Painted by light

Jasmine puppets.

Artful prismatic.

Burger art

Looks better than real, with those highlights and that reflection. [Are there eels in that water? At one time, in southern Britain, you paid your rent in eels…. Details here.]

Fleeting lighting

Five minutes later, this prismatic effect had disappeared.

Photograph poem

Dewy morning.

Dew on blue.

Blue with clouds.

Red Japanese maple leaves. Okay, this is the line that changes the game, although it’s the end here.

Leaf report: ATL

Leaf color report from ATL: these must be red oaks! 🤣

Okay. THIS is an authentic assessment. Pretty darned green here.

My wee joke

I called this image grasslight. It has nothing to do with gaslight, or the verb created from the 1944 psychological thriller movie title.

Homage day

Dramatic sculpture. Simple concept. Well executed. A curved steel sheet with a cutout-outline, bent at a slightly different angle. Harder to describe than to contemplate.

Sculptor: Xavier Medina Campeny (b. 1943). Title: Homenaje a Martin Luther King. The sculptor is Spanish, from Barcelona. The piece was a gift from the 1992 Summer Olympics host city (yes, Barcelona) to Atlanta, the host of the next Summer Olympics, in 1996. [If Wikipeeee is correct.]

Being judge-y

This is a ho-hum photo of commercial decorative art, yet somehow it catches the eye. Still: it’s ho-hum also.

On a personal note: trying to stay calm in advance of tomorrow’s voting.

Delayed post

I did pick a picture, massaged it. Thought it over-saturated, yet interesting. Couldn’t figure out what to write, and was tired, so I just went to bed.


We will stay warm

You may be wondering if I put that leaf there. I did not. Serendipity touched my day several times in joyous ways—like this pretty leaf in an artistic location.

However, the weather is changing and tomorrow may be more slog than serendipity. I’ve been braced for this for several weeks, and now it’s coming.