Yeah, this is an over-backlit photo, but it’s Good Hope General…not hospital but store. I thought the name would be a good omen when I picked it for us for this night…the rain from outer bands of TS/H Nate are supposed to be here before midnight….

Thanks, Sweetie!


Jan2017 snow

January 2017 snow, in ATL.

Thinking for a moment about snow today, one of those unpredictable mental wanders…. Our temps did climb out of the “high in the 60s” of the last few days to creep into the 70s. This is a slower than predicted pace toward the “normal” 80s we may well see tomorrow.

No snow, however.


Autumn color

Maple tree from the archives….

Yesterday’s cool weather continued today…high only in the mid-60s…tomorrow, too, I think. Then, back to the normal 80s. The cool temps have me thinking of autumn.

So, what season is it? Hmmm. No longer Irma season….

Do not ask me about today’s reveal of the dingle arm. Hint: it’s an X thing.

TS Irma fading

Azaleas window

This morning it was rather light out, but still very overcast. Nice azalea blooms, no?

Candles reading

Then, about noon the winds kicked up and about 3pm our power went out…it was kinda dark and the Guru rounded up candles so we could read dead-tree books.

I’m wrapped in a blanket in both photos because the high today was about 2am, 63°F according to the report I heard, and I’m wearing leetle shorts because foot. So, brr.

Power back on about 9:35pm, earlier than I’d let myself hope. Summary: sigh of relief.

Oh, my

Esc key

The latest Hurricane Irma path predictions indicate that we’ll get up to 60mph winds here HERE, and that it’ll begin arriving sometime Sunday. While most (all? but panhandle?) of Florida will be covered up but the spinning bands of high winds, so my guess is that those Hollywood-types doing the Harvey/TX fundraising evening will be doing a second event, or making the Harvey one a combo with Irma….

The big Speedway south of ATL has opened to FL’s evacuees to set up their campers and hunker down through the coming storm in their camper parking area. [Tax write-off? Still generous.]

Pier peering

Jacksonville Beach FL pier

Yesterday I was thinking about the Gulf Coast of Florida…today, it’s the Atlantic Coast, a pier at Jacksonville Beach last January. Pretty placid then…Irma’s gonna be stirring things up in this area by Saturday…time to prepare! Traffic is solid coming out of the Keys already….

On the lookout

FL Gulf beach

Proof I can get outside myself: this is a Florida Gulf Coast beach south of Tallahassee, last January.

We’ve got another hurricane headed our way, although the current money is on it coming up the east coast of Florida and not fully entering the Gulf. But these things do change.

UPDATE: This evening I’m seeing more models with tracks up the west side of the peninsula. Either way, bad for Florida.

No-hurry Harvey

NASA Harvey rainfall

NASA is projecting that Hurricane Harvey will be parked over this stretch of the Texas coast for a couple of days, raining, raining, and raining. This is flat land, at low elevations, especially vulnerable to that much rain…. In a few places, they predict Harvey may drop 35 inches of rain…. Whew!

Harvey potential storm surge

With elevation maps and rainfall predictions, along with storm surge/tides, NASA can merge the spatial data and map flooding potentials…. [Website visitors can zoom in far more than this….]

I suspect the calculations behind this are as complex as the eclipse models I looked at earlier this week. They’re just exclusively on this planet.

And none of this discussion is about wind effects. ☔️

UPDATE: And, just a few minutes after I posted this, I read that Harvey is now a Category 4 storm. 💨

Sun? Where you?

Foxglove drooping

We’ve had so much rain lately that the foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) has become horizontal. Not hard rain, mostly, but precipitation just keeps oozing from the sky. The branches on the trees and more downturned and the grasses are a bit smooshed in some places, in part from the wind—lodged.


Lupine backlit

We’re getting toward the end of the lupine, with many fully in seed pods. A few are still opening at the tips, however.

New dock

Farm news: ML and DL have installed a new dock! It’s a beaut! Smells like fresh lumber.

Leech prey

I channeled Diana the Huntress (21st century version) and stalked the shallows for the lithe and limber lacustrine annelids, finding eight in about ten minutes and removing them from the breeding pool. And the lake. It may have been the perfect stick I found for catching them and tossing them into the brush that brought me luck. But not them.

The late afternoon became overcast and waves of drippy rain, straight down, so the windows all could remain open.