Addition problem


6:40 am. 72°. “Good” air quality.

Add together.

Result: go for a walk.

Memory lane, no lane

On this day in 2019, we watched this magnificent sunset in Oahu. Wasn’t as hot as here in ATL, but probably about as humid.

My wee joke

I called this image grasslight. It has nothing to do with gaslight, or the verb created from the 1944 psychological thriller movie title.

Still, it’s hot & humid

Our day was the usual hot and humid, then the humidity became rain, and the temperature moderated to a mere 80°F. We might see a low of 75°F overnight. Yay!

What do I know

This phrase does not sound good for any citizen: superseding indictment. Or it could have to do with a new type of sunscreen chemistry.

Selective emphasis

Sometimes a flower and a shaft of sunlight approach perfection. Ignore the heat and humidity.


I reached back in the photo archives and grabbed this from a mall visit in 2015. Also, the archives reminded me that on this day last year, we returned from Quito.


I’m in a delay phase in posting, I guess…have a pretty flower.


Basket o’fun socializing in Athens.

I’m ready

I think we’re through the last of the waves of weather, the rainy and windy kind, for a while.