Real reality

Hawaiian shirt trees

Real made-in-Hawaii Hawaiian shirt….

That’s what you get for vegetation today, as it was too hot to go out for a walk.

At 6:15 am: 78°F and nudging up. Up, eventually, to 100 round number degrees, with a heat index of 1-oh-big-niner. Yikes. A record for the year, heck the high since summer 2016.



I think the shocks were uneven in the original, too!

Revisit memory

Honolulu hill view

We found this cemetery-on-a-hill view of downtown Hoh-noh-loo-loo. That’s Diamond Head on the left horizon.

Temperature is higher here, although humidity is a teeny-tad lower. But you’d pretty much only notice if you had a measurement device. Your skin might not.

Hawaii mysteries

Long lines maybe

We spotted this in a fishing boat, not sure what it is. Long line? Hooks…lines…carpet fragment.

Heiau kapu

This heiau (sacred place) is in a busy park at a good surfing spot. Many signs remind non-believers that this is a sacred place, to avoid—no cars, scooters or entrance. But, oh what a scenic place! I couldn’t tell if there was a adjacent village anciently; it could have been by itself overlooking the ocean.

The everyday

Marigold petunia

Marigolds and petunias, pure everyday.

Figleaf on hoof

Figleaf crop. Everyday leaves.

Basil grows

The basil keeps growing. 😀 (pesto delayed until weekend)

Tintagel is reunited. 🤭 (new footbridge; opening delayed until☑️ Sunday due to high winds)

Another documentary

Groc orchid

In the middle of watching another wonderful documentary, totally different from “Chasing Coral“—watch it if you haven’t already.

Today’s is “Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin.” I remember the covers of her novels from the early Earthsea titles, the Hainish Cycle titles, and more, but I don’t remember reading a single one. Embarrassing. Time to track down several and inhale-read.

UKL had something in common with President Obama—both had one parent who was an anthropologist. Not too smug, am I? 😀


Photo mixtape

Among assorted post-trip photo-processing chores, I added selected images to our “screen-saver” collection. Great fun! And we can play the collection…anywhere.

The Guru does the complicated stuff, like geolocating images from the camera that does not support texting or phone calls; that takes real time and know-how!

Home port

MARTA dawn

We “lost” six hours overnight, that curvature of the Earth thing. We made a full circle* by returning home from the airport via MARTA. We saw the sun come up from the train.

Leaves down

Home, we discovered that leaves are coming down already; is this from stress? It can’t be drought. Hey, it’s raining now!

BTW, I’m not yawning now, as I’ve had two naps of several hours…hoping to sleep an approximation of overnight later. Fingers crossed.

I think we can legitimately call ourselves home fries.

* Two ways: geographically and by transportation type.

Rainbow morning

Good morning, rainbow.

Wave breaking

Good morning, ocean.


Good morning, fisherman. Best of luck.

Surfer lighthouse

Good morning, surfer and lighthouse.


Good morning, tunnels.

Fishing boat

Good morning, working fishing boat. Hope you’re not tired, hahaha.

Lei stands

Hello, lei stands.

Aloha, loves.