Mind your vocab

This is a kousa dogwood flower; they have the pointy petals. Only they aren’t petals; if you’re wearing your precise botanic hat, they’re actually white bracts.

No idea what kind of insect is visiting that right bract.

Bract. Bract. Trying to remember that word and its meaning.

Most anything

I’m still enamored of the (free) “iNaturalist, LLC” app as a wonderful and fast identification assistant; however, its first few choices for this are bluets, and as far as I know bluets have just four petals. It is that size and in the color range…so I’ll have to take a deep dive into the alternative possiblities. I found these “gone wild” in a yard, so that’s little help at all.

We’re cool

We’re full on in foxglove season. [My fingers typed both floxglove and foxgove earlier; got it right this time.]

Our temporary resident heating and air crew finished today—usually two and sometimes three guys. Now we have new units for up- and down-stairs. It was time, as the technology we had was in the 25+ year age range. We’ll see what happens to our electric bills. Plus…yay! a $500 rebate!

Canopy tree notes

Vocabulary reminder to self: these maple winged achenes are called samaras.

Do you know the smell of fresh-cut oak wood? It’s distinctive, yes, woody, but a particular woody fragrance.

Three blocks apart

While I found a very quiet alley-space that is reverting to nature…

…on a secondary artery, I saw fire-truck action. And heard.

Look closely

Quite the stand of lilies…truly impressive. I went back for this shot; didn’t quite take it in at first.

Fruitiness. I’m going with flowering crab…in any case, look how far past flowering the fruits are! Is one still retaining a petal? Or did it float by and stick artistically to the floral parts remaining on the pome?

Scenes from a story

I saw this robin fly in and immediately begin bathing, splish splash. At first a brown thrasher watched while perched on the cone. A noisy dog was coming down the street, so the robin didn’t bathe much longer.

This guy came by me and it took me a second look to figure out what he had underfoot…that is: carefully stacked scooters. He rode one and was transporting two more stacked underfoot. As he came down the hill behind me, I thought he’d be stopping to add them to this parking spot, but he continued onto the BeltLine turning toward Piedmont Park and Trader Joe’s.


Somebody’s capital improvment is underway…well, actually rehabbing a leaning wall. I wondered why it was taking so long to get started, and today: action! And someone to ask…. Fellow with a can of orange spray paint said they’d been waiting on the city permit, and now they have it and, onward. First they have to remove the soil from behind the wall to remove the pressure. Then, if I understood him right, they’ll lean the wall down, hoping to stand it back up. I assume, although he didn’t say this, that they’ll redo the wall foundation before the standing-up part.

It’s also capital to hear Other Voices in the house…and not in my head! haha We have friends visiting. Fully vaccinated, so yay and yay.

Yeah, two meanings for capital, but a delayed post due to the excitement. Apologies for the latter.

Golden light is not quite warm enough

I believe I have put the winter down duvet back on the bed four times as our warm spring switched to cool. And back. I did for last night, and it’s staying on for tonight. Then, I may pack it up until next fall.

Focus limit

Today I focused on little things. Like dust on a Venetian blind. I only got to one of them; more await.