Yes: flash

Glass flash

I like the lighting very much, but what I notice most is the mold seam to the left.

Gal and gals

Fennel umbel

Umbel (this flower cluster) and umbrella are related etymologically, despite the inserted “r”; one is from umbra (shadow) and the other is from that word’s diminutive form…. Duh.

Attended a happy celebration of an amazing life; I found it difficult to be joyous with grief simultaneously hanging heavy.

Someday I’ll try to tell the pie story, a singular, true tale that cannot fail to induce gales of laughter. RIP, Lady N.

In a totally different moment and conversation, I heard about a six-year old, keeping himself busy in part by singing lyrics JCB played for him last summer…his version included “when the gals of November came early!” My suspicion: his vocab didn’t/doesn’t extend to “gales.”

Two lights, united

Pair a lights

In reality, this was a HOT PINK ribbon; I lit it with a “warm” bulb (got my just desserts, eh?).

We attended a wedding celebration today; ceremony was months ago, in a courthouse, solemnized by a judge. A fine choice.

And today, we all cut loose, as much as the heat and humidity would allow. The daring (kinda) enjoyed the pond. The rest of us rotated in front of the fans.

Amidst this, I remembered our long-time-ago summer-parties when we and our guests would end up with our feet in the ice water in the kiddie pool, amongst the bottles of beer.

(Go with it)

Garden moment

I had sixty-five* ideas during today for the photo, and not much on the text. In the end, I decided the garden view had the most zen.

* Exaggeration.

Oregano, sí y no

Oregano commencing blooming

Photo is of oregano (in front garden), although nice-spice for dinner was coriander seed. Didn’t even use oregano in the salad.

Why do I use coriander when it’s seed and cilantro when it’s a leaf? Same plant….

“Fruit” taxonomy

Sweet cherries

It’s sweet cherry season in the market….

Sources reminded me that (botanical) berries include…bananas and avocados.

But, cherries are a stone-fruit (aka drupe).

Conclusion: botanists are lingo-wild.

Orange is the new…

Lily orange profile

I’ve been groovin’ on these orange lilies for weeks; I think I saw the most amazing ones in SEA…but gorgeous ones in MI, KY, all over….

Got high

Sky view over wing

Yeah, we made like sardines* and got high today. Great views of Rainier as we drove to the airport before sunrise. Also saw a quick view as the plane turned onto the runway. Then we leveled out over the Rockies, and I watched the sierra-layers until the cloud cover obscured visibility.

* Ancient plane compared to the last few we’ve flown state-side, with no screens in the seat-backs.

And the logic is…

Bike caboose

Seems like a workable combo, until you consider that the train-management probably wouldn’t like a bike tethered to the railing—insurance worries, I’m guessing.

The secret is that this caboose is parked, and seemed to be the office of a bike-messenger business.

BTW, that cream-colored canister is for spent butts.

Pano eve

Pano d sunset

So much fun today. I’ll just give you the sunset. Not quite so spectacular as yesterday, but darned fine!