Believe it or not

Darned close to true color.


Special exhibit

We “did” culture today. [Better in person.]

Detail of MRO’s dress.


Great hands. And the mini-hands show almost 4:30. PM, I assume.

GA to KY, and beyond

Once again, I create a post while the Guru is driving and by the miracle of technology I can upload it for your reading plezhur.

This morning was quiet-with-coffee, then a mini whirlwind of organizing, packing, cleaning, and miscellany. Then, under intermittent rain, we headed into the mountains, where the rain mostly ceased. After a hundred miles or two the overcast disappeared, and the sunset was clear. In Kentucky.

And after I make this post, the plan is to head on into, tahdah, Uh-hi-uh. Yup, northbound, we are.

Topical heterogeneity

Post life

Visual reference/joke*. [Also: yes, overcast and grey-gloomy.]

Bison meatballs

Bison meatballs ready for roasting, then adding to pasta sauce. Yum.

VA bicycles stop

I remember going through bicycle dos and don’ts in school, Brownies, 4H, plus from parents. In all: stop completely and put your foot on the ground at stop signs. Old curmudgeonly ways, it seems?

* This is a post, eh?

Artsy zinnia

Zinnia above

Lovely accident.


Midday light

With Covid raging, presidential hi-jinks, and enabler shenanigans, let’s focus on sunlight! We had it all day! Soooo wonderful.

Approaching sunset

The first photo is mid-day light streaming into the living room. This one is nearing sunset. Such warm colors! So calming. And this is good.



Color changed

I tried some filter fun with some naturally distorted images (through dirty window-glass).

BW changed

As you can tell, I didn’t spend long at it.

I like parts of both, but neither more than the other, on balance.

Oops times two

Oops erasure

Painted public errors can haunt you.

Oops antenna

Antenna problem with temporary fix.

New growth visual textures

Maple small

The title nails it (if I do say so myself). Decorative maple, with a few seed/helicopters (bright red).

Evergreen new growth

Evergreen showing new green (pushy, up-and-coming, feathery) and old green (tired, monotonous, inflexible).

Hedge new leaves

Hedge-trimmed something…with a few blossoms…rather a mixer.

Rampant ’rona

Mailbox paint

Closeup of mottled paint on a mailbox.

Chalk art

Sidewalk chalk art.

The crazy, topsy-turvy, chaotic, yea dangerous times…a version of the blues…and blues in the photo selections…somehow these linked in my mind.