Reporting anthropology

First tricker-treaters: 5:15. Not dark at all.

When I was a kid, I remember taking the after-dark part seriously. I wanted it to be dark. Lack of light adds to the scariness, you know. That and long shadows…perhaps in motion. Eek.

Last trickers: same pair at 5:15.

Conclusion: we get the leftover candy. Reeses cups. Yay.

Forecast fun

Rain was predicted. Then this morning I heard talk of misting. However. Big however. Here, we received no precip until late afternoon, and then it was light.

Is following meteorologists better than the lottery?

Rain predicted for tomorrow

We played hooky from our responsibilities and chores, and went leaf peeping. Here’s the view to the piedmont as we climbed into the mountains…many leaves intact, some green, some not.

We looped around through the mountains and stopped at a cemetery on Angel Drive. Touching address. Dramatic, colorful plastic flowers on most graves. Abundant fluffy leaves.

We climbed up to Winding Stair Gap. Fewer leaves at elevation. Beautiful and sunny. This was the highest we got.

Lighting experiment

I experimented with stage lighting in portrait mode on this blooming beauty. Interesting, but only momentarily. Sometimes that’s enough…although I’m not feeling it today.

Delayed post

I did pick a picture, massaged it. Thought it over-saturated, yet interesting. Couldn’t figure out what to write, and was tired, so I just went to bed.


I’m no farmer

This was the height of my gardening success this year…this blooming basil (in front of the taxus or whatever that evergreen is).

I guess we were on the move at the wrong times, and the weather wasn’t wet/dry at the right times.


After I returned from a short-ish walk, JCB asked me how many election signs I saw. Hmmm. None that I noticed, but many, many Halloween decorations. I thought this was the most creative, especially from this angle.

Not peeking

I do like our primary bedroom en suite shower view. That’s a redbud waving at you.

Reaching for…(not perfection)

The motel that brought us to this spot: in need of updating. Their problem: the “bones”/structure of the property: unalterably lacking. Yet…the view: wow.
Credit to the management for tending to what they can.

Here, the valley-mountain topography offers a beautiful morning-moment that we don’t see in the UP or at home. A supremely unimpressive motel, and a terrific Appalachian morning-view.

Light along the way

With the exception of a delightful interlude in A-Squared, we have been logging mile….

…iterspersed with rest area stops. During those I found a few dramatic sunlight moments. Or semi-dramatic. These were both in Ohio.