Camellia carpet

Camellia blossom carpet

This winter the weather’s flip-flopped. We’re in a warm spell that is something like 15°F warmer than the average. We’ve gone both ways recently. I think these camellia blossoms got going on a relatively normal schedule, in late December/early January. Then, a cold(er) snap tinged them brown, then it warmed again and here they are. But not hardy, so they easily succumb to gravity.

Eyes alert

Spring fleur combo

Those white blobs center right and right background are white azalea blooms. Spring is waaaaay too early for the nonce. Mid-70s tomorrow, then the temps are to back down closer to normal. Global warming is climate not weather, but can be observed in weather patterns.


Origami crane

We moved through time and across space today. We went from the house of Earl…and origami cranes…

Spanish moss blowing in the wind

…to Spanish moss…and home! ATL traffic conspired to block us with rush hour traffic, but NO!.

Still life x2 and cats x2

Copenhagen of FL

Here’s a version of the Copenhagen mermaid, watched over by a very large conch shell….

Rattan garbage

This I couldn’t quite figure out; I don’t think the chair is quite garbage, maybe the protector of the waste-pro container?


I’d like you to meet Whopper. He loves to show off his belly. When he sleeps under the car, it looks like he’s changing the oil.

Molly Mindy cat

Molly and Mindy are chickens. The cat isn’t waiting for them, just enjoying the breeze.

These coconuts are not ripe

Coconut palm duo

Since the great tree-fall events, I have little interest in wind-storms…just too unsettling. Look at this sassy pair of coconut palms, still attempting to grow symmetrically after trimming by the latest hurricane!


Fog in morning

We began the morning in a fog. Real fog. We took care of the coffee-fog with the usual medicinal application!

Uktena etched pot

At our first stop, we went back in time to the Mississippian world, which must have been rich in symbolic imagery, stories of other-worlds, and so on—enough to make you shiver. Archaeologists and art historians call this critter the horned serpent, and also use uktena, which is/is from a Cherokee word.

Edmund Pettus brige view NNW

Next stop was in Selma, the Edmund Pettus Bridge. We didn’t walk across, only part way; however, we drove across three times We also looped by the Brown Chapel AME Church, which is where the SCLC met, and where the three marches in 1965 that headed from Selma to Montgomery began.

Talented vortex

MidS Scholastic 5some

These awards are given out around the nation. The country is divided into 100 geographic areas (with similar populations?). The Mid-South region included parts of three states. The art was in many forms…drawing, photography, fashion, sculpture, and so on. The six judges spent four days with something like three thousand pieces in three age-graded groups. These five from the “Junior” group are receiving the highest level awards, and their pieces go into the national competition. One is our friend, and a talented, smart, lovely gal. She got one medal for that painting?drawing? piece. She got two other medals for two other submissions. So, out of the Junior group, she took home three of those red-ribboned medals…. Major kudos!

Fisheye eye

And when I loaned her my phone and fish-eye lens, this is what she created….

Lafayette co courthouse

As part of our celebrations, we headed downtown for pizza. Turned out that the streets and restaurants were clogged with film-weekend folks. We ended up doing take-out and it was yummy. I listened for Faulkner’s footsteps and looked for his ghost. Nada.

Eyes open

Rest area curtain

Of course you travel to find out more about what you expect to see and learn about. I also travel for the surprises. Like this: a fancy curtain treatment in a…ready? rest area display area!!

In Mississippi.

Cleansing-ride; commonest Cicereae

Carwash inside

A ride-through car wash is a rather unsettling experience. However, I don’t yearn for the economy of Oaxaca when we lived there years ago, and (incredibly cheap—to me—and off-street) downtown parking included a car wash as enticement for your business—totally done by hand by men/boys with buckets of scarce water and rags.

Garbanzos in pod

I know garbanzos are beans and beans have pods, but garbanzos in pods still catch my eye as a curiosity.


Mini heart label

A day late…Happy Val’s Day….

Take no meaning from the “mini.”

Daffy early

And an early fleur, too.