Closed Tuesday

N fort walkway harbor mouth

That’s the headline. As we got to the gate to the bridge to the “north fort” and also the MuCEM (pronounced museum), we saw it was closed and locked. Plan B time.

Plan B was walk down to the harbor front, then go right or north around the base of the fort on this narrow walkway, then work our way north. We started at the place we began to harbor-walk yesterday, but went the opposite direction.

Harbor entrance

We had a good view of the mouth of the harbor and a pedestrian ferry entering, along with a sailboat motoring out.

Ferry exiting

Further along, we could see a large shipping/people/vehicle ferry leaving the port headed across the Mediterranean; crossing is about 20 hours.

Wheel church mucem

We looped around the MuCEM building to a big terrace suitable for water-views; below it is a parking garage. MuCEM is short for Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée. Yup, closed. That brought us around to a land-view through the Ferris Wheel. The MuCEM is the black building, far right.

Corsica ferry leaving

Another ferry leaving. The Corsica route also crosses to Algiers, but takes 23 hours.

Ferris wheel up

Walked under the wheel. Did not feel compelled to take a ride. Nor did many other people, although we did see two young girls dragging probably grandma and grandpa toward the ticket office. Let’s get high!

Mall old facade

Working our way north past a ferry dock and passenger and car entrance/exit, looking inland the buildings are not new, and it seems preservationists are making developers preserve the façades. This orange-ish building with the white outlined windows is one end of a large, busy mall in the gutted interior. Can’t tell that from here.

Apple store w view

We did go in a mall on the water side. Also busy, and not just people off the ferries. Went up two levels and presto, an Apple store! With a fantastic view of the Mediterranean!

Terrace view

Little cool for sitting today….

Corsica being loaded

We walked through the store and onto the terrace. The north end was near a Corsica ferry being loaded. We saw semis rolling on.

Cathedral viewSW

Headed inland and passed on the land side of the cathedral. This is the route “home.”

We’re taking it easier today, probably just fine that we didn’t make it a museum day and need to apply our brain cells to thoughtfulness. Teehee!


  1. Dave L says:

    Looked like a beautiful day for pictures. Have you been to Marseille before? Are you heading north to Paris? Enjoying photos, thanks for sharing.

  2. Puppetlady says:

    Since we’re home and well, we can enjoy the tour. Beautiful!