Bermuda high

Herb driveway

Title refers to our current weather pattern, of course. We’ve got moisture trapped around us, coming down from this afternoon on for a while…off and on.

This morning was clear and I got out. Never noticed this herb-planted driveway before. Note black cat lounging back near the garage; wouldn’t look at me.

Squirrel café

Squirrel detritus

The ripening pine cones must just have hit the tasty point for the squirrels, as underneath this pine tree was a litter of pine cone detritus and naked, gnawed cone cores.

Repeat ten times; rest

Foot fun

I got a tune-up from my genius neighbor today (thank you thank you), focusing on what I would call the central arch muscles—in relatively subtle ways. The new motions I’m working on involve some interesting moves with the “good foot” to enable the “healing foot” to stretch and strengthen. At the red band level.

This is what progress looks like a year from surgery! Yay and yay!



Started thinking about Verona today. Discovered it has had five major lines of expanding city walls…of all things.

Large and small herbage

Fading giant leaf

I found this giant yellowing leaf in the sidewalk planting by that house a few blocks away whose people turned the lot next door (after a tear-down) into a garden (nice extra greenspace for the rest of us…). I forget what the plant is. Leaf is maybe a yard across….

Small hibiscus

This is what I think of as a small hibiscus bloom. Some are salad-plate sized, but this one is only about three inches across. Retro.


Night sight

I’m such a sucker for new vocabulary words. I like those adopted from another language. And I sometimes have a soft spot for technical/specific vocabularies. Today I came across this term for a particular leaf vein pattern: campylodromous. Of course, when I did some research, it turns out there are a whole suite of vein pattern classification-names that I don’t remember seeing before. Not that useful, but descriptive terms, yeah…soft spot. [Details: see Wkeepee here.]

Time trickster

Azalea redux

What circuits are crossed up in my brain that I’m thinking that time is stopped (dog days of summer) and cycling (azaleas are blooming again) simultaneously?

$60? Yikes!

Expensive ceramic grimaces

My hypothesis is that the Kroger buyer who nabbed these very expensive ceramic grimaces has already been…fired? sequestered? downsized?

And how to store????? After the holiday AND until the holiday! After all it’s JULY!

In a corner

Corner furniture etc

Watching John Turturro’s character, from Queens and with a dead tooth, get treated like crap on 1994 movie Quiz Show in favor of the nice-looking guy from a good family.

Observations (mini-micro-scale)

Colander light

Low-rent musings today: light through colander.

Tile light

And light on tile.

See, nothing earth-shaking.