It’s spring!

Bucket work

Last week, it was leaf-blowers. This week it’s air-hammers and saws. And these guys. See the post on the ground on the other side of the street (by the far orange cone)? I saw that a week ago and thought, hmm, new post somewhere. And, when I saw these two bucket trucks from down the street, I thought: aha, that new pole is going up! But…………………no! Will revisit this street tomorrow and see what the fix-it status is.

Bolly ball

In other news, the first volleyball practice I’ve seen this year here. Two groups!

Bloomin trees

Some trees are blooming…

No leaves tree

…and some are not. [There wouldn’t be that skinny shadow if there was more vegetation on those branches.]


Green dogwood blossom

Found my first dogwood with open blossoms*! Probably they’ve been open for a couple of days, and I just found them…the tree is not in my usual area for roaming.

Pink azaleas

I also found a small bush of small azalea blooms of large pinkness. Cute, ¿no?

* I was mentioning the other day that I hadn’t found any open buds, yet. Problem solved.

Dandelions—two types!

Dandy greens 4sale

This was not predicted. We went AGAIN, for the third day in a row, OTP, that is: outside the perimeter. This time for high-quality veggies…and other stuff. No plans to go OTP tomorrow. Seriously. Might get an affliction or something if we did…. Today’s adventure, however, was all electric—gas engine never came on…shows how short a distance OTP we went (not even a tenth of a mile).

Cherry or plum

More tree blooming documented…plum or cherry, I believe. Saw dogwoods with swelling buds, but no open blooms (in this neighborhood). And that’s the botany-bloom report.

Cycle-circle or circle-cycle

Dandy robustus

Been seeing these Dandy robustus (not their real name), but today’s the first I noted them in full seed-puff spheres. Not this one, however….

And so the circle-cycle of the seasons rotates another notch.

Kayak wall

For the second day in a row, we ventured outside the perimeter, shopping this time. At one of those hunter-fisher-outdoor-y (and overpriced, IMHO) places. With kayaks against the front wall. So ornamental. So yellowy-green.

Still or swirling

Seaboard model

Parked train.

We ventured out toward the ’burbs to a civic center to see model train layouts and the miscellany that vendors bring to such shows, table after table of tracks and trains and fake trees, and fake all kinds of landscape and small town elements. [We managed to not buy anything. Yay!] I did see a snack-baggie of scale model coal for $5. Wonder if the vendor bought it as “fake coal” or as some kind of generic project plastic granular sand or something….

Carnival ride

Somehow, I managed to photograph this carnival ride that wasn’t even in a diorama. Somehow, it seems more interesting….


Coffee moderne

We started off with the black drink (not the Ilex version—duh!), shared with our lovely guests who were passing through from Pair-eeee (whatta time change!) en route to the Athens of Georgia. Glad they stopped over with us….

Fennel sprouts

Sometime later…. With the fennel sprouts, we waved gubbbbb-eye….

Azalea hot pink

Okay, I gotta give you a flower-cluster, too. Brilliant azaleas.

Instead of catching the week’s-end summaries and cogitations late afternoon via ray-dee-oh and tee-vee, we launched a mooooo vee, “Boyhood,” geeze, amazing…wonderful…much better than “news” about shootups and shootouts and DC-capital games and cancer and yikes!

Shrub blooms day

Bloomin tree

Somehow I got the weather prediction wrong yesterday—the line of storms is due tonight. Here are more tree-blooms that will be damaged.

Today was the third day in a row reaching the 70s (whew!), and I admit that after I got going on my walk, I began looking for a bit of shade—first day of the year I can admit/report that!

Lady banks rose

I believe this is a Lady Banks rose; it’s a vine, as you perhaps can tell. The blooms are small for roses, perhaps an inch across. Delicate.

White azalea

Found several azaleas beginning to bloom today. This white specimen shows small buds, large buds, and open flowers. Lovely!

Learning curve

Redbud budsnblooms

Tried my fave bison meatloaf tonight in the new range; loving the convection oven! Still have to fine-tune my understanding of how the convection-y part works…. More fun menus ahead!

Botanist’s daughter’s evening report: redbud buds and blooms may not survive tonight’s weather without becoming ragged or dropping. [Sigh.]

Dunno Tuesday

Spring bulbs blooming

Dunno which bulbs these are…as in, I forget….

Martin maybe

Dunno what kind of car this is…as in, I never knew. British and right-hand drive, though!

Parse this

No exit

This pairing kinda confounded me. I’ve upped my walking minutes, so I can go farther afield…and in new territory (new lately, that is), I found this. I’m still pondering it….