Blue skies, for a while

Plane sky

That’s a plane down at the bottom, all gleaming in the BRIGHT sunshine! Look at that sky! Clouds rolled in late in the afternoon, and rain will follow overnight, I hear.


This house is one of the odder ones around. I think it’s two houses that share the carport about two-thirds of the way toward the left. On one lot, near as I can tell. An oddity.



I know this is a battered specimen, yet it’s the first hyacinth I’ve found in my neighborhood wanders this year. So, it’s a record-breaker!

I was additionally surprised at my find because the overnight temps dropped below freezing last night, and it stayed cold all day, and will drop further overnight tonight. I know the polar vortex is a nightmare elsewhere, and the comparatively mild cold here lacks parity with the snow and power outages elsewhere.

But. For here: brrrrrrr. As in: wore my Goretex neck gaiter for my ENTIRE walk (first time this winter). And my gloves for all but the last half-mile.

18s and 17s

Droplet under branch

Lately when I walk I follow my natural pace. Sometimes it’s in the 18s and sometimes in the 17s. Lately.

That is, my pace is either 18-something minutes to the mile or 17-something minutes.

Either way, I think it’s a good speed. Note: both are without stops for photography.


Cherry blooms

We don’t “do” Val-Day here, although we did have a fancier-than-normal dinner as a nod to the hubbub…the menu included roasted potato chunks…which have better browning these days in our “new” stove with the fan in the oven.

Can you say we roast veggies instead of saints?

No beach

Beech leaves

Always easy to ID beech trees in winter…they hold their leaves through the winter and are among the last to lose them in the spring. And they are pale, pale beige.

Live comma learn

Wee maters

Bought a wee package of sorta-cherry-tomatoes today thinking eating them would be a fine adventure in tasty vegetable fun. Turned out the little green ones taste…green, sour, and not fun.

Not exalted

Rain drips windshield

After several lovely days of sun and warmth, we’re in winter mode, and winter here means rainy. I listened to the morning meteorology report and zoomed out early to miss the rain. Instead I got misted on, while if I’d headed out in the afternoon and timed it properly, I could have missed the precip entirely.

Mist. Missed. Didn’t intend to do that!

Watching “Only Connect”—name drawn from the EM Forster in “Howard’s End”: “Only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted.” Show is addictive.

Am I making sense? [No matter]


It occurred to me as I watched snippets of the videos presented by the House managers that for some years the Republican Party has essentially been an uncomfortably coupled coalition, rather than a united party. And this, I keep thinking, will make it increasingly difficult for elected Republicans to do the logical and rational thing regarding the President and the January 6th insurrection. Mostly, it seems they feel they must do what they can to “unite” these major factions, in order to have enough support to make a run at national offices. [And ethics be danged.]


Outdoor gem art

I’d like to think that if I ever did a ceramic-tile project, I’d use gems like this.

In perhaps 7th-grade art (can’t remember), the assignment and supplies were for making a trivet with little pre-made tiles (tiling, then grout, that kind of progression). Except. As as I recall, the options were from The Ugly Assortment (my judgment). Like medium brown with YELL-ow flecks…ick.

These, HOWEVER, are lovely. Gems. Not good for a trivet, but much better aesthetics. IMHO.

I am unenlightened

Copy gal

I see these lovely sculpture-copies and realize my ignorance: who is it? A goddess? A person?

Despite the sunshine, I am in the dark.

Unenlightened may indicate simple ignorance.