That’s a brrrrrr

I think of these palmettos (right?) as denizens of a more tropical locale than here in the ATL. Clearly, that’s my ignorance showing. As I photographed, I silently warned the plant to beware of impending weather, as the next three overnight lows are to be in the 20s here.

Cycling (temporal)

The wind has decreased, and will continue to fade overnight. The snow and icy bits are gone, and even protected plants are acting like the winter weather has passed. But it is cold, and we may see snow again, what is it? Friday, I think.

Snow day

Only part of the day was snow day. It began as a rain day, then morphed into sleet-rain…then actual accumulations that qualify as an icy version of Snow day.

This was probably about the maximum accumulation in our neighborhood. It’s still above freezing. At the moment. On this street.


I went out for a wee stroll this afternoon, and passed a woman at a distance of at least five paces, and she cheerily said, “Feels like snow!” I agreed; it sure did. However, my fav-o-rite weather app doesn’t predict any until just before noon tomorrow. At this specific, very local location, right here.

Wintery mix

…well, with lovely sunshine. And here wintery mix is cold and breezy, at least most of the time. White stuff is rare, and not present today. But the cold breeze did cut. However, daffies persevere.

Storm tracker me

A line of storms (a storm line?) came through about 5:18am (or about then) with wind and rain. I awakened while it was still quiet, and was awake awake knowing something would let loose soon. No reason to try sleeping again. So I got up, and by the time I was dressed and descending, I heard the first rain drops.

Last night the news-types were warning listeners to have their alerts set up on their phones. Today, only one station had weather-and-news live to help us through the storm. The other major networks all had paid shows on. I’m a bit annoyed with that…is it a bad weather situation, or no?

Tonight, another weather advisory, perhaps more wind than rain…who will monitor it beyond our fine Federal employees (and their fine computer tracking and modeling systems)? Me, I’m tired enough after getting up at five-something to sleep through…well, not just anything, but lots.

Night light

We’re having a bit more light at night, and that’ll hold for another hour or so, until rain comes in. It may last until dawn. The scary part is the potential for hard rain and wind. Arrrgh.


Liffey lookers

Enjoying remembering this line of folks enjoying the sun on this bridge over the Liffey in Dublin in 2018. Here, overcast and rainy, and cold. No sun. No Liffey.

Saved by the beetle

I clicked this thinking I’d compose an insipid post about the difficulties of capturing the feeling of watching a cold rain fall from inside a warm place, or even just the rain in motion.

Then I spotted this ladybug/ladybird beetle toddling along the window sill, and whoa!

December variation

We are amidst season confusion. Many leaves have fallen, meaning autumn; however, some bulbs are sending greenery sun-wards…meaning spring(ish).