Modernizing food

Betcha those folks on “Survivor” wish they had a few of these! The trick is in the pre-cutting, between the “r” and the “e” on this example….

Decision Day

Today, without really planning it to be that way, became Decision Day. That is, by the end of the year (after a big family Thang in Atlanta), Mom will move into a place that’s specifically tailored for dementia sufferers, which will take the burden off Dad. There are no terrific solutions, only some that seem like they’d be better, and this is the chosen one.

One foot in front of the other….


I do not know why reflections are so fascinating to me, at least as a subject for the from-the-hip photography I do. Is it the reduplication of reality, albeit not quite the same as the real thing, but oh so close?

Pond life

The shallow edges of the pond at the park we visited yesterday were choked with water-weeds, and there was enough light to make a good reflection….

Park visit

Today’s highlight: a walk in the park—one of the county parks nearby…. Gorgeous sunny day, very fine for basking. And the Botanist walked 25 minutes straight (well, with one brief stop to check out a bush and figure out what species it was)!! Very good rehab!

I have no recollection of why we’re looking down….

Dawn pink

The rosy morning-sky heralded another fine day—not quite as sunny and fine as the last two, but definitely “mostly sunny” and pleasant, with a high around, of all things, 60°F.

North Lake

Another cousin’s house, another turkey dinner, this time over by North Lake (there’ve got to be quite a few “North Lake”s, but this one down by…Chelsea!—again!). Enjoyed our walk around the neighborhood, finally enjoying this terrific weather….

Foggy morn

Just gorgeous at dawn, with heavy ground-fog turned brilliant by the sunlight—another lovely day, although we found no time to walk.

Great fun to join cousins (both mine and Mom’s) over by Chelsea for an outstanding feast….

Sun day!

Against all odds, today I had both sun and husband! Proof: here’s my famous ugly hat, great protection in sunny weather, in a photo taken by guess who!


Mullein, in the figwort family….

Heroic measures by jcb: driving from Atlanta to Birmingham AL for a biz meeting, then on to…southern Michigan!—with only a few brief nap-stops…. Yes, a whopping 919 miles. Made in Ohio means endurance….