Looking east

Ice antenna

This morning the fog was thick and the temp was such that the moisture attaching to the antenna as we zoomed down the highway froze!

Wind mills

Later, clearing was partial and we saw many wind mills; here’s an early one and many current models….

Llamas lone star

Genuine lone star llamas!

Cinnamon rolls Fresh remote

The oppressiveness I feel from all this packaging tells me it’s time to bring this Rainbow Tour to an end to escape all these cheerful protections….

No rain today

Morning beach

Gulls/Terns and surfers under the marine layer. Here on this SoCal beach, lifeguards use red pickups.

Seal Beach

Police? Surveyors? close one side of a bridge (out of frame, right)…fortunately for us, not our direction. (Yay!)

Rooftop critters

Random rooftop critters. Extra points if you noticed the pigeon before this mention.

Lawn bowling

Note: lawn bowling is not bocce or pétanque.

Redwoods urban

This sample suggests that redwoods are not an urban species, or just a NoCal species that does not like SoCal.

Green church

Dramatic green lighting on this SoCal Episcopal church. So Cali.

Apologies: too fried to do more than extended captions. Luvya.

Change of perspective

Cloudlayer above

I think this morning we drove under the last of the dense cloud layers that we’re likely to see in Cali. I enjoyed seeing the sun on the flanks of the hills…

Drive up into cloud

…and ahead of us as we climbed into the visible humidity.


We even found at least two large herds of mechanical dragons.

Dry hills

Then, we crossed a pass, and, zip, no more clouds.

Bird Paradise

And into the city, the giant metro area. This species is the city flower. A showy choice as you’d expect for LA.


Here’s the City Hall tower; you’ve seen it in many movies and TV shows.


And, in the busy train station, a for-real shoeshine stand.

Under the tracks

Here’s the busy corridor that crosses under the tracks, allowing access to each of the tracks above. Cops arrived in the golf cart; the fine is at least $1500 for going up to the tracks without a valid ticket, the sign said. We just didn’t get caught. Heh.

BTW, this city traffic, wow, exhausting. Sleepy-time for this blahger….

Rain, some broken clouds

Vinyards rain

More rain as we continued our drive. For a while, with vineyards.

Rain swollen rivers

With rain rain rain, comes swollen rivers, irrigation canals, and ditches.

Robin Williams tunnel

Dry in this tunnel. Named to honor Robin Williams.


Wow! Big bridge! Clearing sky!

Little boxes

Little boxes. North of Daly City.

1951 Whirlwind rack MIT

Computers! A whole museum of them! I give you just one: a 1951 Whirlwind rack, MIT (the label said; I assume it’s correct!).

Apple donut

The giant, new Apple doughnut-building, side view. No entrance for civilians.

Apple VC

Instead, we can visit the roof of this “visitor center” aka Apple Store +. Note that the fancy white stone flooring (manufactured, polished quartz?) around the VC under the wide overhang, which is good for controlling sunlight/sun-heat, that stone paving is slippery when wet. Like today. On the order of a dozen security/employees were stationed outdoors under the overhang to remind people to be careful. Since I took my daily 30-minute walk circling the building over and over, I was reminded several times, then took to walking on the pebbly surface (not slippery) under the shrubby trees, as the rain was slacking off…. [I think the shrubby trees are Russian olives….] I’m all about form, function, and aesthetics, and the VC building was lovely. But. Slippery flooring? Hrrrumph. Also, the glass sandwiches making the railing for the rooftop viewing area: made in Dubai, and whoops in the Cali weather they expanded and had to be heated/dried (!!!) before they could fit together and be assembled properly. Heh.

Fresas fields

Fine sunset over strawberry fields. They fumigate (gas) under the plastic; not at all green or friendly to Ma Earth…a good reason to buy organic berries. We saw two rainbows today…no photos of one, lousy ones of the other. Imagine.

Full sun

Olympics sunny

What a difference a day makes! Loving the sun all day! First appearance since arriving….

Bird in treetop

Even the birds were celebrating the glorious light….

Sunset seward

Proof the light lasted to sunset….

Yes: ghostly

Droplet pieris

After dawn, it was clear and lovely, and I found this droplet on a Pieris out front.

Fog here

Later…surprise!…the ground fog blanketed us. Nice to walk in, though. Ghostly, one fellow we encountered while walking called it.


Snow plastered

We were rolling along in a fine version of open skies/open road…then…airborne white stuff that was instantly clingy. Not good given the high pass ahead of us. Sure enough: to cross the pass, vehicles must have “traction tires”—wha? Not us. What to do?

Behind salt truck

We checked the obvious alternate routes via internet info (especially highway department webpages)—same traction tires problem. So, we checked a less likely choice a bit farther away…and traction tires were recommended, not required, and the temp was a bit higher. Meaning snow, but not a frozen road surface. And, as you can see, a salt truck ahead of us. Safety first!

Bridge rain

Then, we descended further, and rain. Rain! And more rain! Nonstop rain. Followed by a traffic jam, negotiated deftly by the Guru. Followed by safe arrival! In time for cocktails and dinner. Yay!

Drive on

Cloud on mountain road

We started out in sunshine, but we could see a cloud bank the way we were headed. This had the makings of a day of “Drive on, and watch the light and weather conditions change!” Yup. Eventually, we climbed into the clouds.

Snowy way

At some point the splat of the raindrops changed to lack homogeneity, indicating frozen elements, which soon transitioned into actual flakes of w____ stuff. But temps well above freezing—whew!

Sunny roadway

Another hour down the road: full sunshine again.

Complicated skyline

Followed by a colorful sunset etched with industrial and artistic elements.

Night bridge

Later, a modern “peaky” bridge…. Not much light for the camera to work with…yet excellent effect, ¿no?

Rubbish weather (damp, cold)

Garden wall

Been hearing more than I want to about a wall, lately. This one I like! …and it cheered me on my walk as I was buffeted by a cold wind (cold for here) as I stepped around un-evaporating puddles.

One three one

Frost burned camellia

Proof we got serious cold (for the Deep South) last night. Poor camellia. NB: no black ice in this neighborhood….

King chairs maybe

Chairs waiting for kings? None arrived when I was there….

Winter setting light

Late-day light was stunning.