Laughing all the time

Fish display BHFM
Clematis full open

If yesterday was the great walking adventure (I ended up with 17K Fitbit steps), today was the great local/international/tech adventure—although such summations don’t capture how much FUN we have had since KW and GG arrived….

We also found many lovely patterns today, in contrast to yesterday’s singular images, and that is what I illustrate this day with….

Diversity day…

Cattail CU

There was a friends’-arrive. There was a Alon’s-sandwich-interlude. And then we wandered Piedmont Park and the ABG. Major wandering….

The ABG has eliminated the orchid extravagance that they installed post-Xmas, and is in the process of installing the next extravaganza, which, the signs indicated, is not to be photographed. (Are they nuts? What reality do The Deciders live in?) Anyway, it seems to be night-oriented as every part of the “next extravaganza” that we saw involved optic fiber and seemed to be oriented to a nightly “show.”

Sorry, that’s all I have, it’s the coughing phase* of my daily pattern….

Soooooo glad the visitors are here!

* Yes, though I’m still coughing, I AM MUCH BETTER!

Which season?

Tomato plant buds CU

It’s been rainy and cool, like spring, all day. The rains have been around so long that the ground is soggy.


On the other hand, I used Thai basil from our new plant in last night’s dinner—it was already blooming! And here are healthy tomato buds, waiting for the precip to stop so they can open up and welcome pollinators.


Aha. I have it. “Transitional.”

Storm results

Cherry petal carpet

Damage isn’t quite the right word. A storm changes things. Above this display, the tree is mostly leaves with only a few petals remaining airborne. And look at the petal-carpet! This is a very large and mature tree, and it was loaded with blooms…. Poor, frustrated tree…it’s an ornamental, so all that energy invested, and it’ll produce no fruit or offspring (via seed).

Wasp nest abandoned

I’m pretty sure that rain/wind also brought down this wasp nest (it may not have been built/used by wasps, but that’s what I call these multi-celled nurseries). So delicate….

Yes, you are right to assume I got out for a walk—finally. Still have phlegm/cough, but better better! Good mental/emotional boost….


Bumblebee azalea cloud

The Guru took BigCam* out for some fresh air and brought me lovely photos of our blazing azaleas out front. And a large denizen!

…has interchangeable lenses…is not pocket-sized.

Plant doppelgänger?

Lily duo and more coming

This lily somewhat echoes my recent days. There’s slow change. Some things are pretty; some are just leaves. Water is needed. And light. Although it’s indoors.

Yes, I still cough, sometimes deeply. In short, however, I AM BETTER!

People I talk to on the phone say they can tell it’s me, but my voice is very altered. I can’t talk long without coughing, it seems. Mostly I don’t exert myself much, no walking; I’m getting crazed from being quiet and healing and being indoors….

I am better!

Just want to say, there’s no medical sense in bottling cough syrup that is to be taken in 10mL doses being bottled in 118 mL containers. Stupid economic rationale…against the consumer, the ailing….

Magnificent white-lily

No two lily bloom

The second lily bud is open! Nine await!

And the back of the house smells…of lily.

No green jacket in this family

Black pepper beer soap no lie

Black pepper beer soap close-up. I never knew there was such a thing. Smelled lovely.

I also met three fascinating women, temporarily imported from KS, during the same social event, casual coffee*.

* I had tea, given my cough situation…marginally better…most of the time.

Huge HB success

Mini marigold display

By rights, today’s photo should be of the FEL, that is, Fine Experimental Lasagne. Used béchamel sauce, not ricotta. Used roasted eggplant cubes not spinach. Used red peppers not (quantities of) chopped onion.

(Yes!) Yum.


Columbine maybe canadensis

Thanks, D!

These lovely flowers are tough to shoot, especially as today when I had an armload of groceries….

Oh, the cough…now taking cough medicine (flavor has NOT changed since I was a child), with a chaser of bourbon come evening…and things got worse as…you don’t want to know…and now, fingers crossed, improvement….