In my head

Mystery tree

Mostly, I do pretty well at plant identification, compared to the average bear. At least, that’s what I imagine.

This: mystery-tree-to-mee.

* Or…are my conclusions influenced by watching the first two episodes of “Russian Doll”?

Changing times

Cherie babeee

Temps only in the 50s today—solid 50s, but still 50s. Nothing like yesterday. Whew!

Red camellia

Plants are confused…the red camellia is expected, but this is early for the cherry/plums, whatever is in the first photo.

Record breaking

Tree above

Historical high this day: 72°F. Predicted high: 77°F. Actual high: 81°F.


Probably don’t need flannel sheets and down duvet to sleep warmly tonight. 😉

Flower drive

Varigated camellia

In flower terms, we drove from variegated camellia…

Flowering quince

…to flowering quince. We did not use flower power to get us from there to here, only the usual petroleum product.

Semi-random pretties

Tree turquoise

We wandered a place we’ve visited before, but long enough ago that many changes have transformed it.

River reflection

The river has been cleared of trash and…

Engineering writ large

new footbridges built.

Red umbrellas

Restaurants, often with some outdoor seating, are where none were before.

Dog approval

Later, we passed this leetle test. A sniff test?

Anyway, super-good times!

Short cuts

Waldo tavern

You’ve heard of “Where’s Waldo.” This is Waldo. This is Waldo’s downtown tavern. This is where you get a brewski and a bologna sandwich.

Fallow ohio

This is winter-fallow Ohio. Note snow persists only in the shade; however, more serious winter is coming.

Teasel silhouette

Teasel silhouette.

Mountain road cut

Massive mountain road cut. Ice scabs on Mother Earth.

Mezze apps

Mezze trio. Left to right: Lebanese hummus, Syrian muhamarra, and smoked eggplant zaalouk. My first time eating the latter. Yum, however my favorite of these three is the muhamarra.

(Winter warm) = wet + fog

Melt in swamp

Here’s the road in the swamp. It was snow-pack two days ago. It was melty-melty in the above-freezing temps as we left our favorite northern outpost.

Fog at Bridge

All the warmth and melting means a load of moisture in the air, which today translated as fog. Heavy fog. The Bridge support just loomed above us, rather indistinct. Soooo glad it wasn’t windy!


We played road tag with this vehicle for several dozen miles. I laughed at the tag and I think the Guru momentarily lusted for the blade. The other day I discovered he may slightly more intensely lust for a blinking light to put atop the cab, as a minority of plow-fronted pickups have for increased safety/visibility as they are plowing.

Vortex unspools

Melt begins

Ahhhhh, the melt begins.

Wind sculpts snow

However, there’s plenty of wind-sculpted snow, with drifts on the shady side of the roads, plenty to last until spring. I’m jess-sayin, this thaw won’t last.

Huge brook trout

Also, I wanted to honor these two brave brookies who provided our sustenance this evening. Canadian fish tacos. Yum. Yum. And yum.

Short walk*


Pileated trying to get through the frozen, leathery apple skin.

Pheasant maybe

Pheasant?…making tracks.

Ruths mailbox

Mailbox with organic buddy….

* Short because polar vortex windiness.

Polar vortex

Blowing snow

During a polar vortex, you may experience blowing snow.

Big bridge

Or it may be clear at the Big Bridge. Clear and COLD. And, today, windy windy windy.

Home stretch

Finally, we made it down the home stretch, down the fresh-plowed road. Sun! Great shadows!

Not staying here

We are not staying at our customary abode…brrrrr…too much snow and cold! [Let’s stay with the kind, delightful, joyous neighbors in their warm, warm home.]

Umbrella party

And have a party! So glad to be in this wonderful place. Could do without the polar vortex, but the sunshine is undeniably lovely.