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Numbers science/game

Quince blossom cloud

Without planning to do so, I presently have three active activity trackers. Two kindof agree, and one reports wildly lower counts. The only category all three report is steps. My ancient Fitbit One and my iPhone report similar step-counts, but, providing I remember to carry it all the time, the iPhone will have a higher step-count than the Fitbit (attached to my underwear). The Nokia Steel HR always reports a much lower value each day, like around 20% lower than the other two.

I noticed this variation, and began to watch more closely. I’m pretty sure that if you consider footfalls “steps,” which I think the devices do, the most accurate of the three trackers is the iPhone, the one that consistently gives the highest count.

Your counts may vary.

I can wear the Nokia in the shower, and it gives me a chunk of steps for that (which does’t “fix” the discrepancy, BTW), and sometimes enquires if that time was an “activity.” It’s those rapid little steps to soap, rotate, and bend to get clean?

Interstate views

Fog I 75

We coffee’d up and got going, finding this local fog-bank somewhere inland—it’s not a marine layer!

Spanish moss festooning

After several hours, we left the Spanish Moss State (or so it seemed)…

Peanut statue

…and entered the Peanut State.

Sandhills almost in V

Then, closer to home, we saw several almost-Vs of sandhill cranes (pretty sure about that ID).

Bittersweet ultimate

Causeway bridge

Today we left causeway-world. But not before we did important things.

Macro shellface

Like playing with the macro lens.

Macro sanddollar

Including looking at an eroded sand dollar, complete with sand grains.

Four pelicans

We watched birds, including the cruising small-packs of pelicans.

There was of course lots of laughing and some tale-telling. We read, we relaxed. Life was darned pleasant.

Partial rainbow

Just as we were organizing ourselves in the parking lot to depart, a rainbow section emerged.

Sigh. And now the salt-water coast is behind us.

Only four photos, so as not to bore

Morning sun beach

We spent the day on and (mostly) near the beach. We got out early to enjoy that low-angle light, and it’s a good thing—already almost HOT by 8:30 am!

Strange dune flowers

Circling in the car behind the dunes traveling from one place to another, we found these large bloom clusters; I have no idea what they are.

Bamboo shadows

Late in the day, we found this lovely juxtaposition of light and shadow, shapes and colors.


On a late-day beach wander, we found this sea-denizen, or its fading carcass. Such striking, amazing colors!

Covered some ground

Concrete tunnel

The title is apt for our day; we did cover some ground. We also kinda went underground through this tunnel. I could not even read the last line of the sign “No trucks except standard height…” because, irony of ironies, truck-roofs had so damaged it that the letters have been bashed to near-oblivion.

Tunnel of trees

We also went through tunnels of trees. The green is beginning to pop. (Apologies for the insect grease.)


Then we made it to the ocean! Yay, Atlantic! Substantial marine layer for after noon…. Thanks, K!

Goodyear replaced wingfoot one

Southbound, we dodged some serious traffic, as the Day-tone-uh race (rrrrrrrr) was underway as we slipped south past it, keeping thousands of vehicles in actual parking lots and not out on the roads. Above we could see the Wingfoot One, but without the customary Goodyear name…and instead a hashtag advertising a Goodyear ad-video that will premier tomorrow.

Egret handicapped

Safely past the motor mecca, we headed for a place that advertised it’s fine view. Walking through the parking lot, we were glad we found a regular space, as apparently handicapped vehicles get special avian…attention…the kind that can damage the paint job.

Sunset diner view

Turns out the restaurant gave us seats to a terrific sunset show, and decent enough food. Won’t go back, but it was perfect for this evening.

Tired, we reached our destination. Yawn. G’night.

Gung Hei Fat Choi!

Church in Sun

Rural small towns in the Deep South: you will find churches, but not usually this large and fancy.

Wall artifacts

You will also find evidence that there used to be more buildings.

Spn moss ness

Go far enough south, and you will see Spanish moss (not a moss at all) festooning the trees, often oaks.

Pine plantation

Monocropping trends towards trees and…

Cotton bolls

…cotton (decorative sample). Also pecans and sometimes peanuts (neither pictured).

Horse hoofprints

The soils tend to be sandy, sometimes nearly white. You may see horse hoofprints.

Small town Fri night

And you know you’re in a small town when the restaurant puts the game to keep the kids occupied out in the street.

* (Chinese) Happy New Year!

Spring blossoming

Qunice bloom

Spring is arriving. I also have seen several cherries/plums in bloom around town. And camellias. Seems too early for the woody shrubs! Bulbs, yes….

So French, my Valentine commented

Trumpet king mushrooms

My valentine and I are both mushroom fans. So I created this menu: big mushroom sauté, marinated baked chicken, pot of rice vaguely pilafed, radish side.


Here’s the marinade for the chicken: chopped garlic and mint, lemon zest, fresh-ground black pepper, olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt. Also spooned it over the chicken while it was baking (twice). Put the marinated chicken on halved green onions (more fussy than my usual cooking style), with a few mint leaves—both to flavor the meat from below. Added the lemon slices a third of the way through the baking.

Lemon chick rice mushies

The mushrooms…sliced, sautéed in butter with a bit of salt—oh so simple. Added some chopped garlic and a few of the cooked mushies (and salt, duh) to the rice as it cooked. Added sliced green onion tops to the rice a minute before it was ready—and let it steam for a few minutes after the fire was off. Just put the salted, halved radishes in the microwave for a bit, presto!

Happy Val-Day!

Yes, it was yummy. Yes, there are leftovers for tomorrow. Chef is smiling for two lovely reasons!

Is what it is

Deer horn

Among today’s errands, we went to a mega-store of international grocery products. This is one product I saw in a locked glass case. No price. I decided not to ask. Not sure how much English the vendor had, anyway; in hindsight, probably enough for prices.

Swishswish carwash

Our next stop was to de-grime-ify the Prime coach. Love this place. There are stations where you vacuum and where you swab the exterior with big, wet, soapy long-handled brushes. All provided. Then, you go to the machine that takes your credit card and pay for as many chemical additives you want to add to the basic 4-dollar wash and dry. And fold in the side mirrors and put the tranny in neutral before entering.

Neutral is tricky to hit in this vehicle, not sure why. And the in-folded mirrors were extended by the whirling swabbing, cleaning, rubbery fingers and brushes by half-way through the Tunnel of Clean-a-tion.

Learning a bit about superionic water, so unintuitive to me when I read that it conducts electricity like a metal. Apparently, the asymmetrical magnetic fields of Neptune and Uranus may well be explained by superionic water. I live a sheltered life to just be learning about this NOW?


Martini Bones

Martini-lunch day…

HB table scatter

…celebrating my FIL’s 92nd birthday.