Three day saga

Yesterday, I did finish pressure-washing the front and back entry areas, and called that eeeee-nufff. [I ignored the sidewalk in front of the house; apologies, pedestrians.] I also summed the time spent pressure-washing over two days—6.5 hrs—whew! Today, I rested my back (which, truth be told, was basically okay, I think because of my irregular “Classical Stretch/Essentrics” workouts).


How can you not love a fruit tart? DMK’s masterpiece was a fabulous and very tasty example.

Spring(?) cleaning

Tackled a major seasonal chore: pressure-washing. Finished the worst of it (driveway), but the remainder is more time-consuming (entry areas, front and back). Something to look forward to….

Festival season has begun

Shower light

Today was Day 2 of Summerfest, and music periodcally filtered through the house all day, first from that way, and then from another direction. That was much different that the usual quiet Sunday.

Painted by light

Jasmine puppets.

Artful prismatic.

Texture forward

I had a vision for this photograph, and this is almost there…the leaf and flower shapes make an interesting, varying landscape.

Darned exciting

We got to chat long-distance with long-time friends who are on a round-the-world trip. They called from Old Corinth/Korinthos, in Greece. Wow! We’re so lucky! I think the last time we chatted they were in New Zealand.


Today, I found several interesting human-made verticals. Here’s a communications tower on a mountain.

I almost didn’t include this fire-plug; however, I couldn’t overlook the fresh red paint.

And, finally, look at the looming multiple skyscrapers of the Atlanta skyline.

Barrier method

I have needed to get these struggling rhubarb plants transplanted for years. I’m hoping to do it this fall. In the meantime, they need protection from the grass and other plants that suck away the moisture, provide too much shade, etc. So, the cardboard is my quickie barrier method weed control, in the style of NASmith, aka The Botanist.

Acer and Rheum

This row of aged maples look like sentinels, protecting the garden. I like the visual vertical repetition of their trunks with the fence posts. The fence is necessary to discourage raccoons and deer, plus rabbits and skunks.

In today’s news, we did an assortment of chores, including mowing (by the Mowing Man) and making more rhubarb sauce (moi).

Title is the genus of each plant species mentioned.