Georgia archaeology

In 2001, my then partner, Jennifer Freer Harris, and I edited the May issue of Early Georgia, the journal of the Society for Georgia Archaeology . Our goal was to assist the public in understanding what archaeology is and what archaeologists do. We embedded throughout the issue, which includes several articles written by one or both of us, a plea for the urgent need for stewardship and preservation of our archaeological resources so that even the most basic data they contain—like where people lived when—can be recovered before it is destroyed.

Click here to download the entire issue in Acrobat PDF format (2 MB).

  • What is Archaeology? How Exploring the Past Enriches the Present
  • Why is Archaeology Important? Global Perspectives, Local Concerns
  • An Introduction to the Prehistory of the Southeast, or, “They Were Shootin’ ’em As Fast As They Could Make ’em…”
  • Archaeological Resource Protection in Georgia: Federal, State, and Local Legislation and Programs
  • This Is Not Your Mother’s SGA
  • Sprawl and the Destruction of Georgia’s Archaeological Resources
  • The Future of Georgia’s Archaeological Resources: Transforming Citizens into Defenders

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