Posing posies

Yard flowers

I read that these flowers voted today. I’m pretty sure that was spread by Russian bots.

Are Russian bots related to bot-flies? Bot-flies are darned icky critters.

On not leafing things alone…

Leaf backlit CU

Is it mostly inertia that we do this seasonal time change stuff? Could we agree on changing a half hour permanently? Oh, my, wouldn’t that mess things up on a grand scale!

Sunday oooot/a-boooot

Youth GA

We wandered across the piedmont in glorious sunshine headed for Athens. Our route took us through the four-corners called Youth. The Guru asked where the fountain shop (shoppe?) was. I wondered if it was down by the lake that you may be able to make out to the right of the yield sign.

Sunset sky tracks rose

By sunset we were trackside, enjoying great company, yummy BBQ and smoked cauliflower (never had it before; tais-tee!).

Also note rose in lower left; by the time we left, it was mostly closed for the night. I don’t think it altered its pace due to today’s time change.

Busy, big bumbler


I’m thinking this flower/weed is butterweed/cressleaf groundsel, or a closely related species.

We got out for a short loop, the Guru, me, crutches and The Boot. We decided not to push it and so didn’t go terribly far (no record setting today!), and somehow the Fitbit even deigned to give me a massive nine active minutes.

The bonus on our walk was that when I spotted this bumbler s/he was on a lower flower, and then flew up to this cluster, where I could actually reach down to photograph her/him.

And not drop a crutch.



We took healing in another direction today…a more sedentary direction (in comparison to the last few days)…. The Guru moved my desktop machine to my desk (table), and I faced the double screens (click click)!…foot elevated on a small cooler….

Mundane adventures

Park view

We started the day with a chore list, mostly household “business”…but also an outside walk. We went to the Park! And walked around the (big lobe of) the lake! We examined the leaves beginning to change, exclaimed at the population of geese and ducks napping/paddling/feeding, watched a father and two young sons fishing, and discovered that the drinking fountains are already turned off.

Brussels stocks

We also needed a few grocs, and my quick tour of TJs showed that the T-giving items are mostly already stocked…several versions of stuffing, pumpkin flavored this and that, spiral-sliced hams, and…Brussels sprouts on stalks.

And…I cracked 5K on the crutch-steps! Yay!

Shaping up

Boxwood architecture

No park visit today. Instead, we visited the FIL, went to appointments, and did errands. Such undertakings garnered me around 2300 steps.

And my PT-guy was happy with my progress over the last week…go big toe!

Not that the scraggly boxwood to the left is being abandoned to MaNachur to fill out before the shrubbery-trimmer begins to manicure it. The trimmed specimens are boxy (right) and conical (center). I expect the sparse, uneven specimen is slated to be boxy.


Giant leaves ABG

Upscaling our outdoor walk, we went to the BotGarden. Crews were adding light-strands especially in the woods; we figured they’ll add far more in the coming days as the Member Preview (first night; a bargain $14 and likely to be CROWDed) isn’t until 9 November.

This winter light show is not my favorite addition to the Garden (very tacky and plastic-y and nearly everywhere you look), but I assume that it makes the organization BigBucks. The pricey after-dark tickets start at $15 for members on the cheap nights, and go up to $35 for non-members on Fri/Sat/Sun nights, including hologram glasses and a drink ticket (!!). Should you care to know.

Algal webs

We discovered the fountain basin in front of the Conservatory had been partly drained, and was being refilled with a hose. We found the algae desiccating on the drying stems of the autumn-trimmed papyrus.

It looks rather like a green version of the white, fake cobwebs festooning many houses and shops this day. Because spirits demand cobwebs, doncha know?

Autumn goddess

My big goal was getting down to see the Goddess. She’s partly stripped to her innards, and not so pretty, but I enjoyed sitting peacefully with the Guru and watching the light and shadow on the water. The jets weren’t activated….

And, yes, I’ve racked up 3K steps this day (on the favorable device)…don’t expect me to get an additional thousand tomorrow to continue the pattern of the last few days…too many appointments, etc.…and likely I’ll need a bit of a rest day…

Scientific study (kinda)

Turquoise grape maybe

We returned to do our outdoor locale again, this time to make the Full Loop (and not the partial we did the other day). And a bit more. I also wanted to top up my Vitamin D.

Activity Device #1 indicated I did 1500 steps (‼️). Activity Device #2 indicated a super 2K steps. Before the foot thing, I notice #1 gave more than #2. Consistently. What does it mean that now #2 shows more steps?

My gut feeling is that #2 registers my strange crutch-walking gait better than #1. And #1 excels at normal walking (“steps”).

Reveal: #1 is my aging Fitbit One; #2 is my iPhone health app (comes with phone aka “camera”).

BTW: if I have to replace my Fitbit (), I’m leaning toward the Nokia Steel…especially the not-yet-available model, the Steel HR (meaning heart rate). The downside is that it has the watch confirmation…so different than my present clips-on-my-underwear model (which I kinda like). TMI?

Headline? What headline?

Stories IKEA

Makes little sense to me that we’ve been binge*-watching “Suits”…early cabin fever? It is dark late in the mornings….

* I read that “binge” is from a word meaning “to soak a wooden vessel,” which drifted to mean drinking in excess….