Shrub blooms day

Bloomin tree

Somehow I got the weather prediction wrong yesterday—the line of storms is due tonight. Here are more tree-blooms that will be damaged.

Today was the third day in a row reaching the 70s (whew!), and I admit that after I got going on my walk, I began looking for a bit of shade—first day of the year I can admit/report that!

Lady banks rose

I believe this is a Lady Banks rose; it’s a vine, as you perhaps can tell. The blooms are small for roses, perhaps an inch across. Delicate.

White azalea

Found several azaleas beginning to bloom today. This white specimen shows small buds, large buds, and open flowers. Lovely!

Learning curve

Redbud budsnblooms

Tried my fave bison meatloaf tonight in the new range; loving the convection oven! Still have to fine-tune my understanding of how the convection-y part works…. More fun menus ahead!

Botanist’s daughter’s evening report: redbud buds and blooms may not survive tonight’s weather without becoming ragged or dropping. [Sigh.]

Tranquil Sunday

Red maple eh

I left earlier than usual, having heard the meteorologists say: rain later! I set off on a typical wander, looking for photo potential. Mmmm, maple “helicopters.” Perhaps for red maples? haha

Lion planter detail

Mmmm, a lion detail on a planter…. Hmmm? where’s the traffic?

Race clog

Oh. Foot race. Hence, streets closed off, so, hmmm, an especially traffic free neighborhood, even for a Sunday!

Tranquil until the thunderstorm! Which now has passed. Whew. All is well. Wet, yes, but well.

Mixed message

Bolting cabbabage

Right in the nearby neighbors’ yard I found a cabbage…already bolting! In February! Crazy WARM rainy weather….

Hyacinth bud

However, I was encouraged when I found a hyacinth still in bud farther afield. Or a-yard.


Playground reflection

I left the house and thought, hmm, soggy day again. Pretty tough to find a photo subject. And I walked thinking that for a while, noting the nodding heads of the daffodils (done that), and the puddles and sorted sediments from when the rain was heavier.

Then, I thought, geeze, I should have a better attitude.

And, sometime after that, I found this…a seat on a modern-type swing in the playground…with a reflection!

No VitD today

Moss soggy

I made a tactical error in not getting out before about 11am. Instead, the precip rolled in and I eventually dug out the ol’ rain shoes and rain coat and suited up and headed out.

Daffy soggy

I found sogginess. Soggy moss. Soggy daffodils.

Wasn’t that bad, however.

Yet, about 5:30pm, when I took some gray-bidge out, hmm, sure seemed cold. And, as I scooted back indoors, I was sooooo glad I walked earlier.

Ain’t Seattle


The prediction was for a drippy afternoon, so I went out mid-morning. Liked this birdbath. Took me two glances before I noticed the reflection.

Cherryblossoms maybe

All the petals on the ground indicate we’ve had wind/rain already. I wonder how many more have dropped with this afternoon’s rain.

No snow, however, so I’m calling that a win.

Changing times

Cherie babeee

Temps only in the 50s today—solid 50s, but still 50s. Nothing like yesterday. Whew!

Red camellia

Plants are confused…the red camellia is expected, but this is early for the cherry/plums, whatever is in the first photo.

Record breaking

Tree above

Historical high this day: 72°F. Predicted high: 77°F. Actual high: 81°F.


Probably don’t need flannel sheets and down duvet to sleep warmly tonight. 😉

(Winter warm) = wet + fog

Melt in swamp

Here’s the road in the swamp. It was snow-pack two days ago. It was melty-melty in the above-freezing temps as we left our favorite northern outpost.

Fog at Bridge

All the warmth and melting means a load of moisture in the air, which today translated as fog. Heavy fog. The Bridge support just loomed above us, rather indistinct. Soooo glad it wasn’t windy!


We played road tag with this vehicle for several dozen miles. I laughed at the tag and I think the Guru momentarily lusted for the blade. The other day I discovered he may slightly more intensely lust for a blinking light to put atop the cab, as a minority of plow-fronted pickups have for increased safety/visibility as they are plowing.