Wet brickwork

Does rubbish weather mean just rainy, or rainy and windy, or even more than that happy pair? Today was rainy, but not really windy. At least when I was out. I’d say rubbish-y, but I don’t know British slang….

Effect after cause

Pecan trees

The overnight cold snap and a day of wind brought down the pecan leaflets to the extent that they made a carpet beneath the trees.

Gingko leaves

This gingko (and another I found) also lost many leaves, but the branch snapped before the wind really got started.

Birdbath turquoise

Full birdbath, yet no ice.

Double double-u day

Colorful leaves

Windy today, really quite windy. Makes me nervous, duh. I got out wearing overpants and turtleneck, gloves and wind-blocking ear covering and jacket. Yup.

Dogwood decaying

Obviously, one double-u is the weather (supposed to be well below freezing overnight—brrrrrrrr), and the other is Washington. DC. Which I’m trying to not think too much about—generates stress.

Grooving on autumnal


Asters are so autumnal.

Rock plant art

Especially aesthetic autumnal.

Warning: change is coming to our weather overnight!


Sidewalk leaves

Hallowed ground: leaves downed by wind/precip. I see sweet gum and tulip poplar donations.

Mushroom trio

Hallowed flora: mushrooms burgeoning with autumn moisture. Mushrooms always seemed to me to be plants and not-plants, as in not-green plants, and therefore suspect. Bimodal categories are so inflexible.

Drippies captured


I mostly walked between more-rain, and trudged through the all-day flavor of less-rain.

Good wax job

Slight logo overkill plus fine wax coverage.



Leaves are autumn-ing. Or green.

Skeleton ghost ornament

Seasonal ornament of the skeleton-ghost variety.

Fog/not fog

Sun n fog

Played tag with the fog, as we did yesterday.

Fog n flag


Fog farm

Bright, but valley-fog persists.

Road construction

Sky clears, but impediments in the roadway.

VT capitol

Clear view of Vermont’s capitol. You’ve heard of tiny houses. This may qualify as a tiny capitol.

Final stop

Spent hours with good friends who live far away from our home-base(s), in this house behind three brilliant maples. We had a lovely time together, short yet powerful. 💖 💚 💓 🍀

Flag day

Fog thick over river

Fog mostly obscures bridges over the St. Lawrence River as we leave the “national” capital. You may think it’s Ottawa, but in this province it’s Québec City.

Fog in little valley

We escaped the dense fog, but continued to see it in valleys for some time.

Clear n colorful

Finally: clear and colorful.

Wooden figures

Pair of facing wood figures by the tracks in Lac-Mégantic. Lac-Mégantic is where a 74-car train derailed and exploded in July 2013 killing over 45 people and destroying more than 30 downtown buildings. We saw many new buildings and more empty spaces. Land along the tracks remains unbuilt, and is now a park with signs detailing the history, nice plantings, and public art.

Metal art

Metal art by the tracks in Lac-Mégantic.

Mont Mégantic from SE

We approached Mont Mégantic from the SE. That’s the rim of what looks like a crater, but officials indicate is a monadnock. Reasonable signage in the visitor center. Like much of the signs in the province they are in French only. I take this as great sarcasm (or something) on the part of French Canadians, who made the rest of Canada post bilingual signs and official displays.

View E from rim Mont Mégantic

View from the “rim” to the east. Those bumps on the horizon are northern outposts of the Appalachians.

Mont Mégantic from SW

Mont Mégantic from the SW. Love the quick transition between the lower deciduous forest and the upper pines.

USA flag

We crossed an international border. Some slight confusion about why people from Georgia are in this part of the world, but that’s to be expected.

Moose signage

We have been seeing moose signs since soon after we crossed into Canada. Or: moose signage. No moose. Thankfully! [They are huge beasties!]

Resort view

And, unusually, we’re overnighting in a resort that echos a Mrs. Maisel complex without the entertainment facilities, other than…

Moon boat

…fishing and a dock and boats. You’re on your own to enjoy the fresh air. And the moon!


Cloud on mountain

We woke to rain that looked like it’d linger for most of the day. We conferred over coffee and decided that today was not the day for walking the streets. Instead we called “an inaudible” and drove along the river to the northeast.

Terrain view

We got some long views.

Mouth of Gouffre

Clearly, the tide was out at the mouth of the Gouffre.

Horse view

Some agriculture…all the horses I saw may have been draft horses….

Two ferries

We turned around where our next move would have been taking a ferry. You are looking at the mouth of the Saguenay River. This is a gen-you-wine fjord. We’ll have to come back to explore the fjord inland. Note the navigation light far left.

Low tide island

Tide’s still out. Gulls resting on temporary island.

Clearing sky

Definitely some clearing. Definitely still clouds.

Q town afar

There’s Q-town on the skyline around the curve of the St. Lawrence River. I think it’s a river here. What I was taught to call the St. Lawrence Seaway I now think of as a firth. But no one calls it that. Doesn’t really matter, however.

Lower town

We circled around below the centre-ville to continue along the river, that is the St. Lawrence and not the St. Charles to the west. I’d call this lower town…[pause for internet research]…so do the locals.

Nice enough close to the day; we’ll head to centre-ville tomorrow!