Photo mixtape

Among assorted post-trip photo-processing chores, I added selected images to our “screen-saver” collection. Great fun! And we can play the collection…anywhere.

The Guru does the complicated stuff, like geolocating images from the camera that does not support texting or phone calls; that takes real time and know-how!

Variations in white and green

Leaf art

I am possibly too fascinated by the patterns I see in nature, especially in plants.

Magnolia bloom

First big magnolia blossom I’ve noticed this year.

White and green is not a reference to MooU. It just looks like it might be.

Scent hypothesis

Redbud backlit

Not far from the house I helloed with a fellow who was walking his dog. I don’t remember him or the dog, so perhaps we haven’t crossed paths before. He smelled strongly of patchouli and the dog was something like a black standard poodle. I kept going and turned the corner, and finally the patchouli scent faded.


Later, I walked in the street past a parked pickup, windows closed, as no sidewalks on that street; I couldn’t tell for sure, but wondered if it had been there all night. I caught the scent of pipe tobacco, or the sweet tobacco smell some of it has, as I passed the driver’s door. But only near the door.

Nonchemical weedkiller

My question: do smells linger longer in super-humid air?

If I had to do captions, I’d start with something along the lines of “backlit redbud leaves,” “rampant polebeans (auto-correct changed that to plebeians, harhar),” and non-chemical weed-killer (except it is made from petroleum chemicals, I recall).

Unexpected science

Anthill in granite

After the rain stops, insects get busy. I think of this as an anthill, but that’s a large passage for a typical ant. Ah, the rain has changed the ants, and now they’re mega-ants! 😃

This was unexpected…you can’t tell, but the reflection on this first-floor wall is from a window in the upper story of the opposite building. I guess the angles work, but on first glance I didn’t intuit that the window-ghost would be projected at a downward angle.

Or, if you prefer Bill Nye science, check out the latest John Oliver….

Public art. Plus.

Decatur red statue

Public art one: red bird, airborne.

Decatur bird statue

White bird: tethered.

I like the red one better; seems “free”er and less contrived. My imagination, perhaps.

Electric moped plate

“License plate” on rental electric moped. The second letter…you’re meant to see “U” not “O.” I see the intent, but it’s an “O” to me. The rest is…tacky. At best.

Friday Friday!

Create energy

Friday theme/goal, ¿no? Create energy! Bang a drum!

Picket fence corner

And some visual symmetry. Just ’cause.

Both metrics

Detritus/graffiti from the Sunday footrace…

Sidewalk redo

Broken sidewalk slope zone…will return to discover what it’s been converted into.

Blue slide

Color and shapes…I’m regressing. Or retro.

Buddha and Batman

Mini cement Buddha

Always enjoy this small, grinning Buddha; he really doesn’t mind the cold, it seems. Note that he was dry at photo-time; that’ll change.

Front plate Gotham

I refrained from capturing the steering-wheel cover, sporting repeated Bat-dude logos. Is the plate echoing the Joker’s laugh? So, what’s the message? That we should be worried? The Joker was the evil opposition to the Dude, no?

Title creation exercise

Scooter drop

Bird droppings.

Mums of gold

Mums of gold.

What are your proposed titles? I give mine a solid B, collectively, mostly because of the first one.

Yay for devices!

Night light

Been missing the sunset light. We also don’t have the sunrise light here, but I’m not always up for it…. And in the UP, we see the sunset sky, but not the actual sunset. Unless we walk over the hill. Which we sometimes do.

These days, we have the option of sending up Droney!