OTP Saturday

Russell Cave view out

I’ve been a bit antsy for several days to get out of town, that is: OTP—outside the perimeter. No rain today, so we scooted. And headed to Russell Cave, owned by these United States, up in far northeast Alabama. This is the view from the cave, used by way-back peoples. Today it was a bit damp, and the creek below had water, but was not in flood.

Hiking trail

We took what I thought was a short nature trail; I had it wrong. We went up and up, switchback after switchback. I kept thinking, “I’m glad it’s not wetter; this moss must get slippery!”

Valley view

With the leaves off, we had some views of Doran’s Cove, the valley below.

Turkey hens

And, as we left the cove, we saw a flock of wild turkeys. They were jumpy and headed for the woods when we stopped…only a few stragglers left. Pretty birds, these gals.

Ridge ride

Physiographically, this area is Ridge-and-Valley. Here we are heading up the west flank of Lookout Mountain, working our way back toward the ATL. Sun’s out!

Etowah view

The Guru mentioned how great the light angle was, so we headed over to that big mound site just outside Cartersville on the bank of the Etowah (clue there!). The Guru was right; the light was fantastic, and there was some wind, but Droney got the shots. And video (not posted). That line of trees between the plowed field and the grass around the mounds is in a massive ditch—defensive, plus where the fill to build the mounds came from, no?

Sun emerged later

O4W lake view

I don’t usually shoot through tree branches like this at a longer view. It matched the overcast feel, I thought.

Gold Ford again

Stopped by for another quick look at the gold Ford. Ex-cop car, it seems.

Crane truck

Not sure why I liked this partly in-the-building truck. The juxtaposition of the orange cone, perhaps?

Tenebrous outing

Dogwood statue

Murky day, although I did walk to the park, do a limited circuit, and walk back. Dodging a few raindrops now and then.

Piled sod

On the return leg, I passed a landscaper trailer piled with sod. Strange stuff, sod. Where I come from, it was grown on sandy loam. This is on what looks like a clay mixture. Can’t figure out why, other than this part of this state has more clay soils than loamy soils.

Did I have a flash card with tenebrous on it when I was studying for the GREs? Sure don’t remember ever using that word in a sentence…and now in a headline? Sheesh. 😀

Truck day

Bucket work

That is, it was truck day in our neighborhood. Visiting trucks. Working trucks. And truck-workers.

Garbage day, of course; that accounted for garbage and recycling vehicles. Plus cable and communications (like this guy…in hardhat) trucks of various sorts. Plus assorted landscaper and yard-guy/gal vehicles, some dailies, some pickups with trailers. Plus delivery vehicles…mostly Amazon, with various others including stubby post office trucks.

You get the idea.

And one car I noticed—yeah, not a truck. From the words on the side it seemed that it carried a portable baby sonogram machinery/operator, if I read it right. New one on me.

Data, suppositions

Weather rock ATL

Cold snap here…this made me think of our Santa Fé weather rock….

Old apt door

This, however, is all Atlanta…not a bit of Santa Fé.

Wouldnt park

Narrator comment: Me, I wouldn’t park in that spot.

Backlit world


Ignore the power lines. [I’m usually not attracted to greenish-yellows, but this array did not bother me, perhaps because of the golden tints?]

Bamboo screen

We’re amidst the coldest cold-snap of the season, meteorologists say. I’m welcoming the sun, that’s fo-sho.

All the colors

O4W rainbow

Sunday stroll with The Guru: highlight…a rainbow. Human-made-not natural, but in my book: a rainbow is a rainbow is a lovely event.

For a colorful chronicle, see The Guru’s narrative.

Working the odds

Green white lenten rose

Was this bloom turned down to avoid catching the rain-to-come? Was it sentient? 🤣😀😝

Careful scrutiny

Colorful dawn

What a gorgeous dawn! Hate the neighbors’ McMansion dominates our early-day viewshed.

Hellebore buds

Hellebore buds. I understand that hellebore/lenten rose breeders have even developed dark shades.

Loropetalum not fringetree

I think of this as fringetree—wrong. It’s in the witch-hazel family, and is called Loropetalum. I certainly don’t scrutinize specimens closely enough to gauge botanical taxonomy.

Pink-pink vs purple-pink?

Azalea pink pink

I’m skipping mention of the Big Doin’s going on in WashDC, and instead focusing on…small. And local.

Azalea purple pink

These two blooms are from intertwined bushes. Do you see the different shades of pink? I wondered if the camera/iPhone would capture them. Conclusion: pink subtleties—capturable.

For thoughts on the Big Doin’s, visit The Guru’s comments in his resuscitated blog here.