Sidewalk leaves

Hallowed ground: leaves downed by wind/precip. I see sweet gum and tulip poplar donations.

Mushroom trio

Hallowed flora: mushrooms burgeoning with autumn moisture. Mushrooms always seemed to me to be plants and not-plants, as in not-green plants, and therefore suspect. Bimodal categories are so inflexible.

Drippies captured


I mostly walked between more-rain, and trudged through the all-day flavor of less-rain.

Good wax job

Slight logo overkill plus fine wax coverage.

For real

Kood zoo

“Leaves of three, let it be.” But, no, not that species this time. Say: kooood-zoooo.

Underworld entrance

Entrance to the underworld? [Caves, etc., being a portal to the underworld is relatively common in mythologies around the world. BTW.]

Wait five minutes

Fog and dew

As the sun emerged, fogginess materialized. And dew.

Seeds coming

In the later sunshine, evidence of the seasons changing: seeds are coming.

Lion spider

Holiday fun: a modern spider tickles a see-ment lion. Boo!

Bench branch

See: blazing sunshine! Or: autumnal afternoon blazing sunshine?

Lovely Sunday

Road closed

We walked as far as we could north along the BeltLine. Seems like it’s usually “bridge closed,” but here it’s “after-bridge closed.”

Fountain steps

Returning to the south into Piedmont Park, this big cooling fountain was going, although it wasn’t that hot.


Overhead: gorgeous blue, blue sky.


Bench of leaves

Leaf duo occupying park bench…I guess because people find it too damp?

Stub instruction

Quick! [Toe instruction.]



Leaves are autumn-ing. Or green.

Skeleton ghost ornament

Seasonal ornament of the skeleton-ghost variety.

Wide, wide views

Full yard decorations

Decoration exuberance abounds in our neighborhood.

Flowing water

Meanwhile…the water was flowing (aka falling water).

Volleyball practice

And the sand-churners were practicing.

All photos with the widest lens (aka “ultra wide”); only the first did I alter the aspect ratio.

Seasonal notes

Basil gone wild

Our basil’s gone wild.

Black flamingos

Black! flamingos. With scary red eyes!

Neighborhood moments


I was on my perambulation late this morning, and plodding my way up a hill when I saw this ditcher-machine in the ready position in a trailer.

Water flowing

I passed two more construction vehicles and then spotted this mess across the street. Out of the frame behind shrubberies above the tubing and waterfall were three guys busy with shovels. I’m guessing they wished the yard were flatter and they could use the ditcher. Red clay mud is no fun.

Cardinal birdbath

Later, I came across this birdbath. Are those stylized cardinals? I don’t think of the cardinal as a birdbath species, but I’ve never had a birdbath to watch to study/learn attendees.