Frog shoulder weld

Not about my vote, but about what photo to post. I think I ceded a few IQ points to the sunshine when we soaked it in by Mr. Frog (Reader version) at the ABG. This is his (seems male to me) shoulder weld.

Conservatory mist

At the conservatory, we enjoyed the mystery mist effect.

Orange outdoor table chairs

Sometime we’ll stop here for a snack and a glass of wine. This is the patio refreshment stand, and it’s relatively new. So far, if we eat, we enjoy the café.

Gate view shadow

Bye, ABG.

Embracing light

Morning light chair

I’m noticing the seasonal change in the light, the longer days and shifting angle. This is oh so very good. 😊🍀

Out, about

Overflow yardwork

Heavy, intense rains this morning filled the streets, flowed in the back door at Trader Joe’s, and rearranged the mulch in this bed.

Mustang logo

I strolled after the precip had stopped and found a baby-blue Mous-tang. The color looked a tad unreal in the overcast.

Budda in weeds

I also found a Buddha being overtaken by winter weeds.

And this morning the weather forecast/discussion I read mentioned “an enhanced zone of elevated cape”‚ no idea what all that means

Fog, then sun

PCM in fog

Should “one” have a “big thought” every day? Even stretching, I can’t manufacture one from today.

I did see a very foggy morning…on an early milk run…so I could create my second cuppa. This is the crane on the south side of the Ponce City Market in the heavy fog we had in the pre-dawn hours.

Dos pink camellias

Later, the sun gave us a high, I heard, of 76°F. Waaaaay above normal (the low 50s). While I loved the warm, sunny, toasty afternoon, I also was a tad queasy. Such weather anomalies suggest the climate is off-kilter, and that has negative implications for many, many people, and for our global political economy.

My stretch…to connect (pink) flowers to El Niño…and more.

Sunlit finds

Phlox in winter hah

More unexpected blooms…pretty darned early to find phlox. Love ’em, though.

Stone church location Battle of Atlanta

Strolled by this 20th-C church on Degress Avenue just as it was catching the late-day light. Apparently the building is a remodeled house. It’s on the hilltop that was ground zero for the Battle of Atlanta on 22 July 1864, at least in the version portrayed in the Cyclorama (currently being restored at the Atlanta History Center). Love the capitals atop the skeuomorphic (right?) columns that are really small-scale buttresses if you look behind the bushes.

Yard art, cement

Japanese lantern maybe

It wasn’t until I got home and looked at my photos that I realized that I could make a theme (two is a theme, right?) of cement yard art.

Yard pineapple

I think I prefer the pineapple, although I would have predicted I’d prefer the Japanese(?) lantern if they had been merely described to me. Is this how we learn about ourselves?

BotGarden bits

Fuzzy hairy underleaves

Off to the ABG on a warm sunny day—unseasonably warm and sunny. Still, I decided, I’ll take advantage!

I tried to get this shot last week, but it wasn’t in focus. Got it today.

Pan n shadow

Meanwhile, out in the sun, Pan played his two bronze(?) pipes. LoveLove the shadow.


Golden croci

These crocuses surprised me—seems pretty darned early for them, even in ATL. (#notmyyard #notmygarden)

Open thats for lease

The sign says “open,” but the restaurant’s really closed and for lease. It’s not that I’m a skeptic!—it really is!

Chestnuts from China

This is just a simple, organic beauty shot, the kind I like so well…in this case, gleaming chestnuts from China.

Today’s a Random-Topic Friday in this little spot on the web.

BeltLine area changes

New construction graffiti

The core part of the commercial area in the Ponce City Market is open, along with the parking garage (at least part of it anyway). I’m not sure about the housing/apartments. This part is more commercial. I laughed to see that it acquired graffiti before being finished.

ORW foundation

This massive hole is next to the Old Fourth Ward Park, and the towering white crane was winging around as I approached the view port in the fence, w-a-a-y above my head. I’m assuming housing or mixed commercial and residential. Plus parking.

Between the Olympics and the BeltLine, Atlanta’s in-town infrastructure has changed over the last generation.

Foot placement

Corner steps Yellow brick steps

I thought about steps today, about architectural solutions to elevation change between the sidewalk and a house. Nothing monumental in that…just functional problem-solving.

Mud prints

This is simple, however—footprints in mud. People (sneakers) and dog.

Are Fitb_t steps (possibly simply footfalls?) simpler or more complex?