Duh (see photo)

Lights on

I’m not sure we can make one of those universal assumptions, but today’s data point indicates that drivers should expect fog on the way to Knee of Kennedy, or Wrist of Washington, or Leg of Madison, or Mouth of Wilson. Whichever is real.

Rose-colored…leaves (somewhat)

Caladium backlit

Of all things, it looks like caladiums are native to northern South America and up into Central America…. Backlit here…’cause that’s how we roll….

Porch time, ya-know—that’s how we mark time…. Good times on the porch, lots of laughs and some real learning amongst the stories and bestest of the bestests.

Red ambiance

H tap ambiance

A long time ago, we used to brunch here regularly. Tonight we tried the half-off-Tuesday burgers. Yum. And I like the beet-and-greens salad, too!

Food three posts in a row…what does it mean? Yes, I spend too many brain-cycles considering whether patterns are emerging, and what they might mean…. Training, you know….


Bacon frying

Tonight was breakfast-for-dinner night….

A bit of discussion recently with KW about bacon; had to put bacon on the menu (with scrambled eggs and pancakes)….

Pies? Kittens?

Window cat almost

We celebrated Pie Night (just made it up!) over at the loft, witnessed by The Kittens.

Pie Course #1 was pizzas. Take out. Brought in. Three varieties.

Pie Course #2 was key lime. Tried high-end organic pre-squeezed juice, and there was just the shade of a difference, too minor not to try it again. Still used the zest of two limes, and the juice of one that didn’t come from the bottle. Otherwise, this recipe….

Please note that the Pies were all for the people, and the Kittens’ role was entertainment alternated with napping. They were very good at both.

Garden report (brief)

Azalea four buds

The Guru and I put on our gardening gear (meaning gloves for me, mostly) and wrangled bags of mulch onto the flowerbed weed-bed, after weeding of course. The front garden now looks MUCH better…and the quince is doing just great!

Meanwhile, in the back garden, the azalea is beginning to bloom again….

Leaves of green…

Garden green

In trying to familiarize myself with new-cam, I checked out the zoom, and discovered (reminded myself) that the backyard is GREEN! This is max zoom from the back door. I like how this Sony handles the color…seems slightly more saturated and true than I seem to expect after working with the other-cams.


Surprise lily

I know this plant as the surprise lily, and this one really was a surprise—never noticed one in that part of the yard (garden) before—or out there at all!

Silver is the new black?

Shiny silver fabric

I’m digging into the history of some of Rome’s churches, discovering crazy details, assuming that the Internet does not purvey lies.

You got the sarcasm about the accuracy, right?

Civic doooo-teeee

GA voter sticker upside

We civic-duty’d this afternoon. At our precinct, we had three offices to vote for. Run-off election…actually, seems amazing that three three three slates weren’t settled in the primary.