Silver is the new black?

Shiny silver fabric

I’m digging into the history of some of Rome’s churches, discovering crazy details, assuming that the Internet does not purvey lies.

You got the sarcasm about the accuracy, right?

Civic doooo-teeee

GA voter sticker upside

We civic-duty’d this afternoon. At our precinct, we had three offices to vote for. Run-off election…actually, seems amazing that three three three slates weren’t settled in the primary.

With grey pillows

New black couch

We played Good American Consumers today and purchased a new couch. Yes, black leather. Oooo-hoooo.

Never thought I’d have a leather couch.

Thanks, D, for taking the old one to your new apartment….

Diary day

Black box building detail

There are Sundays and there are Sundays.

On this one, we had rain; real rain, not pop-up summer showers. Rain that interrupted my sleep, and also will make the weeds easier to pull. (Chore for the coming week.)

Also, the last of the legendary striped sofas moved on to a new home, a first-apartment-after-college. Now we have an empty spot.

Other activities that come to mind were the meaningless drudgery of household life.

Have a seat

B bench

What a serene, tranquil place to sit.


Three lanterns suspended

Tonight’s Mexican fare was a chicken vegetable soup. With poblanos and potatoes. And chunks of a zucchini-like squash, but lighter green. Thought about adding tomatillos, but didn’t.

With a squeeze of lime at the table.

Yum (Mexicanized version)

Salsa makings plus

As has been explored already elsewhere on social media, we voyaged to the super-market (called a farmer’s market, but no farmers there unless they’re shopping, but it is very large, hence: super-market), and bought…Mexican ingredients.

I put the avocado into the lime juice (white bowl), then combined it into the salsa (left bowl). I made the radishes into a separate (simple) salad, sliced with salt and lime juice.

Made quesadillas with epazote and Oaxacan string cheese…served with a side of black beans.

The beans were yum-ized with epazote, garlic, onion, jalapeño, and poblano, then simmered for several hours.

In a good way

Fennel bloom depth

I’m going to call the New-Cam the DOF-Cam, since it’s sensitive to depth-of-field.


Architectural space hallway

Did a wee (and I mean wee) bit of thinking about the power of the Internet in connecting people who otherwise would not encounter one another. Not ground-breaking, that thought, but worth contemplating for several reasons. I was considering how/whether it makes for a significantly different dynamic when considering how civilizations and societies function.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, is this broad, empty hallway in a busy well-populated office building this size mostly to satisfy fire regulations? That’s a lot of square footage that can never be rented….

Small world

Chamaecyparis irrig water

Pretty sure this is a Chamaecyparis; know the moisture is from a sprinkler system.

“Met” a stranger today via an online communication. Turns out that we know people in common, and, if that’s not enough, he grew up in the same metro area as the Guru.