Lucky day

Basil seed bud

We managed to time our run to early-vote* to between rain bands. Sally, doncha know. Some rainfall was windy and would have been yucky to venture out in.

Basil bloom droplet

But it stayed wet even so, witness that magnificent droplet on a wee magenta-pink basil blossom.

* Not lucky that we had to vote because John Lewis died, and we need a representative to finish his term.


Ohio infrastructure

I think of Cincinnati as the place where we have to slow down…either on I-75 or by taking an evasive route because the traffic flow on the Interstate is hosed. That is: greater and metro Cincinnati. This time problems were downhill into town and across the I-75 bridge over the Ohio, so we checked out some of the old timey infrastructure along our alternate route. We had a good time on the grey roads!

Road cattle

Back on the Interstate zoom zoom, we encountered this…in Tennessee?. Some miles along, we found cattle transporters with moo-capable cattle, yet this specimen was the most unusual.

Strange skies ATL

We arrived in ATL under changeable skies. Spotty rain inbound…and of course rain during part of the unloading. Of course. We are home and all is well. Yay!


Grey sky

I was outside doing an outdoor chore (rhyme!), and noticed this grey cloud to the north-northwest. Sure enough, ten minutes later it was over us. Ten minutes after that, it had moved on to the east.

And ten minutes more, we had some sprinkles (not enough to dampen the ringfort, but, hey, rain is rain).

Water! Essence of life.

Man river

When the Manistique River is high this time of the year, the lake it flows from must be high, too? Roight? And it is. And it has been. For years. We go from drought years to this in, what?, just a few years…and this high-water has been with us for, what?, a decade?

The lake it flows from is a shallow lake, big and shallow, and the speed boaters always had to take that into account…like anchor their boats well off-shore (takes some depth for those big motors) and take a dingy in, and the like. Well, those folks like the high levels. The rest of us watch our property wash into the water and disappear. Not happy-making.

In short, Lake Michigan is high. The feeder rivers that flow into it are high, and everything upstream is water-filled. Welcome to climate change, this local version right at present.

Fringy flower

Today’s official palate-cleanser flower….

…wait ten minutes

Rain barrel

I have to say that I tend to enjoy drippy rain. White-noise drippy rain. Today’s lasted, off and on, until about 5:30 pm, when the sun came out and the temp began to elevate. I hear even more bird calls now. And, as you can see, the rain barrel is full…plenty to last us a few days until the meteorological report predicts sprinkles, as I only have to water the basil…and mint! Peppermint! This summer’s science experiment (thank you, Sweet, Kind Neighbor, who induced my snippings to send out roots after I had failed to do so).

Goldenrod not golden

I see a stand of goldenrod (Solidago spp.) has pushed well above the grass head near the garage. Only they’re not yet golden. Time, magic time, will change this.

Title refers to a common phrase around here that goes something like…if you don’t like the weather…da da da.

S is for…

Spartan tree

Spartan! Yeah, an ag school…different kind of maize here than at that big, noisy school down the old Indian trail to the southeast.

Sheriff on bridge

Sheriff…as in behind the law on top of the bridge.

Cloud cover looks a bit thicker than it was. Just want to mention: temp about 69°F. Soooooo fiiiiiine.

My life in Spanish

Fennel blooms

Hoy: caliente y húmeda incluso antes de las 8 de la mañana.

And we’re getting the third overhead rain cell right NOW, for an extra boost of humidity! Oh, yay!

Tempting jawline zits

Sun through trees

Prediction is for temps in the nineties for the whole, entire, every-day of the coming week. With “feels-like” numbers even higher.

Me masked

Makes me think of heading north…way north. Not so excited about all the toilet-rooms and the overnight room on the way…but we made it work a while back, coming and going, so…repeat?

Smoky fog

Murky corner

The early-morning weather people I heard both said there was ground fog murkiness, so I expected to see it when I left the house before 7.

There is sun

They also said that in the general area of the city the smoke from the Fourth fireworks was adding to the obscurity. I find that interesting. These health-pandemic types keep saying we should go outside because the Covid particles disperse more. Now the weather specialists are saying that particles don’t disperse (essentially). I’m guessing there are more factors involved…like 5/6 feet off the ground has rather different patterns than 200 feet (plus) above the surface.

Certainly, whatever the air conditions, it took longer than usual to clear.

Slow-day Sunday

Morning light

Good vibes morning sky.

Mystery floral

Don’t recognize this tree (shrub?).

Fence shadow

Just a bit of mystery to this fence-shadow.

Rain cells came through afternoon and evening, so it’s a good thing I got a nice morning sky photo—evening would have been…drizzle.