Trying for a giggle

Local bar hilarity. Also price without tax.

Top down

I called this “top down.”

Hardware diversification

We made a quick trip to the neighborhood hardware store for minor necessities, glad to support the local vs the big-box only a few more blocks away. Over in the paint section, we found Saffron, sleeping the afternoon away as only a happy cat can, despite how many customers were galumphing up and down the aisles (like us 🤣).

And over in the garden area, the indoor section, I found this humidification zone, don’t know how it works, but the steaminess is a nice effect. 😌

On a tangent

I was (somewhat) immersed in the genetics of people buried in the Mesolithic in what is now Denmark, but I managed to tear myself away and take advantage of the sunshine for a few minutes. I planned this shot to focus on the foreground, but I kinda like the way it turned out; I did know the light would be delightful (get it? sorry.). 🤣



My walking philosophy today was wind-avoidance, so I stuck to hollows and behind houses. [This is a contrast to the vitamin D and sunshine routes of the recent past.] Not the prettiest, but I did find these.

Overlapping time

Lots of rain-minutes today, although I could have found a few less-wet moments to make a wee walk. But I didn’t, so this fern-foto is from last week. Sometimes a day will have more pauses and recycling than forging forward.


I had four (or so) vague ideas for this space, yet they all fizzled…a fast timeline compared to the growth of lichens and mosses.


I got lucky, and had a chance at vitamin D for about five minutes, perhaps less. 😂

I thought this was darned funny: I submitted this photo to the iNaturalist app, wondering if it could recognize what I’m pretty sure are desiccated beech leaves. A scientific experiment, ya know. It offered a half-dozen insect genus’. Insects. 😂


I found it murky and gloomy all day, yet somehow we enjoyed a rather vibrant afterglow this evening an hour-and-a-half after official sunset.


I took this aiming at the cluster of “helicopters.” Then, preparing for posting, I saw the haycorn-hats, and thought: wha? A maple-oak? Howze that? 🤣🤣🤣

Upward trend

The last three days (and nights) were like this, cold as ice. Normal temps today (more or less).

And this is what happened. Poor camellia.

Upside: on my walk, I actually created vitamin D, as my face was not entirely covered and shaded, plus my hands weren’t in gloves. Yay for health.