Urban biz

Downtown bldg reflection

We made an important citizenatious* activity downtown…amongst the big tall buildings…revolving around Republican-promised changes in the ACA (what’s the replacement plan? what happens with the current funding monies?) and a big ol’ thank-you to John Lewis. We’re in his district and it’s a fine place, jes-sayin.

Charging screen

The Guru found us a charging parking spot—still had to pay for parking…this is what the charging station window looked like right after the juice started flowing…. We got “free” charging for 90 days with the New Car…trying to make good use of it….

* Trying out a made-up word….

Family “business”

Tomato penta

Lotta family talk around here over the last 24 hrs…due to a visit by my second cousin (gotta get that right!), an avid genealogist.

Tomatoes sometimes spark remembrance of long hours canning tomatoes, which always meant a steamy, hot kitchen on a day that was already steamy-hot. We started early, usually about seven, meaning my dad had already been out picking—which meant a very early day for him.

Night and day

Ginkgo night

Ginkgo tree in streetlight.

Ivy sun

Ivy tracks on a sun-face.


Tin chandelier

Somebody had this joke up on a sign that we saw during our FL run recently, and it’s stuck in my head, so now it’s…here.

I met Mr. Right and married him. Then I discovered his middle name was Always.


Yucca fiber

Do you prefer the green and living plant?

Dried Araucariaceae bud

Or the dried castoff bud?

The first is some kind of yucca; the second, I think, is in the Araucariaceae family.

Rockin’ it

Brown sandstone wall rock

Turns out a waistcoat is what I’d call a vest. And an everyday business suit is really a type of lounge suit.

BW granite wall rock

Tadah! Last night we started watching “Wolf Hall.” I wonder how many clues to status in language and dress that I missed….

Fri, 13th

Sherds in garden

Creative use of glazed potsherds*.

Grass heads

Grass heads….

* The Brits call them shards. They are shards in that shards are broken bits. Sherds, on the other hand, are broken bits of ceramic, i.e., potsherds.


Droney roney waiting

While Someone was flying Droney-Roney [the Irish device], I was messing with the fish-eye…

Dandy CU

…and the close-up lenses. [Yes, that’s a Dandy-lion.]

Sunless but pleasant enough

Tree trimming power lines

This crew worked their way along the street, trimming trees above and adjacent to the lines. Or one guy did while the others provided moral support?

Stair landing in space

I guess today was a “looking up” day?

Angles and curves

Govt bldgs

We passed the final milestone (fingers crossed) in getting the New Car properly registered here in our home state. It has been a rather circuitous road. I conclude that paper-pushers in the private sector can be rather haphazard.

Several synonyms of sloppy have unusual consonant combinations—slaphappy, slipshod, slapdash, haphazard, lackadaisical, shambolic—also, “s” sounds are frequent.