Pottery fun

Stoneware potlid

This morning I managed to unintentionally start a wee mug-off. There was no winner, just some laughs.

The mugs have words, but this pot did not. It was a whole covered casserole, but this is just the lid and its handle. The potter only put glaze on one side, a lovely silver-grey. [My mug did not have a naughty word on it; no comment on the other mug’s text.]

This may not make sense. Apologies.

Hue(s), no cry

Yell R bridge night

We had a green light and the bridge showed blue lights as we crossed the Yellow River.

“No cry” because Atlanta United won and the tacos-and-strawberry-cake celebratory dinner was yummy-squared.

Church fireworks

Fireworks by me

I’ve been hearing about the great color and drawing and photo-editing possible on the new iPad. So, I gave it a try, creating an illustration (of sorts) for a sign we saw yesterday.

The sign read “Church Fireworks” in big letters. And below: “2 for 1 sale!” And if that wasn’t enough to entice you, the final punch line was: “No taxes.”

Lots of food for thought there….

Drama needing rewrite

Gap clouds

After all the excitement yesterday, we were s-l-o-w getting moving today, plus we had a “Real Breakfast”™️, and all that reality Takes Time. So.

Clouds sat in the valley, and, with rain, well, everything was a different (weather) reality.

We managed to accomplish our data hand-off (a gen-u-wine parking-lot delivery moment), and begin our mosey (Oliver Springs; Dayton!!). And we passed on (most of) the Interstate-miles. Not bragging, just passing along info.

ATL new bridge

After considerable of driving (including dodging “dark-red-road-sections), yippee! we passed under ATL’s New Bridge. These are the NEW cement joists and NEW new road-bed, all the expensive re-constructed roadway to replace the sections that…melted…during the homeless guy’s fire…not that long ago.

Short version: this is happy-fun version of New Bridge.

And, we are home! (Bowing.) Thank you…thank you.

Whatta day!

Cloud on road

Today was a storied day. Too many stories to tell them here, in fact. The morning started in the clouds, or, more precisely, the clouds descended to the ground…creating lovely, muted light. Okay, one story. Sometime after this shot we drove a winding road through a narrowed valley, decorated every so often by flanking, blooming banks of orange lilies. It was named Frog Level Road. When it’s tough, the frogs go low, and burrow deep in the mud. And this valley was low for the area, meriting the reference.

M on computer

Our next big adventure was to see M’s field school winding up their season. This is when the largest area is exposed and the “most” has been revealed by weeks of hard work in the merciless sun. It is the pinnacle of science!

Cord marked sherd

Science also can look like this. It’s a cord-marked sherd, meaning that when the clay was still plastic and partly dry, someone took some rough cord material and pressed it into the clay to make a surface decoration. This is an easy method to originate and potters all over the world have used it.

Anyway, the stories unfolded. A shower to clean the sweaty, grimy body. A big download of pictures. A party at a lovely home on a hill, a gift to the crew that we were allowed to join. Finally, we crashed, spent and happy and enjoying the wafting air-conditioned breeze in the hotel room. A few fireworks outside as I was falling asleep; or did I dream that in a fog of exhaustion.

Changed plans

Dusk sky

We called an inaudible and left this evening after rush hour (which is really hours), rather than tomorrow morning before rush hour (ditto).

Dorf Ford

And we took the Venerable. Mileage unknown; probably in excess of 250K. Still going strong. Thanks, Henry.

Paving under lights

Had to navigate around one construction zone, just an extended slow-down, no full-stops. One lane, so we followed this FedEx truck the whole way.

Then we were FREE! and buzzing at 70+ again….

My downtown adventure

Lobby art

I can’t say I was inspired by this lobby art; I can say that I was glad it is there. Or that art is there.

And the plants are a great touch.

Fire engine flag

I spent the morning getting processed through the jury duty bureaucracy. The line was the longest I’ve ever seen. In my experience, the check-in line is maybe 10 people waiting. I waited perhaps 40 mins—a significant change. And there didn’t seem to be more people in the assembly area. Weird. Or a signal that the process has changed.

I was picked in the second group, Juror Number 19. After all the questions from the judge and lawyers, and patient waiting by our subset of thirty, and fine displays of civic duty, I didn’t get chosen to be empaneled. Nor did the men on either side of me. The judge was confident that the case would be finished by day’s end, and if so, not so bad.

Downsides: the call-back rotation is down to one year (it used to be two); and, the county has upped our property taxes significantly in the last half-decade, although jurors still get a mere $25 per day. For the people who struggle just to pay the child care to come down for one day (and haven’t the money to pay for a second day), this seems a true hardship. I know county government budgets have been hammered for decades (over and over and over), but this seems like one place the $$ should be allotted. [Jurors are given the option of having their payment sent directly to the county library system, which is a nice touch, but doesn’t help those folks who really need the compensation.]

Oh, the firetruck. I left the courthouse to wait for my ride (thanks, babe), and saw a sheriff’s deputy standing by the loading dock entrance. Turns out he was waiting for this vehicle…and the one that arrived just after it, an ambulance from Grady, that pulled off the street, while the firetruck stayed curbside.

Loved the rear flag, but not sure if that’s okay treatment of the flag. After all, flag-behavior rules are lengthy.

And after all this, I went out to lunch with The Guru.

In absentia

The ’rents. Honoring both parents. [Yes, I’m a bit eccentric.]

Pivot points

Pale lily

Twenty-eight years ago (if my math is correct), I met The Guru.

Then there’s the Amazon/Whole Foods thing. And I can’t keep track of all the changes in the international realm.

Delicate x 2

Coneflower bee

Busy, cute bee. Look at the subtle shadow of the wings on the petals.

Fennel umbel bud

Before the fennel fronds open, they look like tendrils searching for something to wind around. And this umbel looks like a praying mantis.