

Cherry petals

…and these cherry blossoms…

Crepe myrtle bark

…and made the crepe myrtle bark glow red.

Title is an awkward homage to Dr. Fauci, who used the phrase “burden of infection” this morning in an interview. And probably dozens of other times….

Say no more

Pollen autoglass

Proof of pollen and scattered raindrops. We should have real rain tomorrow.

Dogwood splendor

Dogwood splendor.

Artsy flowers

Garden beauty.

Beemer update

Beemer update: still no wheels/tires…now with cover.

Tree sex parts

Evidence of tree-spring.

Looking at details

Magnolia suckers

Established magnolia trees send up a profusion of suckers under the shelter of their leaves and branches. Dunno what the red machine is; lost leaf blower?

White bells

Rumor has it the rain will be gone tomorrow! Yay!

Before the sun

Flowing water

I was antsy and left the house shortly after the rain stopped; that’s why it was still flowing in the gutters.

Fallen camellias

The rain brought down a good crop of camellias under this bush/tree.

Crocus grouping

Loving a new sighting of purple crocuses; lovely color.