Say no more

Pollen autoglass

Proof of pollen and scattered raindrops. We should have real rain tomorrow.

Dogwood splendor

Dogwood splendor.

Artsy flowers

Garden beauty.

Beemer update

Beemer update: still no wheels/tires…now with cover.

Tree sex parts

Evidence of tree-spring.

Looking at details

Magnolia suckers

Established magnolia trees send up a profusion of suckers under the shelter of their leaves and branches. Dunno what the red machine is; lost leaf blower?

White bells

Rumor has it the rain will be gone tomorrow! Yay!

Before the sun

Flowing water

I was antsy and left the house shortly after the rain stopped; that’s why it was still flowing in the gutters.

Fallen camellias

The rain brought down a good crop of camellias under this bush/tree.

Crocus grouping

Loving a new sighting of purple crocuses; lovely color.

SEA weather in ATL

Daffy group

Wet wet and more rain. In January we got almost twice as much rainfall as the historic average. I’m guessing similar excess in February, but can’t find this month’s data…. Puddles reformed and drained several times today.

I’m still collecting the water when I wait for the hot water to get to the shower head, every time. I started this when we had a serious drought, was it fifteen years ago? No drought now!

Beyond humid

Droplet leaves

This week’s version of the rainy season is more rainy than season.

Daffy downward

I was back home re-hydrating when I saw a glow outside that soon became full blown sunshine. It didn’t last, but I missed my chance at high-quality vitamin D today.

Cherry plum

I was lucky that I found flowers, however. Yay!

Wintery mix

Frost back window

With the dawn…frost on the vehicles.

Snow on moss

By midmorning…big fat flakes on the gazebo-moss. And then it became melty flakes, then just drips. North of here, enough accumulation to make the ground white, even the scraggly grass.

Stand by for a few days, and we’ll return to rainy winter. You just wait!

Pluvial pulses

Raindrops puddle

We got some serious rain today, but other places not far away got far more, over five inches in some spots. Five! And more inches total coming tomorrow and next week.

Winter is the rainy season in these parts.

Winter sometimes SOMEtimes means white stuff here. Rumor is there might be a few flakes tomorrow morning after the cold rolls in…up in the mountains, not here, however.

Chatty today

Ibeam art

I feel compelled to look up when I visit this sculpture. Sorry to say, I’ve never looked for the artist’s name and the name of the piece.

I just checked GooMaps, and it’s not there. Aha, cleverness…new angle of attack. Success! The BeltLine website indicates it’s Tim Frank’s “Angier Spring Monumental Work,” commissioned for this location and installed in 2017.

Turtle show

No Canada geese are nesting this year at this floodwater catchment pond. The turtles are flourishing, however (on sloping rock, and elsewhere in the sun and out of the water).

A couple had brought bread and were throwing chunks at a pair of mallards. I’m guessing the turtles will eat later, after they are thoroughly warmed. I did see bread bits floating elsewhere in the water, with schools of minnows chowing down in radial formation around each piece.

Under bridge view

Arrrgh. Lousy exposure. Next time. Nice to have deep shade; temp today reached 76°F.

Working the odds

Green white lenten rose

Was this bloom turned down to avoid catching the rain-to-come? Was it sentient? 🤣😀😝

Green became gray

Rhodo bud

I saw the green coming on the weather map, but I believed the meteorologist who said the rain would arrive around 11am (or maybe that’s not what he said). So, I scooted out around 10am thinking I could get a good stretch of hoofing before turning around and getting back under the roof before….

Rosemary blooms

I noticed within the space of about forty paces that the sky ahead of me turned dark. Noticeably, not just kinda darkened. Oops. I didn’t get pelted, but I got wet by the time I returned. (I survived; I didn’t melt.)

The bees were smarter than I; they abandoned the rosemary and sought cover elsewhere (where?). The other day in the sunshine the bush buzzed there were so many bees busy there….