Dried fleurs

“Where have all the flowers gone?” Girls may have picked, but they missed this one.



We’re seeing summer begin to give way to shorter days. I’ve been grooving on the low-angle light on the porch ceiling. I think this was briefly an outdoor porch, and it was closed in not terribly long after the house was built. My theory, anyway.

Also enjoying: mornings in the (admittedly upper) 60s.

Context is all


Our current junk fiction series on the TeeVee is “Hamish Macbeth,” set in small-town Scotland. It’s an odd (uncomfortable?) mix of serious and silly. Some of the bridging music is a solo penny whistle, and the closed captioning describes it as melancholy, bright, and sometimes pensive.

What’s in a name?

Shelf fungi edge

When I was a pre-literate tot and my dad identified these types of ’shrooms to me I heard “shell fungi.” It made sense to me because the tops looked rather like the Shell gas shells.

I felt let down when I found out they were really shelf fungi. Of course, that name makes sense, too.

Title from star-crossed Juliet who may never have seen such fungi by any name.

Getting high

Skyline downtown

I avoided being afoot in the neighborhood today (left knee cranky), but The Guru flew high. Photo by him. With gigantic thanks

Light’s changing

Tree filter

Yeah, look at that hotness. Thank you for your filter, MsTree.


MrSun is arriving later, leaving earlier, yet still bringing high-80s temps. Yet, Summer, we see signs you’re waning.


Golden frames

This shop space had a restaurant, then another restaurant, and another, just a long series of dining establishments over the last few decades that I’ve been watching. Then, with the January 2020 new year, one moved out, and we began watching that space. Soon, dumpsters showed up and workmen closed the sidewalk and raised dust…for quite some time. Then the dumpsters and workmen disappeared, no restaurant opened, and all has been quiet for months.

I can’t remember if these ornate frames are from the last restaurant, or the almost-restaurant. Now, they’re just waiting…to be wanted?

Read. Think.

Yeah burger

Apologies for turning to commands. But, it’s often a good plan to think 🤔 about what a sign says, and its particular context. 😀

Fine homes

In the first photo, the sign to the left of the door is promoting Impossible Burgers. The sign to the right is advertizing for a leasee. And, indeed it is impossible to get burgers here. 😢

And this: Sotheby’s advertises the FINE homes it sells. This, with the boarded up windows, is not a fine home. It’s a junker. And, IMHO, it’s a poor lot, with an apartment complex uphill to the left, at least a dozen units, students and young professionals…so, not a quiet block. Maybe there’ll be a Sotheby’s fine home here in the near future, but “fine” is degraded a bit, I think. 🙄

Too much going on

Temporarily unable

At least, that’s my explanation for why these two signs are four feet apart in the same cheese-case.

Try a bit

What doesn’t make sense is that not far away is a huge zone of multiple well-stocked buffet tables with at least sixty-seventy bins of food (partly) protected by a sneeze guard that was there pre-Covid.

Another example of logic in 2020.


Jan 11

Remember January of this year? We were not living like we were on the precipice of a descent into a pandemic. We ate out that month, two fancy meals…. “Ate out…”—slow and casual dining, too: sounds radical today!

Jan 27

…and I had a beet salad each time. I do love a beet salad. These are proof.

Today we watched “Freight trains and monsters,” an episode of “Yellowstone.” There was no beet salad, although there were campfire biscuits. Neither beet salad was a freight train or a monster. BTW, that refers to non-preferred horses in the barn….