Food porn

Pane pomodoro

This is a sample of last night’s food porn. The restaurant around the corner has special menus seasonally. Right now they’re on a tomato one. This is pane pomodoro appetizer. That tomato mixture started with roasted tomatoes, then they were cooked down and I could not tell all the magic that went into the transformation into the final version. So complex. So excellent. I’m still swooning. We did have a whole lovely meal. Even dessert (against all odds). Mmmmmm.

Basil pickings

Tonight’s menu was nowhere near so complex. Tasty, yes. But…hmm…my flavor-creation choreography. Toasted some pignolas. Pureed them with good olive oil, garlic, salt, some water to thin. Then basil. And more basil (after it was de-stemmed and cleaned). Over pasta, duh. Stirred with a generous pile of Parmigiano-Reggiano until homogenous.

Livin’ large.

So, now the hip-high bushes are only almost that high. Trimmed.

Apologies for the ellipsis. I understand they are quite negative in the land of texting etiquette. I come from something approximating the Queen’s English, and ellipses are a different critter there. Trying to translate/be flexible/learn.

Title may be an exaggeration. 😉

Grass stories

Downed canna

The grass has to know how the canna got downed. Has. To.

Mushroom d sod

I’ve got a bit more data on this one. This yard sports new-this-season sod, and it’s supporting a sprinkle of these little ’shrooms, perhaps inky caps. No other yard has them. Mushrooms d’sod? The grass has to know.

Leaf loving

Leaf droplets

No popup storms today. That I noticed. This is carry-over moisture.

Vine fence

We’ve been binge-watching the latest “Veronica Mars.” Spiffy writing overall, yet some parts drag despite some snappy dialogue.


Lily white feathery

White lily with feathery petal tips. “Just an ornamental” (™ 😀 ).

Grape funny

An Ampelopsis spp., common name porcelainberry. Pretty sure.

At seven this morning it was a mere 72°F, unlike yesterday’s 79°F, so I went for a no-stress walk. Humid!

Feels like…

Muro de contencion

I did not count how many times lately I’ve heard the phrase “feels like” (and its sibling “will feel like”) referring to high temps. And not in the kitchen, but in the everywhere outdoors.

I took heed and stayed indoors (except for the odd outdoor chore). I did not walk. Or do yardwork.

The photo? A three-tired retaining wall under construction along a newly built section of a miscellaneous highway in southern Appalachia. I haven’t seen one built quite like this before. A sign of the future? Stay tuned….

Variations in white and green

Leaf art

I am possibly too fascinated by the patterns I see in nature, especially in plants.

Magnolia bloom

First big magnolia blossom I’ve noticed this year.

White and green is not a reference to MooU. It just looks like it might be.

Basil burgeons

Basil overgrown

Inattention suited the basil lately. The tall Genovese bush is thigh high; the Thai cultivar is to the right with the purplish flower spikes.

Basil picked

I picked a good pile of the Thai basil…

Thai curry bowl

…and, with cilantro leaves, it made a terrific garnish for our Thai curry tofu. High protein version today with added edamame, peas. I think the rice has a bit of protein, too. I recently read that aging people need more protein.

Protein: check. And yummy, too!



I’m glossing over myriad details to note there were many during our now-completed northern trip. We swept back into town less than an hour ago with reasonably light traffic, made a few extra [green] lights, the truck is now empty, and the thermostat readjusted to blast the temp downward more than when the house was empty. Home in the summer.

Flag sunset

Last night’s sunset. I like the flag and the glow, but had no time for a second shot with the other poles edited out. Such is life. [I have no doubt editing software could readily remove them, but not me.]

Name dropping

Indiana Harbor

That freighter: Indiana Harbor. I assume it’s a real place. The strange-shaped vessel behind it is working on the disputed pipeline that crosses the straits. I think the white cone is part of the pipeline project.


Sparty. BMOC. You know which C.

Old Forestry bldg

Old Forestry building, now called Chittenden Hall. Mom’s office was on the second floor.

Irish nachos

Irish nachos. Totally decadent. Happily shared with almost-birthday guy, DeeMickGee.

Change is coming

Field light apple tree

Last relaxed morning. Here. For a while.

Peony end is near

The peonies are winding up. The dominant blooms on the branches with double buds have finished, and the B-team is putting on a meager, but still lovely scented, show. This is one of the largest of the final crop.

Eagles Nest south

We made a small Sunday-drive outing on this last day, up to Eagle’s Nest, or Eagles Nest, or Dad’s version: Eagle Nest. This is the pond-and-marsh to the south. I found the poofy clouds in the blue sky very compelling, with the green belt of vegetation separating the heavens from its reflection.