Day of the GAA

Sunflower bouquet

The beautiful part of the day was the arrival of these sunflowers….

However, the strange part of the day was the GAA—the Great Anole Adventure. You see, we had a visitor, a bright green anole. I would have tolerated him/her longer…on the bathroom floor, but then I found her/him on the (kitchen) counter. Quite the athlete. Hmmm.

Not sure where she/he came from…but, hmm, we didn’t want her/him to…stay the winter with us…. So, there was a gentle capture that didn’t work, then a gentle capture that was a little more rigorous, and the anole is back outdoors.

End of story.

Geometric food-to-be

Bread cubes drying

S-l-o-w-l-y, I’m beginning the prep for the coming Feast. These bread cubes (once organic loaves from the groc store) are mostly dried out. I’ll reload them in the bread bags tomorrow I suspect, ready for becoming dressing in a few days.

Power of data

Gold green autumn

I’m still grooving on the golden leaves in the back yard (garden, British English).

Speaking of over the pond, I did a bit of research on brochs (auto-spell wisdom wants to make it brooches—a totally different thing) and wheelhouses today. Man, those archaeologists of Scotland’s past can nitpick. That’s a bit unfair; if they started with the data we have today, they’d generate a rather different initial interpretation (this is a constant problem/predicament in archaeo).


Autumn yellow gold leaves by

Backwards in time, that is. We’ve moved back to autumn. G-bye snow!

Whatta difference a day’s worth of driving makes…away from cold air and lake effects….

Moving south, with hope

Outside temp 16

Whoa! screen needs dusting….

We splurged on a fancy room with a nice breakfast (relatively speaking), and lingered in the morning, so it was about 10am when we got the car loaded and fired up.

This is what it told us. And there was a chilling wind on top of that.

The highest temp we saw was 34°F*, and the lowest gas price was $2.479. We lost the snow about 20 miles into TN. !!

* Seemed warm at the time.

Topics for posterity

FFM index cards

Let’s not discuss snow or cold (cold! like 17°F cold—and probably dropping lower; brrrr), I told myself. Let’s discuss something INdoors.

How ’bout index cards of notes from 1949?

In the end, I’m too fried to discuss anything, it turns out.

Regarding the first graf, it’s still darned cold out, but (think cheerful here) there’s not much snow. Regarding the second, the notes are in my grandfather’s hand….

Goodbye; hello

Snow highway night

Long to-do list today, mostly niggling details. At the end, neither of us could think of more, so that was it, and we hit the road.

Flurries came and went as we motored along. They always make interesting patterns in the headlights.

…and the band is playing

Sunrise across lake

Spellbinding sunrise this morning. Clear enough that it was pretty darned cold, all things considered. After considerable prompting, the wood stove triumphed, and it’s been doing well all day, with some assistance from El Sol.

Loving sunshine

Snow on lilacs

Until mid-afternoon we enjoyed plenty of sunshine, including a bit of melting and some solar gain. The temp on the front porch reached almost 50°F, courtesy of the latter…although we didn’t open it up (brr).

I found gorgeous shadows from the trees, and most enjoyed the snow that is still piled up on the lilac seed-structures. I guess that the snow endured on these fine branches and twigs means the snow was cold and the wind absent.

As I write this, the sun has abandoned us, although the overcast skies have not become snowy.

Winter setting in

Abandoned bank

We drew upon our driveway cleaning yesterday, and escaped today for a few hours.

And, yes, now that we’re feeling like the snow is ruling our lives, that is a big deal.

I am beginning to get an idea of the crazy-making encoded in “cabin fever.”

On the winter-changes outdoors, the lake is beginning to freeze over. I saw little bergs bobbling along the shore.