Sunny yet mysterious

O4WP murky

I thought the water in the depths of Old 4th Ward Park was pretty murky until I looked along the edge-shallows…which were clear. And infested with still-life flotillas of minnows. I don’t understand the turbidity…maybe not sediment but algal life?

Experiment worked ~80%

Slicing turkey sandwich

Tried a dish I’d never cooked before. Not even remotely. Make a turkey breast sandwich with dressing between. Wrap first in carefully conserved skin, then in butter-soaked cheesecloth. Roast. It’ll take an hour and a quarter.

Hmm. Took much longer. Skin did get crispy. Made the dressing too wet (my error). Should have flattened the breasts a bit so they weren’t so lumpy.

Still, the meat was moist and tasty.

Reminder to self: don’t experiment for a dinner party again. (I knew this….) Second reminder: my guests love my version of pimiento cheese. I made it a day ahead so the pimento could completely rehydrate.

Chores, with payoff


Cranberry sauce was one of the good-if-I-got-this-done items on my to-do list. I bought organic berries—from Wisconsin, as it turns out—and one had an insect hole and one was a bit (only a bit) soft…so almost the total 24 ounces of usable cranberries…meaning great quality cranberry sauce for our table tomorrow. Usually I have to toss a dozen or more per 12-oz bag. Great omen!

I successfully worked through my must-do list, and most of my good-if-I-got-this-done list by day’s end. Yay!

Among other things, I made a huge batch of pimiento cheese for tomorrow’s app, which we used some of for our evening meal. Yum.

Detail check

House railing shadows

I liked the pumpkin, signaling this week’s upcoming holiday…and I liked the railing-shadows.

Nut milk bag

Nut milk bag? Those words didn’t strike me as fitting together. The fine print brings it into focus, however.

After the first frost

Red leaved tree

I thought I was leaving the house too late in the afternoon to catch much light, but I was way wrong on this corner.

Learning curve

No swimming

Just remember: no swimming.

Dwarf pomegranate

And: don’t eat the dwarf pomegranates.

We resocked

Pansy mini

Sock day today. A dearth was addressed.

All pairs on sale!

I am a solar cat

Potato leaf

We wandered off to one of the super-fine markets with international clientele and international foods this morning. To get international foods like carrots, mushrooms, and parsley. We skipped the potato leaf, but did get white potatoes.

Low sun on down leaves

And, late in the day, no surprise, I found shadows. I think I got my fifteen minutes of sunshine. Stretch; yawn.


Birdbath of leaves

Found this leafy birdbath today in front of the firehouse. I love the blue and the reflections on the left side especially.

Acer palmatum backlit

This, however, is my favorite shot of the day…. I do not know why I have a soft spot for Acer palmatum. In this case, the backlighting is a striking addition.

Rainy day story-moments

Paving stones slick

I had to watch my feet—rain again plus some leaves and lots of non-leafy plant-like growths…equals slick underfoot. Like these stones. For a teeny-tiny moment I lost my balance…then regained it. Whew.

Down limb fungal

So much rain-weight that limbs are coming down…rotten wood, festooned with fungi and lichen—loss of habitat in the making. A quiet precipitation story….

Puddle reflection

Also, reflections.