Yay for…

Fixit truck grande

I got down to the sidewalk and no farther as there was a work crew setting up on our street, and the fellow driving this truck was quite concerned that I understand they’d be interrupting life on our street for a while. Something about a gas line going through the sewer pipe. I couldn’t quite figure out how that could be changed by opening up one square of the sidewalk, but didn’t hang around to ask and hear the answer. Yay for infrastructure improvements.

Web art

On my mosey, I found these spider webs festooning this ground cover in an artful way. Yay for arachnid aesthetics.

Beware begonias

Later I found this holiday still life. Beware begonias? With spiders? Yay for creativity in outdoor decorations.

Gold dome

We went downtown to do a bit of business with the state, and waited at a stop-light with a great view of the capital’s gold dome. At the state office, we learned that a contractor had taken over their computer system so it was “down” and I could not transact my biz. I’ll try again Tuesday, as Monday is a holiday and they aren’t open on Saturdays. Yay for government work schedules.

Looking up

Cloud layers

Today’s theme: clouds. And blue skies.

Clouds god rays

Some with god-rays.

N GA cloud

Even uncrowded clouds.

Cloud dusk

And an especially colorful one at dusk.

Over and out from the southern zip code.

Lake tales, briefly

Our lake

I decided the theme for today’s post would be lakes, although we skip a whole lot of the day…still, I have to start somewhere!

So, the first lake must be “our” lake, although this is a shot from yesterday since it was raining or drippy all morning, not good for photography at all.

GreatLake MI

Then, a Great Lake. Michigan. Chicago is way off to the right if you follow the coast, and keep following it.


I think of the Bridge as the dividing line between Lakes Michigan and Huron. I don’t know if geographers agree. Don’t much care, truth be told.

Sunset over old lakebed

Note that by sunset we had left the rain and overcast behind. Yes, sunset over, hmm, soybeans? some row crop.

And now, the Guru says, we are in the promised land. Not for long; we’ll leave tomorrow.

Sunny and warm

Fire heat stove

My figuring last night was right on the money when I decided to lay the fire in the wood stove ready for setting aflame in the morning. And the morning was indeed cold, and the wood stove staved off the chill. Wood heat is radiant! And I think it sucks the moisture right out of my skin. [Where’s the hand cream?]

The grove

The Guru took Droney for a spin. Here’s the color developing in the Grove. It used to have white birches in the mix, but they’ve died. My bro, the tree guy, says for the most part the birch seeds need a fire to trigger them to germinate. [Another fire reference for today.]

Natural shell collection

Took my last private, unhurried walk on the beach. These shells have been deposited/revealed lately. I don’t know if they are from a die-off in a relatively short time, or an accumulation. I’ve never seen a clam die-off, so I’m guessing somehow they’ve accumulated.

Barberry orange

As to the barberry fruits, they mostly full orange, with the merest hint of the orange-red to come. That’s the barberry berry report for this evening.

Kneecap of birch

Doesn’t this old branch scar look like a strange wrinkly kneecap? A white birch kneecap. Next to the steps down to the beach.

Deer dance prints

I saw evidence of a deer-dance in the footprints in the sand. Those long drag marks ended in deer prints. I’m unsure of the moves that produced them.

Beach bloom

I’ve noticed this plant on the beach my whole life and don’t know even a common name for it. Just got out the wildflower ID book—it’s a Polygonium spp., most commonly called some kind of smartweed or knotweed. So there.

P.S. It’s October!

Two excursions

Wood nessie UP

Was it an excursion to check on our beach’s wooden Nessie? Soaking in the sand today….

Woods color

Just after lunch we left the property to check on the leaf color and get out of the house.

Eagles nest

Just as we got to Eagles Nest, the sun came out for the first time! Yay! Gamed the sunshine! It didn’t linger.

We drove on past the Big Fill (didn’t stop) and Lavender Corners (only stopped at the stop sign; it’s a ghost town now).

Fox at Seney

At Seney we made a detour up to the campground to check on the Fox River. I looked for a sign saying Ernest Hemingway fished here. None. I would also have been happy with an Ernest Hemingway fished here sign. Nada.

Needed the wood stove today, but right at the moment we have windows open for a few minutes because it’s kicking out way too much heat. Not enough; too much. The dance of life?

Stay tuned

Beach line water level

I persuaded my lazy feet to take me down to the beach…and didn’t expect the waves to be this quiet. North wind. And the widest beach I’ve seen in a while, perhaps more than a coon’s age—how long do they live???

Clam track

Then, I looked off the dock and saw this clam track. I don’t know what the bio-folk call this, but it’s where a clam has plowed along through the sand on the bottom of the lake, near enough to shore that I can see it. I assume the clam was feeding? Dunno. My ignorance is vast.

Barberry berries changing

And, next to the house, the barberry berries are transforming from green through red-gold, segueing toward red.

Sit back on your heels and exhale. Full autumn is on the way. Given that the “sun” porch temp reached no higher than 55°F, you know that northern autumn is fully present.

Lunch in Paradise


We monitored the progress of the fall color during a drive, ultimately to Paradise. Where we lunched. Mmmmm.

TahqFalls mini pano

Here’s a mini-panorama of the Upper Falls*. Always find the roar of the water stimulates a mellowing of my mind….

LowerFalls droney

At the Lower Falls, Droney captured some lovely impressionistic moments…. [Settings adjustments now underway, as I understand it.]

And now that we’re back at the Farm, the sun is out and the porch is nicely warmed.

* Of the Tahquamenon (River), of course. Sign reminds: rhymes with phenomenon.

Watching the timeline

Puffball natively

I remember (have I already remembered this on these pages???) my dad slicing thick slabs of ready-to-saute puffball steaks. The puffballs were at about this stage.

I looked. I thought about the culinary challenge.

I punted.

We had leftovers, and the puffball stayed in the wild.

Tomorrow? 😀 😍 😩 🤩 😜 🤭

A very good day

Roofer action

One big to-do from our 2018 list has been: get garage roof re-done. We were despairing as we talked to the roofer (second job), starting in, was it February?, and, just weren’t connecting. We talked to him yesterday, and he said, geeze, kinda late in the year for me to have a window given the weather, blah-blah, so, geeze. Then, his boss said, no work tomorrow (meaning today), so presto, we were on the possible list and very excited! Then, the morning was solid overcast and rainy and not workable roofing weather. The guys came, then went to breakfast, returning later. By the time the day was over, howEVER, we have a complete new roof, all done! Ready for winter. Yay!

Now waiting for the call-back from the siding painting guy…. [There’s always something.]

Entree building

On another front, we hosted the relatives tonight. Here, I’m building chicken stacks that include sage leaves and hard salami…came out great!

Rainbow east

And, as we enjoyed our celebratory meal: a rainbow!