Artsy zinnia

Zinnia above

Lovely accident.

Turn, turn, turn…

Rose backlit

I’ve been aware of the changing day length, as it does this time of year. I haven’t noticed as much the shift in the sun angle. And…tah-dah! here it is!

Of the moment

Double bees

Loaded cone flower, weighted with double bees.

Ginger white

Delicate and fine-scented ginger: mmmmm.


Strange hibiscus

That title might mean any of many things. What I thought about today was that at some point this season, I’ll be switching from preferring to walk in the shade (pant pant), to being happy to walk in the sun (oh so cool).

Never noticed a hibiscus bloom that looked quite like that.

Word play

Bee flower

Mum bee.

Birdbath reflection

Leaves: real and reflected.

Look closely

Political diorama

Headed off in a direction I haven’t been visiting lately and found this miniature scenario. I especially like the mushrooms and the flower on top of the birdhouse.

Greek autumn

Zeta eta

Zeta brought the tree down. Eta brought the leaves down.

Zeta was recently; Eta was yesterday and the day before.

However, there are still many green and greenish leaves on the trees, although I heard the weather gal say this morning that we’re at peak color. Perhaps Greek peak.

“Most secure”


Camelot is gone. It is of course a myth, and the name represents exceptional times, in the best sense.

If we had some Camelot-like elements to our society enduring after JFK, they’re gone now. A high-ranking official at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency says we had the “most secure” election in US history. And yet…yet…yet….

Change over time?

Acer palmatum ivy

How to trace modern fads in landscape plants? Acer palmatum entered my consciousness long after childhood. I don’t know if I missed it and it was all around me, or if it’s become more common in the last three decades or so. Tremendous variation in leaf shapes, seems to me. I prefer the lacier ones, like this. Now, ivy, as in the background—that I remember from way back, especially adorning buildings.


Leaves up

There are a variety of ways to measure time using plants. Sometimes the plants are at odds. This tree is leaves-on.

Leaves down

And this is under a leaves-dropping tree.

Clearly, time is marked by leaf-dropping/holding behavior. In this wee scenario.