Critters artwork

Sunrise birds

Love this tile mural of the birds wheeling at sunrise/set (I’m betting rise).

We voted early today. The wait was maybe 40 minutes. Good turnout, I say. Slow-moving line—many referenda (five state-wides, two city, two county—I think) with long reads if voters hadn’t done their homework before arriving.

Pirate book return

Since we vote in the community room in the back of the library, of course we made a stop in the book-book area. I hadn’t noticed the low kid-return slot before, and I certainly don’t remember seeing the one-eyed-pirate decoration.


Bodywork update

Body by tape.* It’s not the GM way, but it might work for you.

Bicycle elf

From a quick perusal of the company website, this is a pedal/motorized hybrid that may have solar panels. Maybe not so safe in urban traffic. Or around large, wild quadrupeds, either.

* Since Fisher is long gone.

Pretty please

Cycadic centrality

When you find a cycad seasonally decorated by falling leaves, you know…something…perhaps that the seasons turn? the cycad is not in its natural habitat? that more research is needed? Ahhhhhh….

For the record, I make these comments without reverence (or reference) to the fact that officials/decision-makers delayed the start of the MichSt–Mich foooootbl game because of white-stuff*. That’s an official weather category: white-stuff. I want it to go into remission for a couple of weeks. Please.

* Possibly, the reported “white-stuff” might have been rain? I comment from hundreds of miles distant….

Three pairs

Hallowed puppets

I liked this pair; I hope they were handmade by residents of the house, but maybe they were just strung up locally, yet crafted in a distant place. If the latter, just what did the makers think of these odd “dolls.”

Midnight bewigged

At this house, the residents frequently decorate their “Midnight in the Garden…” statue (copy) for an upcoming holiday. The skull trays are a new one on me; I’ll pass on that appetizer!

With a small bout of finger-mixing while typing that title I realized for the first time that Paris and pairs are anagrams. Just trying to catch up with youall who I’m sure are way ahead of me, folks.


Asiatic dayflower

I usually think of this dayflower as having three blue petals, then have to remind myself that truly it only has two. Still: great color.

Tagetes marigold

The pointy leaved marigolds, like this, are Tagetes species, and more common here in the former colony; in the European world, I believe Calendula types are more common.

If you aren’t a plant person, my apologies; I’m avoiding current events in general, and other unpleasant news.

Halloween flamingoes

Black flamingoes

I guess once you have shelves of flamingo molds, you just get some black plastic melties and, presto, time to market black flamingoes…Halloween’s latest scary critter!

Spider flag decorations

And, if you’re very patriotic, include a flag in your Halloween yard decorations! Huzzah and yay, Estados Unidos de América!

Unplugged (aka mystery title)

Okra ABG

Okra grows like a hot, hot pepper—it points up!

Our yard’s too shady for full-sun veggies. Darn. So no okra. HowEVER, that means AC/electricity costs are lower.

Creative plants

Up view ABG

Yesterday I marveled at these air roots (the skinny verticals, not the spikey foliage). “Air roots” seems like a contradictory phrase; instead, their functionality illustrates the creative evolutionary solutions that plants can develop.

Puppets and plants

Shadow puppets

Sometimes, when you have out-of-town visitors, you do things in your hometown that you should do, and haven’t. Center for Puppetry Arts.

ABG Earth Goddess

At the Atlanta Botanical Garden, however, we’re members.

ABG Datura

And this is a Datura spp. seedpod, your plant photo for today. I have clear images of the flowers in my mind’s eye, but never retained a sense of the distinctive seedpods.

Azalea time (again)

Fifth wind azaleas

The ceiling fans are muted, and the dark stays well into the summer-time coffee hour. The seasons turn.