Citizen day (no railing)


We voted today. Officials moved our voting spot to…well, I checked—fifty walking minutes away. We used to have a nice ritual of walking to our voting spot, in our library branch, a mere 16 minutes away…a lovely distance for a citizen-day outing.

Plus, this time we voted in a church—and not in the basement, but right there in the church part. We had to go up two steps onto the altar area to get our “credit card” to activate the voting machine (did not ask if they got up for people with wheelchairs or walkers). Also, I had to slog along a pew from the center aisle to get over to the side where the voting confessionals were lined up along the outside walls…but that edge aisle was too narrow for anyone to walk behind the voters without peeking…hence my pew stumble.

Still, I managed to keep my Stacys straight, and I had evaluated most of the down-ticket candidates at home, except, geeze, I didn’t know about all those issue/questions [they’re always terribly tricky to parse on the fly]. Seems like I almost always find a surprise on my ballot*—note to self: get better voting info….

* I remember when I began to vote that taped down on the front table was ALWAYS a [printed] copy of the ballot we soon would be handed, appropriately marked with a big red X across the entire page or otherwise made unusable. Anyway, no surprises after looking at that! Of course, on the other hand, there was no checking the internet on the fly for candidate info. Heh. …and, yes, the title and picture reference two kinds of railing. Heh-heh.

Simply blooms

Lily redorange

I find lily-peace a great counterpoint to the tensions that “Westworld” generates in my psyche. And the thunder that came in last night…whew…that added to my stress. Tonight, I found “Westworld” easier to emerge myself in…no thunder.

Hosta bloom

TMI? Here’s a simple, uncomplicated hosta bloom-shoot. Tah-dah!

Living in punchbowl

Flower power

I guess that the temp outdoors dropped about 12°F in an hour this evening shocked me so much I have a delayed post for today. I expect the humidity will continue to be high, but without the heat it loses just a bit of its punch.


Nandina perhaps

There can’t be too many plants with emergent spring leaves that are not a shade of green. These are greenish pink? Actually, nandinas exhibit a range of leaf colors…so maybe not so strange?

Corner fixed

I’ve been watching this corner…now newly fixed. I’m afraid that without bollards or other defensive structures, one of the next dozen dually delivery trucks to right-turn here will once again flip the metal out of its resting place. And the cycle of damage/fixing will continue.

Turning the ship around


Is there such a thing as a cheer-up weekend? I’m looking for one.

Really, I’m okay.

Got out of my head in the late afternoon to create a poached chicken dish…boneless/skinless thighs in white wine, but sauté bacon and onion first, throw in some garlic, then the chicken, white wine…and let it simmer. Add in some carrot coins and later some mini-zucchini chunks…then throw some parmesan shavings and fresh julienned basil on each portion. Enjoy with a big salad.

A Friday-night recovery feast. I’m on my way.

Totem animal hypothesis

Opossum totem

I made an invited visit to the new duplex of the niece and her (tada!) fiancé; they’re still working on the move in and needed our drill for an Ikea-assembly undertaking. While I was there, we shifted furniture here and there, checking out options. I wonder how many times they’ve reoriented it since!

During my visit we inspected the back yard from the deck…and spotted what might well be the totem animal of the property. Hypothesis, anyway.

Nestled hosta

Later, on my walk, I was glad to encounter interesting plant compositions—here: hosta nestled into the base of an oak—and no additional opossums. Whew.


Black fence

When I left the house early-ish this afternoon, I thought I’d collect rain*-on-plant pictures, and that would guide my comments. Not so much. Here are blades trying to shade(?) the sidewalk…or otherwise extend themselves. If personification is allowed.

Lichened wood fence

And this wooden fence, after 24 hrs of rain and drippiness, is a festival of wet wood and lichen decorations.

Fungal mass

And, because you’ve been patient, and perhaps a bit curious, here is the image I thought I’d lead with when I captured it early in my walk…but, then I found a few pretties, and the world shifted…and, unlike the other day, I remembered my plan. And here’s a gross fungal growth…I see plenty of…sprouting on mulch material.

* Rain off and on for the last day, so we’re in a decomposing environment, and the smells are nothing like the honeysuckle and gardenia blooms prominent over the last few days.



The early roses and the honeysuckle vine blossoms are blown, and the clematis and these gems, the gardenias, are the stars of gardens these days. Their scent is strong and in today’s oppressive humid air, it was strong enough to roost in your nostrils. [You get the idea.]

Not for dinner

Fern fiddly

A wee bit of Goo-ing indicates that the fiddlehead is a stage of development, and not a particular species of fern (contrary to my youthful understanding…kids with access to the web live in such a different world than I grew up in*). This one is a lean specimen of fiddly-ness.

* This must be about the one-millionth™️[😎] time I’ve thought this.

Holding out…for nothing

Groundcover flower

I had the idea of writing about…this thing. But, then I thought I’d write about this other thing. After several hours, that, too, was forgotten, and I moved on to some other thing. I think after that, several other things came to mind.

And now here I am, and none of those things are in my brain. So…nothing, it turns out, is the topic.