Hello, New World

Crepe myrtle trunks

Not a today-photo.

Ebullient Anthony Fauci talking to RMaddow in front of my eyeballs right now. It is a good thing.

Day one

Blooming almost

Drippy kinda day…yet I managed to get out between waves of mistiness and showers. We’re in the floral doldrums, and this droplet bedecked blossom is brilliant amidst the drab brown.



I often think of WashDC when I see cherry (are these cherry?) blossoms. Bouquets in WashDC today, but at noon: minus forty-five.

I did not think this line up, yet I admit I’ve been giggling about it since I came across it last evening. Truth.

Of all things


Over time, the details of this carnivore sculpture have disappeared, and to me it looks a bit of an elongated lump, and no longer a king of an ecosystem.

WikiPee says Jaguars began as the first automobiles of a motorcycle sidecar company. Sidecar!

Looking, overlooking

Secure midtown

For the most part, the last five weeks or so I’ve been doing the same loop through the neighborhood on my walk, one direction or the reverse…mostly what was originally the reverse, lately, and is now the way I go.

Things change, however.

Today I ventured down to this relative high spot where I can see mid-town…here over a security fence. Can’t help thinking about security today (the birthday of an assassinated man), and this week (hopefully without another assassination)….

Tree triumph

Tree roots on surf

This tree is making a go of it in a terrible spot—for it. For the lot owners, it is in a perfect location…far enough from the house to not endanger it, and close enough to buffer it from neighbor-houses and neighbor-people.

The house was built on a flat spot carved deeply into brown-orange clayey subsoil, subsoil that lacks the air and nutrients that the tree needs. And so the tree sends its roots across the ground-surface in search of sustenance and avoiding the useless (to it) claggy clay.

Wonder above

Sycamore above

I found it so bright, right at the moment I looked up at this sycamore with its brilliant white branches, that I was surprised to see clouds.

Glorious sunshine

Mermaid x2

I’ve been passing this pair for days, and I liked the light today…and how you can see them, too!

B ball shadow

Totally different scene, yet: fantastic light.

Minor feather mystery

Feather gate

Well, now. I looked at the moss on this log and thought, oh, nice. Then I spotted the feather, and though: geeze, how’d that happen?


Beech bits

It seems that some folks sent to WashDC by voters who couldn’t previously do so found their “big-boy” pants today, and did the right thing.

The beech branch/tree in the photo is not implicated in the action discussed above.