Leaves persist

Lotsa Nicole wind did bring down lotsa leaves, yet look how many green beauties remain above.

Looking ahead

Hearing that we were to have a rain band arrive this afternoon, I figured I should move some leaves before the moisture weighed them down. In the process, I found these daffodils have already shot up, although they are rather flimsy and insubstantial. After all, it is NOT yet spring. I doubt if they’ll send up buds….

With the bands came wind, and the worst of it will pass by during the dark hours. I expect it’ll wake me up more than once. Yawn (already).

Our friend(?) Nicole

Basil blooming

Overcast and winds arrived today, the outer bands of the outer bands of storm Nicole that is down in Florida. The last map I saw showed the center of the storm will cross Florida, then head for us. Inland means less power, yet we’ll still have plenty more wind and probably over two inches of rain before the weekend. For now, our blooming basil remains.

Forecast fun

Rain was predicted. Then this morning I heard talk of misting. However. Big however. Here, we received no precip until late afternoon, and then it was light.

Is following meteorologists better than the lottery?

We shall see

This has been one of my favorite shots this year to get at the progression of the autumn leaf color changes. There’s so much less green than five days ago, and the leaves are blown onto the road.

And this is the lake from the beach, always a go-to shot for me. It often portrays/offers a kind of peace, I think, despite cold raindrops (not really rain, just drops—and not mist).

Yesterday afternoon, I started a fire in the wood stove (which, it turns out, is a coal model, by Kenmore), and with no good keeper wood (only damp pine), I loaded it and left it to burn itself out even before we went to bed. I think the temperature indoors reached almost ninety big F degrees, and the walls and floor were thoroughly warmed. Even with outdoor temps in the upper thirties overnight, the indoor temp only dropped to sixty-six by the stove by the time I got up (late, about 7:15). Today, we’ve used our small electric heater, and are comfy.

Sunshine visited us several times (vaguely present in first photo), and rain drops blew around periodically—an unsettled fall day. We’re looking at closing up the cottage and leaving on Friday. In the meantime, snow is predicted overnight although we’ll see if it gets cold enough at elevation; otherwise it’ll be rain, as it has been during the daytime.

Just wait

Sometimes oft-repeated sayings are a bit off the mark. Around here, you often hear a version of “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” Or an hour, or a few hours. This is a valid observation, including the variable time-frame.

Those white striations on the lake-surface above? Ice bits. Likely from a quiet bay to the west—berg-lets coasting by. And in this photo, two hours later and from our beach, all cool, but not frozen—no mini-bergs. [We didn’t even have a frost, on land, at our place. The threat of winter is real. And pending.]

Autumn alley

Most of the day was windy and overcast, with spitting rain. Then, a miracle—sunshine as I was beginning to fix dinner. No, it didn’t last, yet it brought a glow to the evening.

When I walk or drive through this alley, I enjoy it every time. The yellow-golds are now (mostly) ascendant.

Solar and lunar

Porch view

The solar news is that despite temps maxing in the low 50s, we had enough sun that the porch was warm warm warm, so I opened it to let the heated air into the cottage. All yay.

Now, it’s dark, and the full moonlight is streaming into the eastern windows and we are lit again. Very happily. Even though it’s without toastiness.

No beach day

Definitely not a beach day. Temps began about 34°F, and got up to all of perhaps 51°F when the sun was out mid- to late-afternoon…complete with clouds and breezes. Still, we celebrated mint-choc chip ice cream and low-carb choc-chip cookies (with no wheat flour), the latter courtesy of our fine baker-neighbor.

We will stay warm

You may be wondering if I put that leaf there. I did not. Serendipity touched my day several times in joyous ways—like this pretty leaf in an artistic location.

However, the weather is changing and tomorrow may be more slog than serendipity. I’ve been braced for this for several weeks, and now it’s coming.