Moving on…

Proof of the recent cold snap…afflicted angel’s trumpets.


For several days, the local meteorologists have been predicting this pattern. This morning, our low was the lowest we’ve had since March: brrrr. Nice later, though, and fine tomorrow, then rain rain rain, and perhaps no rain come Sunday afternoon. The models vary. Temps overnight a bit less cold, then not bad at all.

Proof that the afternoon was sunny and pleasant, albeit a bit breezy, but you can’t see that in this photo of a sculpture called Bulwarks II.

Taking the long view

We’ve a weather change coming late this week—perhaps three days of rain, so I thought I’d be sure to get out and enjoy the sunshine today…and get some perspective.

THERE’s an idea

Fabulous moon rise or rising moon, whatever.

The day’s other excitement was book club; we talked about the book rather longer than usual, some critical, some enjoyment, plenty of agreement that maybe we should do a field trip to the setting…historical fiction from the days of Michelangelo and Leonardo in the very early 1500s in Florence, Italy. We jest, but ho hum a nice adventure to contemplate.

Trees and timing

Ginkgo leaf drop report: mostly attached, yet plenty have fallen.

Two weeks ago, folks were setting this seasonal business establishment up. Today, business boomed.


Once again you can see my lack of skill at making artsy shots. The shot I attempted had a single light in the foreground and the background out of focus. Instead, it was all to some degree out of focus. Ironic funny. And, instead, I got this random roaming shot of the context of the lights.

Colour, with the power of u

That oak (pretty sure) on the left sure looks like it’s not even tempted to change into fall colors…and the ginkgo sure has most of its leaves…although I saw some on the ground…but it’s not yet a ginkgo-leaf-dump. [Unknown no-leaves-now tree on right.]

Sheltered shrubs

Leaf colors

It seems to me that this year (in this place) the leaves are slow to change…these are in a protected nook, and have plenty of green and are still attached.

Time travel: 2015

I went back to 2015 in the Great Photo Archive in The Cloud (GPATC), and found this lovely CanGoose image…since I took no (interesting) photographs today.

Pre-duff fluff

I named this image leaf fluff…becuase the leaves are still fluffy and dry, and fresh-fallen. This was yesterday. Today, they are wet and matted down, on their way to becoming duff. Duff is the organic matter on top of the soil in a forest.