Puddle weather


Luckily, I’ve been incorrect about the amount of rain we’ve received this week. I predicted the precip would be elsewhere. Nope. We got some Monday, and it’s raining now. The plants and their people-fans are happy.

We shall see

Darned dry although the meteors seem to think there’s a chance of showers several days next week. Along with a cool snap, with highs in the upper 80s, merely the upper 80s. I suspect the showers will be localized and accumulate little.

Almost harvest time

I’m a bit discombobulated from our latitude shift that meant we left the spring of the way north and are now in the summer of the deep south. These directions are based on USA attitudes not continental, geographic perspectives.

Roaming consumers

We did outdoor chores through mid-morning, then de-ticked (one, on me, walking) and bathed. Fuddled around, then decided to head out for A Better Grocery Shopping Experience. We have three choices for that, each about 90 miles away: Escanaba to the WSW, Marquette to the WNW, and Sault Sainte Marie to the ENE. We chose Escanaba.

That means we saw the M of HOMES. Here is Manistique bay, and its stubby lighthouse marking the west side of the river mouth /outflow /channel.

Rain off and on during most of our trek, but the predicted precip didn’t materialize at the cottage until after we returned, perhaps 5pm. Plenty of wind, too, so not pleasant outside at all. Now we’re hunkered down with cupboards full of fine grocs, and even a new small-medium sized fan (for summer heat, although 80s are forecast for next week).

Simple pleasure

I’ve been waiting for this: my first quiet, clear morning artistically generating ground fog.

Yeah, I know eclipses are show-stoppers, but ground fog comes more often, although not frequently enough that it’s not special when it happens. Shown here with this year’s ringfort (aka small, elevated garden), planted with mixed greens (center), amidst a ring of basil seeds. Stand by to see what germinates and survives; give me/it time.

I read the prediction yesterday—a 24-hour rain—and wondered if it would materialize, as the last rain prediction we had yielded no precip whatsoever. Rain is what came (and what makes the odd haziness in this image from this morning), and what is still falling hours later. Along with major branches from this ancient apple tree, but that happened last winter/spring when there came a big load of heavy, wet snow. The winter-white is all gone now, leaving downed floral proxy evidence scattered about. [The pile on the right is our accumulated discarded Shrubberies, getting bigger everyday as we do spring yard cleanup.]


Rose duo

All the weekdays last week reached highs in the 80s, and the morning lows were comparably high. Such a pleasure this morning to begin in the 50s, and top out about (merely) 70.

Most roses in bloom at the moment are red-red. I found this in a rosegarden front yard, with over a dozen colors of roses. This specimen was by the sidewalk, and ripe for photographing.

Where’s the watering can?

All week I heard about the showers we’d be having today, aka First Alert Sunday; however, each day the severity was slightly reduced. Even this morning, we were promised pop-up showers…which is far less than the pattern promised early in the week. You can guess the outcome: totally dusty-dry outside.

Do you see what I see?

White above

These are the peaks east of Sams Gap, which the Interstate crosses north-south, and the AT crosses east-west. And it’s the state line between Tennessee and North Carolina.

Geography lesson over.

Fortunately for us, the white stuff was at higher elevations than the road.

Cloud day

Early menacing clouds.

Mr Ohio’s childhood Big Rock. It’s about seven feet high, I’d guess (hard to tell scale in this image).

Vine scars.

Crossing the Ohio.

Thus, today’s visual theme is clouds. Wait, perhaps you are thinking, what about The Rock photo? That has, um, a puffy duvet of clouds.