Somebody’s capital improvment is underway…well, actually rehabbing a leaning wall. I wondered why it was taking so long to get started, and today: action! And someone to ask…. Fellow with a can of orange spray paint said they’d been waiting on the city permit, and now they have it and, onward. First they have to remove the soil from behind the wall to remove the pressure. Then, if I understood him right, they’ll lean the wall down, hoping to stand it back up. I assume, although he didn’t say this, that they’ll redo the wall foundation before the standing-up part.

It’s also capital to hear Other Voices in the house…and not in my head! haha We have friends visiting. Fully vaccinated, so yay and yay.

Yeah, two meanings for capital, but a delayed post due to the excitement. Apologies for the latter.

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