You first

Joads of junque

We joined the highway hoards returning to their nests after holiday adventures (eating, shopping, hopefully laughing), and found these junque-laden Joads on the move. The retired schoolbus was packed and the maroon crossover(?) seemed the spriteliest vehicle of the bunch by far.

Bayou bridges

Note in this snap and the previous one that the traffic was heavier in the other direction. For something like 50 miles of interstate it must have averaged about 30mph. We only had momentary slow-downs in comparison. Don’t know the temporary migration patterns that would produce this differential.

Pier to land

We stopped in Pascagoula to stretch our legs at a park across from this pier. I surmise that all had been rebuilt after Katrina (now way back) in 2005.

Bollard top

The park had a shallow wading pool with misters that could have been no more than ankle deep on a toddler when activated. Off to the side was a sign: “Please rub top of bollard to activate.” The Guru looked at it and said, “You first.”

Nets n floats

We looked for a seafood place along the Gulf. The first choice was up on super tall pillars with a great view, but closed for cleanup (not cleaning). Ooops. But it was next to a marina full of working boats with nets not crab/lobster pots, which of course was very interesting.

White cap

We continued along the shore and found this place, not up on pillars, but still with a fine view of the water from the dining room.

Computational sunset

These nifty new phones/cameras are wonderful. These are the colors of the sunset. Ignore the insect blotches, plz.

Wall of foam

Deciding that it’d be wiser to get a needed car wash before we got to the desert, we went through the Wall of Foam (blue sign), and got the worst of the accumulated gunk (nastiness of oak residue was particularly worrisome on the hood) removed.

Computational bridge

There wasn’t any other traffic on the old US highway we took instead of the interstate parallel to the shore, and the Guru stopped so I could nudge the phone/camera into the land of computational photography. It was darned dark out, but it captured the bridge superstructure as well as a few stars in the night sky. Oh, boy, we’ll have fun experimenting this whole trip!

Grooving on autumnal


Asters are so autumnal.

Rock plant art

Especially aesthetic autumnal.

Warning: change is coming to our weather overnight!

Change of direction

Decorative grass

Beautiful shade of purple, and unexpected in a grass.

Tall objects

Assorted smallish tall objects.

Beltline art

BeltLine art and Ponce City Market, the former Sears Roebuck building.

Lantana berries

Lantana blooms and berries.

Small puffballs

Very small puffballs.

I pondered composing a screed about the inefficiency of bureaucracy, but: too familiar, too boring.


Free library

Free library in a churchyard. Did not check the titles….

Mustang no sally

Mild experimentation with wide-angle capabilities.


Kroger front

Yesterday our neighborhood Kroger re-opened. Or, at least, there was a Kroger here, but there’s a totally new building now, complete with two parking garages (one underground), and a high-rise apartment building. Far right is an old building on a different property. We made our first visit this morning. We passed on the Halloween swag, tasted a few of the offerings scattered throughout the store, and talked to several kindly and helpful employees. Two of three referred to a map to tell us where things were—Bob’s Red Mill dried-bean soup mix (one only, but not the one we like); organic fresh Italian sausage (none).

Beltline sign

They are trying for a new identifier. Locally this used to be called the Murder Kroger (after a parking lot event, if I have it right), or Wino Kroger by the Guru. One edge of the store is the Beltline, so: Beltline Kroger.

Beltline view

Here’s the view from the Beltline. Note the blue bow on the column, left.

Empty case

While most bins, shelves, and cases were nicely filled, with all items tidily aligned, this prepared-food section was empty. Someone decided that empty containers with post-its was better than totally empty. If the handwriting had been clearer, I could have browsed the offerings-to-be.

The checkout lady—we did serve yourself—was very helpful with corrections…five packages of 12-oz Starbucks coffee were supposed to be $5.99 each, but they rang up at the regular price ($7.99), not even the sale price (apiece)—$6.49. Plus, we were gifted some onions that weren’t in the menu at all.

We came out with assorted fresh veggies (salad stuff mostly), some uncured pancetta, and a few other grocs (e.g., coffee!!), plus their idea of a “Hawaiian” poké salad (fine, not exceptional; made for a more interesting lunch than we were going to have). We’ll go back….

It’s about the…


…spider. Duh. Secondarily: the sparkles in the web.

Potted plant

…potted plant. Secondarily: the geometric pillows.

Plant autumnal

…riotous autumnal shapes.

Homeward (no angel)

Southern States

Proof that we’re southbound. Also, proof that it was sunny early on.

Spitty rain

We drove into rain, and never out. Some stretches had incipient rain, but the perception was that rain would restart any moment.

Cow catcher

We made the NC transportation museum our big stop. It’s centered on a roundhouse, but I even saw a dugout canoe and motorcycles. My digital dictionary indicates cow-catcher is hyphenated; coulda fooled me.

Wagon hub

Wagon hub. Looks like a fancy locking pin.


Have no idea why forty men and eight horses.

Dusty car

Dusty, chrome-laden car.

Stone mtn

Aha! Stone Mountain.


Aha! Atlanta traffique.

Please stand by

Textile blue

Probably should have used this yesterday with my discussion about textiles. Only this is with cotton or something mimicking cotton.

Almost COLD this morning. Almost autumnal. Yay!

Haven’t heard a prediction on this, but I’m assuming we’ll get some rain here in Big-A-town from the spinning bands generated by the coming storm…Monday? Tuesday?


Photo mixtape

Among assorted post-trip photo-processing chores, I added selected images to our “screen-saver” collection. Great fun! And we can play the collection…anywhere.

The Guru does the complicated stuff, like geolocating images from the camera that does not support texting or phone calls; that takes real time and know-how!

Variations in white and green

Leaf art

I am possibly too fascinated by the patterns I see in nature, especially in plants.

Magnolia bloom

First big magnolia blossom I’ve noticed this year.

White and green is not a reference to MooU. It just looks like it might be.