Power story

Orchid plasticed

Sometime around 4:30pm a windy, rainy storm came in. Sometime around 4:45pm we heard a crack-pop and the lights went out. And thus the AC. Of course, luckily the temps dropped with the storm.

Still, the house began to heat up. The Guru went on the GAPower website and, yup, they were aware; indicated to expect electricity back by 7:45. Then maybe 15 min later, he checked and the website indicated that action was underway…and there was no “expect electricity by” indication. Worrisome.

As it turned out, we got power back just before 8pm, so all…whew! okay.

Dixie dew

Marta this way

Yesterday morning I discovered it was a Dixie-dew day. Heavy dew…which contributes to the agricultural success of the piedmont…. However, it’s tough when it’s hot—makes it MUGGY. Seeing the same pattern this morning, I opted for indoor fun, and walked the mall. Lots of real dummies. hahaha And air-conditioning. heh

I have a 49-star flag somewhere

Flag light

I liked the light on the flag. [This isn’t a clever commentary on the news out of WashDC this week…month…rrrrgh.]

On the weather front, mega-super-muggy comes close to how hot and humid it was this morning…and by 9am.

Roll on

Scooter art

The urban scooter fad has hit our neighborhood. I can’t tell if it’s a true contribution to the actual function of the local political economy…or no. Certainly, the casual data looks like…well, they’re here and there, almost strewn “everywhere” by the time daylight arrives.

At least two brands of scooters are…hanging about mornings. Maybe they’re an afternoon/evening thing? Or perhaps I misunderstand.

Beurre blanc w/trout

Skinny fish

Family lunch out. MMMMMmmmm. I had skinny fish. That’s not the menu description, just the way it was served. Tasty.


Canna orange

I live in a bubble, so was not familiar with the phrasing I heard applied to Apple today…it’s now a four-comma (club) company. [This has nothing to do with dependent or independent clauses, etc.]

Tales from the sidewalk

MrSun on wall

I think this is the closest I got to seeing Mr. Sun today. This version is decorating a wall along a sidewalk a few blocks from here where I don’t usually walk, and I’d forgotten he was here. I may already have used a photo of this sun-art some years back.

Laden crepe myrtles

Rain last night…enough to weigh down the blossom-branches of the crepe myrtles.

Speaking of sidewalk detritus, I was walking under a canopy tree and heard noise above me, too much for a squirrel, so I scooted along the sidewalk to not be under the noise, and turned around in time to see a 2-inch rotten branch fall to the sidewalk. Good thing the foot is making such good progress—I actually could accelerate!

Bermuda high

Herb driveway

Title refers to our current weather pattern, of course. We’ve got moisture trapped around us, coming down from this afternoon on for a while…off and on.

This morning was clear and I got out. Never noticed this herb-planted driveway before. Note black cat lounging back near the garage; wouldn’t look at me.

Squirrel café

Squirrel detritus

The ripening pine cones must just have hit the tasty point for the squirrels, as underneath this pine tree was a litter of pine cone detritus and naked, gnawed cone cores.

Repeat ten times; rest

Foot fun

I got a tune-up from my genius neighbor today (thank you thank you), focusing on what I would call the central arch muscles—in relatively subtle ways. The new motions I’m working on involve some interesting moves with the “good foot” to enable the “healing foot” to stretch and strengthen. At the red band level.

This is what progress looks like a year from surgery! Yay and yay!