Denizen H4WP

Note the feathered denizen in the foreground….

The lake/pond/flood-pool at H4WP is shaped like two kissing circles, and there’s a sidewalk more-or-less tracing the perimeter. Does that make it an eight-track?

Cheery dandy duo

Dandy duo

Despite being a bit breezy-chilly today, it looks like winter’s bite is easing.

For now.

Crick in neck?

Metal man pondering

I have problems “getting” sculptures and poetry sometimes. I like this anthropomorphic form very much, but I find the hands creepy…so I’m not showing them. Anyway, “he” has a great view of northern downtown/southern Midtown.


Drinking fountain CU

A localized drainage system (not as scenic as the snail spiral).

Out in the park to enjoy the late afternoon sunshine…I noticed many two-dog-walkers. Usually, solos predominate, but today I saw a lot of doggie duos—one was even a matched pair of sisters (or so they seemed…).

Look what’s peeking through the leaves

Crocus i

I think all the crocuses I used to have in my yard/garden are now gone; I must replace?

However much Boston and environs (and northerly places in general) are getting a heavy dose-o’the-white, we just have the early spring flowers here. Not terribly warm, with a steely breeze…yet, I rejoice…no frozen precip in our neighborhood.

Work-out creativity

Snail spiral drain

I think of this as the snail spiral. It’s an aesthetically modeled drain in the H4WP*.

I especially like it as a brain-exercise. I step along briskly on the grey stones, voop, up one side and back the other, a couple of times. Stepping on an irregular surface is supposed to be good for your brain. I’m trying to counteract the less…um…toughening…choices I make….

* H4WP=Historic Fourth Ward Park.

Incongruity in the city

Drinking fountain woods

I do enjoy the occasional strange urban juxtapositions, like a drinking fountain in the woods.

Actually, I’m deceiving you. Off to the right, out of the photo, is a tennis court….

Confusing scenario

Ambulance parked

Here’s the setup for a short story, or a scene in a longer piece. The place: an urban wasteland, relatively speaking, near an old railroad line converted into a walking path (aka the BeltLine) and near a transmission station, next to a drainage ditch, under power lines, and near a mixed-use complex that’s mostly housing (converted from light industrial) on the other side of the ditch. The confusing element: an ambulance, parked, lights flashing, no one around (I watched for several minutes, and just saw the running lights). Additional aesthetics: a grey, overcast sky beginning to clear, a quiet weekend morning with little human activity out-of-doors due in part to a stiff breeze and relative cold.

Possible story lines (a start): Is it a simple driver-hiding-out-from-work? Is it more nefarious?

Alone in the city

Beltline in drizzle

Last weekend when we walked the BeltLine, there was a constant flow of pedestrians, and a few bicyclists. Today, almost no one.

BTW, flag flying in the rain? I thought that was a HUGE no-no.

[Pause to G00gle.] Ah, it’s okay if it’s an all-weather flag. Assuming this is that kind. I could hear it flapping; it was really snapping in the breeze.

Fibonacci? spiral?

Decorative landscaping poss succulent

I rhombulated* here and there at Piedmont Park, and came across this creeper(?) between here and there. It’s kind of a plant armadillo.

I like the sound of this not-quite-a-word (even though I just got four G00gle-hits on it!).