Alley fan(s)

Va hi walking alley

I lived out in the country when I was a kid, and when I read about alleys I wondered what they were like. I didn’t know even if there were many alleys in the US of A, or if they were mostly in Europe.

Then I found out about alleys too narrow for vehicles, and even more dripping with mystery than the usual garbage-can-and-stray-cats alley.

This one is light-filled and pleasant—especially during a rare lunch-out expedition (not counting our Easter picnic).

Cracker (not the ATL kind)

Holyland matzo wrapper

Ritual food behavior, judging from comparative studies, runs the gamut. As far as unleavened bread, around here, we just go with water crackers. No matzos. No hosts. Sometimes Triscuits (or Triscuit-like specimens).

Our crackers…are more sentimental than sacramental.

End of smug

Cherokee rose abloom

Years ago, I got this plant from the Bot Garden, when they used to have an annual sale (which they haven’t had for years). I have been snugly pleased (without any research) that I have a Cherokee Rose. And, for many years, I not captured photos of the blooms.

This year, a photo! And a blog post, to boot! And a quick WikiPee check…and I discover…that Cherokee roses are…


1. From Asia.

2. Invasive.

Forces of nature

Box turtle posing

Our good friends D&K took us on an easy hike-wander during which we saw many plants and flowers, and disparate evidence of human land use over the years. The canopy was thick enough—that is, the leaves were emerged enough—that we were almost entirely in shade. The woods were wet from the rain rain rain, as recently as yesterday. Other than birds and insects, this turtle was perhaps the only critter sighting during our ramble afoot.

From Dowdell’s Knob, we could see the swath of downed trees left by the winds almost exactly three years ago—the same storm system that caused so much destruction in Tuscaloosa—and many more places.

Rain, off and on (plus life)

Balcony woods watching

I lived a day of contrasts and variation. I only took a few pictures. I see no iconic theme or themes to my day. I see no iconic moments. I have singled out two…fine photo’d instants. In the continuum.

Overall: a very, very fine day!

Taxus a dripping

And the small stuff…love the tender, gentle yellow-green of the new growth.

NOT homogenized

AL organic milk duo

I often wonder how many person-hours were spent deliberating about the design of product labels. How many people said: do we really need the pitchfork—how many shoppers will even know what it is? And, what’s with the ball-cap? Plus: why is the milk yellow?

Enough musing—me, I particularly like the nostril-spirals.

Red amidst white

Miso soup blooming

Miso soup bloom.

Two days in a row, I watched a cardinal* flit around in the mass of white azalea blooms next to the gaze-boh. Actually, maybe I missed it today because…I really wasn’t watching.

* We’ve had cardinals hang in the back yard (aka garden) in the spring as many springs back as I can remember. Can’t be the same pair….

More distorted reality

FL sunset pines waterlogued ADJ

I’ve been wanting to try Waterlogue again. I didn’t have anything good for this from today, so this is a Florida sunset photo from our recent trip. I’m liking this better than previous efforts….

Noting…this and that

2 cocktails n glif

Note the Glif package squeezed in there—it’s a very useful aid for…improving…iPhone photography….

This is Tax Day, which we may agree is a “necessary” holiday. For that reason, tip a cocktail to the deities of…taxiness…or governmentalism, or…bureaucracy. Something….

Dogwood petals grounded

From the mundane world…here’s what the rain gave us as of this morning…petals on the ground.

On the assumption that mentioning it will prolong it, I will not discuss that the rain turned into wind…which I’m sure works with gravity to bring down more plant parts…. I admit it; I’m putting my head under a newspaper, metaphorically, as our guinea pigs did literally when I was a youngster and the cat went to sleep in their cage/box.

Segmented or endless

Circular front gate

When I took this, it was about the gate. Then, I was reading about the Roman deity Janus, and I thought about gates being one symbol of beginnings and endings. Then I thought that it’s all a continuum, which is somehow a less stressful way to contemplate it. However, maybe less…satisfying? renewing? though.