Jacket collar buttons

Not meant with sarcasm or other subtle intonation: in short, your correspondent is attempting a wardrobe upgrade.

This from a former 4-H sewing award-winner. [Backstories can be…tedious, too much for tonight, surely.] This jacket, thank you for thinking otherwise, was purchased not made by me….

Festival for workers

Bolt industrial night

So, Labor Day in the US of A dates back to the 1880s. Today, the gains in labor conditions and workers’ rights during the interim seem…like a given; they actually represent a huge shift in top-down attitudes and governmental policy. Still, I’ve worked several Labor Days, but not this one—not punched-in work, anyway.

We got wild and opened the PAMA this evening to celebrate…. It’s too yummy to just keep around, though….


Thai basil of Aug

The end of August seems a good time to review harvest and garden news. Minimal here: nothing planted, a few survivors and self-seeders from last year…. This Thai basil plant would be the blue (purple?) ribbon from our scanty plot; let’s face it, the competition is negligible. Still, this hardy plant has given us several pickings for Thai curry tofu, and will several more. Not bad for a volunteer!

I’m so dizzy…

Portman hotel lobby

JCB & JPB went to DragonCon. And I did not.

JCB took this photo. And I did not.

Used with permission.

Apologies to Tommy Roe. Architecture and a gal are not in the same league in the potential for creating dizziness. Why? Because a building, even a Portman structure, in this case Atlanta’s Marriott downtown, cannot love you back. BTW, no whirlpool in the atrium….

Giant feline (not)

Cat print windshield

It’s not at all clear that this is an enlarged kitty paw-print on the windshield, but that’s exactly what it is.

We’ve had some pet turn-over in the neighborhood, in favor of slightly more dogs in some parts and more cats in other parts, and fewer pets in other parts. Right here, we have more adventurous cats that we have been seeing for some years. (Just wish we could import them to diminish the troublesome rodent population Up North.)

Marching or tip-toeing?

Curtain light filter

Today I found the evidence inescapable that we are moving toward the equinox, and, yea, it is less than a month away.

Show your work

Bumblebee on azalea

Darn. That bee was hustling!

Just playing with the Sony….

Specs for specs

Working with focus location and cropping in camera and after…specs on specs?

Shopping mini-report

Mini mums reddish

In Spanish, this color would be rojizo, or possibly colorado. Kinda. I’m pretty sure. In English, not to be confused with brindle, which doesn’t have the orange-y component.

One: the number of microwave ovens we bought today. Panasonic. With a fancy inverter built in that’s supposed to make it…more sophisticated at heating leftovers. And a whopping 1250 watts. That’s watt!

Hefty: the 2 lb 5.6 oz loaf of whole-wheat bread we got from the bakery yesterday.

Being present with memories

Daisy mint beach

Glad to be home, yet, I also found myself thinking about the mint and daisies on the beach, with the background sound of lapping wavelets…up north.

Zoom and zinnia

Zinnia gold

BTW, our last jaunt took us through fourteen states. They encircle but do not include Indiana. We almost creased Alabama, but didn’t. Still, fourteen…for an idea of scale, we counted eight on our return, including where we started and where we ended, accomplished in just under 1800 miles. Prius miles.