Nothing big

Thinking Fibonacci.

And sequence.

Yeah, understatement title. 😉


To my eye, when I found this flower, I thought it was a rusty dark-beige, not as it appears here. Sunglasses?

This yellow one, on the other hand, looked like this.

Plain and fancy patterns

Here’s that property that I posted photos of on the 8th and 12th as the building clearing process was underway. Today, it’s all clean and the lot is flattened. It looks like the machine-operator “captured” a piece of i-beam and used it as a scraper. Smart!

Cardoon; fascinating foliage…the leafy cousin of the globe artichoke.

Growing and green

Bamboo spike

There are bamboos native to this region, yet I’m guessing this one is an invader.

No bamboos in this shot. See how leafy and green this boulevard view is…and it’s not just due to the evergreen magnolia in the median.

Fingers crossed

Vaccine shot reaction seems to be limited to sore arm, which seems a bit less now than it did this morning. My expectation is that the worst is over.

Done and done

Lucky 210. That was my number to get called to the nurse to get my #2 Pfizer shot. Yay! I’m shot up!


Back on the eighth, I spotted a machine munching this building. I think this is the same machine loading the crunched up pieces for removal.

Since the worker’s truck listed “asbestos removal” among their specialties, I opted to not hang around. Did not want to get a respiratory complication in these COVID times.

Nice flower. Don’t know name.

Thinking flowers

We’ve gotten to clematis season. This one has a shy petal.

Watched the very end of the Masters, not quite a shoo-in, so a level of excitement. Water-hazards! Sand traps! TENSION!

Always, when I look at the Masters, I wonder if they’ve had to put bags of ice under the azaleas to keep them from flowering too soon. [Except last fall…but, usually.] Maybe this year the timing worked out right and the groundskeepers didn’t have to retard the blooming process.

Oh, rugby

Some rain overnight and through mid-day, fortunately bringing down the pollen levels.

Oak overstory, dogwood understory. Is this the start of a poem? Anyway, not my story.

Title refers to my standard response when “Only Connect” produces words and phrases that mean nothing to me. Plus they’re talking about rugby on the rerun of “As Time Goes By” that’s rolling now.

So glad it’s Friday

I tried to do some computational photography magic (messiness?) with this and…Could…Not. Still don’t know why, other than the broad category of operator error.

How could I mess up these beauties, however?

Why should I be glad it’s Friday? After all, I just bumble in Covid-avoidance through each day, pretty much the same as yesterday and tomorrow. Still, Friday has magical connotations, and even did when I had to work weekends.