Working the odds

Green white lenten rose

Was this bloom turned down to avoid catching the rain-to-come? Was it sentient? 🤣😀😝

Green became gray

Rhodo bud

I saw the green coming on the weather map, but I believed the meteorologist who said the rain would arrive around 11am (or maybe that’s not what he said). So, I scooted out around 10am thinking I could get a good stretch of hoofing before turning around and getting back under the roof before….

Rosemary blooms

I noticed within the space of about forty paces that the sky ahead of me turned dark. Noticeably, not just kinda darkened. Oops. I didn’t get pelted, but I got wet by the time I returned. (I survived; I didn’t melt.)

The bees were smarter than I; they abandoned the rosemary and sought cover elsewhere (where?). The other day in the sunshine the bush buzzed there were so many bees busy there….

Not a downer

Flerkorn pkgs

The two-kay mixed use complex on the other side of the connector is anchored, in a sense, by the blue-white place (aka Ikea)…

Targzhay exterior

…and the red-white place (aka Tarzhay). We walked between the two…

Arc triumphal

…and saw for the first time on foot a two-kay arc de triomphe…which, surprisingly, has a museum downstairs. [Why?] That we didn’t enter, leaving a mystery.

Train rumbling

Got passed by a three-locomotive train when we were afoot. Wooooo-ooooo.

Confession: only shopped in Ikea; bought batteries that the Guru wanted and a plastic cover for use in the microwave. They don’t last forever, you know.

Further confession: it was a grey grey grey day, overcast and precipitating…but, somehow, okay even so.

Moist January*


The first outing doesn’t count, blogwise. Errands.

Shrub tiny flowers

The second outing: a walk. I dodged raindrops for most of it (truncated), but the precip caught me about 10 min before I got to the front door. A bit damp…

Baguette n bubbly

…but nothing like the rain that accompanied the front that came through just as we were leaving for our dinner reservation, moving at 60mph. Whew. So, we got seated, ordered a bottle of prosecco, and immersed ourselves in chatting and laughing. Great fun.

* Credit to JPB for the riff on Dry January.


Flowering quince

Friday snuck up on me this week. Or, I was too distracted to grasp it had arrived. Along with our flowering quince, honoring my parents and a gift from D&F. This plant is in the Rosaceae family, so the thorns are appropriate.

I took this photo when I was leaving to begin my walk. The sun was tepid. I could see a broad greyness to the NNW. Over time, the grey seeped east, and about 10 minutes before I got home I felt a few drops. But, no follow-through/still dry. Expecting a serious storm tomorrow, early evening, however.

Circulation restricted?

Frost on car window

Apologies for going on about the weather, but today’s highs and lows were about 20°F lower than yesterday’s. Didn’t have frost on the car window yesterday….

Camellia flower drop

Cold snap may have played in this camellia flower drop.

Rusty yardart

Random artsy photo: close-up of rusty yardart.

Rotate 90

Rotate ninety photo: nothing more needs to be said. [Shadow has a lumpiness because I had lifted my hoodie sweatshirt to around my neck; gives me superhero shoulders.]

Title refers to a general lack of intellectual astuteness evidenced lately on this-here blog, and hypothesizes about why.

Perhaps the warming weather trend will provide a boost? On the other hand, we already have more rain this month than the January average, and more is coming this week. Eek!

Short play; weather

Two buds

Big Bud to Little Bud: “How you?”

Little Bud to Big Bud: “K. How you?”


Lotsa rain

Went for my walk earlier than usual, had a hunch the weather would get worse…so I ventured into sprinkles and Seattle-type mist…and accomplished my HR* goals. Can’t say I got my Vitamin D for the day, however.


* Heart rate.


Downed stix

Shhh: quietly…from what I saw, the wind last night and today brought down only small dead sticks…thankfully.

Pirate free libe

Some free libraries are so cute! The octopus-pirate connection is a mystery to me.


Rain shoes socks

Winter has arrived, emphatically. Here that means rain. Today’s rain is supposed to be accompanied by wind overnight (oh, no). I suited up for my walk with waterproof shoes (purchased for a Scotland trip) and wool socks. Not fashionable or handsome, but perfectly functional.

Outdoor seating

This was not the day for outdoor seating. Nope.

No driving

Dawnish sky

While the coffee was brewing, I stepped outside. The birdbath was frozen solid.

Perhaps miniapples

We’re somewhat overdosed on driving, so we didn’t today. Walked to do our errands. Mini-crabapple?

Neighborhood architecture sample

Sample of the residential architecture in our neighborhood; these units are a bit larger and fancier than ours. Same feel, however.

Watermelon raddish

First chore trek took us to the Farmers’ Market. I talked to a bean guy, and bought some black beans from him. Also got a turkey leg, butchered yesterday (TMI?), the grower said. Stew to come. This is a watermelon radish, the sign said, with black radishes on the left edge. Did not buy or taste either one.

Railrunner full runner

Near the FM is the northern terminus of the Railrunner commuter train that goes down to Albuquerque and beyond largely in the Rio Grande valley. Love the roadrunner graphic that flows from the locomotive across the trailing cars.

Urban cementario

During a later errand trek, we found a largely untended urban cemetery behind a Mickey’s and similar fast food places, nail salons, and the like. On a slight hill.

Dusk sky

Companion shot to the first one from the cocktail hour.

Apparently this sky warns of ❄️. The highest peaks nearby are already 🏔.