Dressed up

MQT ore dock

On this sunny day, we made a run to MQT. Droney made a run, too, shooting the city and this monument to downtown industrialization. Now, the remaining action is north of the city-core.

Inside ore dock

I was on the ground and had a different view of the structure. [Many people we saw around town had makeup and costumes of some sort; Happy Halloween!]

Tamaracks Seney stretch

The Seney stretch is legendary for being straight and flat—for more than 25 miles! The tamaracks (Larix laricina) were golden; they are in the pine family and deciduous.

Shingleton dandy

There was also gold on the ground (a few places). I remember being pretty small and Dad stopping the car on the Seney stretch somewhere to show us Michigan lilies (Lilium michiganense)—which grows in a much greater area than the state of Michigan.

Sun preparing to set

Today’s sun-preparing-to-set shot of “our” lake.

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