Botanical endurance

Pretty spring fleurs

Sorry, you people in the NE, for sending your way the brrrr weather that came through here. #jesssayin …plus, it’s still cold here.

How many of yesterday’s flowers will be zapped tonight? Predicted overnight low in this neighborhood is right at freezing (33°F). Brrrrrr.

Night weather: Twice

Azalea fancy

I’m calling this fancy azalea; I probably messed with the photo levels and skewed the image too much….

So, last night we heard the weather was coming our way, and we got in the new and fancy car, with iPads and laptop, and went to a nearby parking garage just before 11:30pm. The predicted weather included winds over 60mph and hail 2 inches in diameter. Who wouldn’t want to be safe, no?

What happened in our neighborhood was wind and rain, but not as dramatic as the weather that was predicted and the tornadoes that hit elsewhere. We hid out for less than an hour, but the parking garage rounded up; we paid with minimum grumbling. Yawn. We were safely in bed by 12:30am or so.

Yellow plus reg azalea

I’m calling this regular azalea—the pink—and a yellow-blooming shrub I don’t know the name of.

Tonight’s weather story is that the lows are supposed to be below 40°F, but not down to freezing. In our neighborhood. Welcome spring!

Decent proposal?

Dogwood bloom

’Tis dogwood-blooming time. If I were naming the seasons or parts of the year by plant activity, I’d call this Heyday of the Dogwood-Blossoms…something along those lines.

Turtle day successes

Turtle parts

We visited the turtles today. That is: we visited the foot surgeon, and the turtles are in the giant tank in the waiting room. I got the usual trio of X-rays, then saw the PA followed by the Doc. I got two excellents for my recovery so far…YAY!! I am at six months from surgery.

I got the “what you can tolerate” advice for level of activity, but I didn’t say that in my (limited) experience, if I do what I can tolerate, it may mean that I have negative repercussions a day or sometime later…and they may be with me for a while. Thus, I will temper the whole tolerance/activity thing…gingerly moving toward new levels of capability.

My next surgeon appointment is at one year from surgery…more YAY.

Droplets playground

I ducked out for my daily walk, and as I headed up the block from the house I saw a bit of pallid sunlight. It lasted maybe three minutes, and then the overcast was back and trees dripped on me with accumulated droplets from the rain that started sometime during the lantern hours.

Decorative cabbage

As I was angling along the last three blocks from the house, the rain began again, fortunately tentatively enough that I didn’t get very wet at all.

A day of victories!

Snow garden

Snow garden

It seems to me I used to say we get snow every other year or so here in ATL…our neighborhood anyway. Not this winter…we’re on our second pretty-much-cover-the-grass snowfall. We had a bit more this morning when the snow stopped, but all day it stayed cold—and shady in this location—so the white stuff is hanging around. For now.


Leaf soap

Late post so I can report, yes: cold, and yes: white stuff. We had less wintery weather in DC!


Official snow-in-progress photo by the Guru.

Sunny, thankfully

Tree silhouettes

It certainly is strange weather when Tallahassee and Savannah and Charleston get snow, and we in ATL get cold, yes, and wind, yes, but no white stuff.

Slow art

Tree outgrowing

The Guru went out with me to gain our vitamin D. The foot was feeling pretty good, so we went farther afield, and found this tree, which has outgrown the space allotted to it during the last landscaping, some time back. Trees are powerful!

Sprinkler evidence

Farther along, we discovered that someone forgot to turn off their sprinklers.

Fish pond rimed

And another homeowner kept the fish-pond oxygenating, creating ice balls and other glazed shapes.

Slurp slurp

Sunlight patts

Very glad for the sunlight, as the cold-cold is headed our way…headed toward much of NorthAmerica, I think.

Last pho of 2017

Among our errands, we stopped for our last phở of 2017. Yum.

Reality in historical fiction series TV

Foggy trees

Misty this morning. I think a character said that phrase on the first episode of “The Crown.” That’s what we started binge-watching. And not because we also had a misty morning.

Pelican art

I couldn’t take a better picture (get a better angle) on this yard-art unless I stepped in the flower bed. So this is my offering.

I took advantage of the morning fog and grabbed my walking sticks and headed out, looking for a bit more up-and-down than I’ve been doing…to work just a bit on endurance. Of course, any work constitutes making progress for me these days.