Wicker waiting

Wicker waiting.

Cupcakes waiting

Cupcakes waiting.

Actually, I did very little waiting. I didn’t partake of the couch, but I did of the cupcakes! I skipped the red velvet, but tried the other two (45 minutes apart). Mmmm.

Yay, Sattuhday


Rooting for Sattuhday night! Watching Atlanta United.

It’s a crazy mixed-up world.

A good day

Yellow iris

Always seems like a triumph to set out to do a list (short, but still) of errands, and to get them all accomplished without any real fuss or delay. Yay!

ABG moments

Frog eyeing frog statue

Ya gotta know that if we go to the BotGarden, we check out the Frog Baby and look for frogs in the pool. Yes, they’re back from winter break; there’s one eyeing a statue frog!

Grooming Goddess pool

And we check out the Goddess. Still waiting for new plant-plugs. This poor fellow is working against the spring waterfall of plant detritus threatening to clog her pools. Keeps him employed!

Pond life

Totally different pond/pool, and different story. Shape and color variation is pure eye-candy. Plant eye-candy, that is.

Super chive head

Okay; floral fun. I don’t know what this is, but I call it super-chive.

Bird watching

Brings a different meaning to the phrase “bird-watching.” [Bird spotted by the Guru.]

Hot afternoons, cool mornings

Sunset light

Last night was night one of having the AC on. And something like 30 inches of snow are expected less than one thousand miles north of here. A yikes-ian contrast.

Mahonia droplets

Meanwhile (hey, this word was around before Stephen Colbert!), we got a tad of precip overnight…as these Mahonia berries(?) show.

Japanese maple leaves

And the Japanese maples are responding to the heat and growing queeeeeeekleeee.

Spiderwort not dayflower

Rather taken with the fragment of lichen on this spiderwort. Nice shadows, too.


Parking free

The parking payment-pods are still shrouded, and now the signs are gone; the posts are lone and unembellished (far right). I conclude: parking remains free!

Tree flowers white

Found this bloomer, and can’t quite remember the name…time to head to the BotGarden for a refresher?

Oak sex parts

I think these are oak sex parts. Kinda. Oak anyway. In the autumn, leaves fall; in the spring, it tends to be other parts.

Peony bud tight

Nascent spring: peony version.

Bluebell cluster

Fading spring: bluebell version.

Capital improvement failure

Capital improvement…failure: water department version. A crew just fixed this.

Comment in parens

White iris wet

Again: lots of overnight rain. (White iris this time.)

Garbage in road

Enough rain to wash this garbage can out into the street. (I moved it to the sidewalk.)

Construction zone

Down the street in the last shot, a Sunday-quiet construction zone. (Never figured out what the hose was for.)

Iris variants

Iris wet

Wet iris. Yesterday. Just puddling.

Iris dry

Dry iris. Today. Wearing lady-bugs.

Iris special

Delicate, feathery iris. The champ.

Transition Friday

Oak pool

Overnight rain created this pool…

Pollen deposits

and washed the pollen downstream. The air smelled almost clean-pristine, almost because the plants are continuing to pump out the pollen…

Cloud on mtn

so we headed for the mountains. Where the clouds still bedecked the ridges…

Mountain cleared

another hour later, and clear skies!

Toast you

To you!

Dusk yonah

By dusk, we had a great view of Mount Yonah. That’s not the moon, just the reflection of a ceiling light.

And now I will transition to bed…yawn.