Color changed

I tried some filter fun with some naturally distorted images (through dirty window-glass).

BW changed

As you can tell, I didn’t spend long at it.

I like parts of both, but neither more than the other, on balance.

Oops times two

Oops erasure

Painted public errors can haunt you.

Oops antenna

Antenna problem with temporary fix.

New growth visual textures

Maple small

The title nails it (if I do say so myself). Decorative maple, with a few seed/helicopters (bright red).

Evergreen new growth

Evergreen showing new green (pushy, up-and-coming, feathery) and old green (tired, monotonous, inflexible).

Hedge new leaves

Hedge-trimmed something…with a few blossoms…rather a mixer.

Rampant ’rona

Mailbox paint

Closeup of mottled paint on a mailbox.

Chalk art

Sidewalk chalk art.

The crazy, topsy-turvy, chaotic, yea dangerous times…a version of the blues…and blues in the photo selections…somehow these linked in my mind.

Edible colors

Small magnolia

While out for my walk, I experimented with portrait mode on flowers again.

Lichen mosaic

Also shot old school.

Night stairs

Night light fun: computational photo. I’m pretty sure the metal steps are painted black. The red came from fancy-SUV taillights, but the blue is a mystery to me.

Before I walked, I encountered a quote from Autumn de Wilde, director of the very recently released movie “Emma,” Jane Austin retold. She told the New Yorker/Sarah Larson that for the decor of Emma’s home: “I wanted it to be like a pastry shop. I told my departments, ‘The colors need to feel edible.'” I wondered what the most edible colors are. She went, the article says with a pink and green combo. Hmm. Depends on the food, but the flower and the lichen-on-brick seem to offer workable shades—the staircase not so much.


Bee portrait

I experimented with portrait mode today, using flowers as subjects. And a bee.

Double dills


Portrait camellia

Ruby camellia. Didn’t work as well with the nearby vegetation.

Taxus I think

This one didn’t work either, with the wood-chip background so close, but you get an idea what the programming is optimized to do. Ugly, and I’m a fan of evergreens.


Bee butt

Hanging out. (The bee.)

Leaves hanging on

Hanging on. (The leaves.)

Science moments

Prismatic bending

Light refraction.

Fern stomata

Fern stomata.

Circulation restricted?

Frost on car window

Apologies for going on about the weather, but today’s highs and lows were about 20°F lower than yesterday’s. Didn’t have frost on the car window yesterday….

Camellia flower drop

Cold snap may have played in this camellia flower drop.

Rusty yardart

Random artsy photo: close-up of rusty yardart.

Rotate 90

Rotate ninety photo: nothing more needs to be said. [Shadow has a lumpiness because I had lifted my hoodie sweatshirt to around my neck; gives me superhero shoulders.]

Title refers to a general lack of intellectual astuteness evidenced lately on this-here blog, and hypothesizes about why.

Perhaps the warming weather trend will provide a boost? On the other hand, we already have more rain this month than the January average, and more is coming this week. Eek!

Please stand by

Bauble bush

I found several homeowners deconstructing last month’s seasonal decorations. But this bauble bush survives intact.

Tree distortion

Of course, we know that month after month is a continuum, but our human brains want to categorize and divide. Perhaps last year was layered and distorted and not straightforward?

Sun bursting through

And this year will be bright and clearly defined?

Time will tell.