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Halloween flamingoes

Black flamingoes

I guess once you have shelves of flamingo molds, you just get some black plastic melties and, presto, time to market black flamingoes…Halloween’s latest scary critter!

Spider flag decorations

And, if you’re very patriotic, include a flag in your Halloween yard decorations! Huzzah and yay, Estados Unidos de América!

Unplugged (aka mystery title)

Okra ABG

Okra grows like a hot, hot pepper—it points up!

Our yard’s too shady for full-sun veggies. Darn. So no okra. HowEVER, that means AC/electricity costs are lower.

Creative plants

Up view ABG

Yesterday I marveled at these air roots (the skinny verticals, not the spikey foliage). “Air roots” seems like a contradictory phrase; instead, their functionality illustrates the creative evolutionary solutions that plants can develop.

Puppets and plants

Shadow puppets

Sometimes, when you have out-of-town visitors, you do things in your hometown that you should do, and haven’t. Center for Puppetry Arts.

ABG Earth Goddess

At the Atlanta Botanical Garden, however, we’re members.

ABG Datura

And this is a Datura spp. seedpod, your plant photo for today. I have clear images of the flowers in my mind’s eye, but never retained a sense of the distinctive seedpods.

Azalea time (again)

Fifth wind azaleas

The ceiling fans are muted, and the dark stays well into the summer-time coffee hour. The seasons turn.



Softening the blow?

Azalea ant

Post-Michael we’re in a cool spell—truly cool, overnights in the low 50s. All of a sudden, the season-change is revealed. Yet, I see the azalea out front is giving the spring cycle one more belated go.

Oh, my

Silver fish

Silvery fish. Sooooo gorgeous. [We didn’t buy/eat.]

Mystery machine

Mystery machine. Vanilla flavor, we read on the packaging. [We didn’t buy/eat.]

What we did eat, at another location—mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Did I say (write) mmmmmmmmm? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

You shop; I’ll walk

HD water

The Hubby had some man-shopping to do at the HumDepoh, so I took advantage of their AC and wide aisles to get some rain-free steps in. Win-win!

For a few moments, I went through the garden center (outdoors! can’t do that at IKEA!), and in the back I looked up and saw a huge water tank, filled from rainfall piped down from the roof! Great corporate decision to use that precious liquid that otherwise would go directly in the sewers on the garden center plants. [Well, then some of it goes in the sewers, but not all.]

I suspect that tank is full. We’re getting good rain from outer bands of Michael, and have been off and on for a while. Fortunately for us, the worst weather will be south of us. Whew!

I wonder…

Fish fresh

Been watching the Michael wind-up with concern for loved ones south of us. What is the experience of marine fish in the middle of the ocean when a hurricane goes overhead? Do their little piscine hearts go pitter patter?

Lamb bacon

1073 entrance

Lamb bacon. I didn’t know it existed. Now I know it’s tasty. Especially with sweet potato, in an appetizer/small plate at the Five & Ten (sometimes Five and Ten). Lovely, celebratory evening. Thanks, everyone.