Alone in the city

Beltline in drizzle

Last weekend when we walked the BeltLine, there was a constant flow of pedestrians, and a few bicyclists. Today, almost no one.

BTW, flag flying in the rain? I thought that was a HUGE no-no.

[Pause to G00gle.] Ah, it’s okay if it’s an all-weather flag. Assuming this is that kind. I could hear it flapping; it was really snapping in the breeze.


  1. Jay says:

    Hmmm… how often would a flag fly in Seattle?
    I do know they want to have it lit, if it is to fly at night.
    And I have been schooled in the etiquette for lowering to half-staff and then raising again.

  2. kayak woman says:

    I remember somebody once asking the Haisley principal why the flag was up in the rain. I don’t remember the exact words but apparently the safety patrol had a keystone cops kind of morning and the flag was up because it was *up* (as in *finally*). Nowadays, I’ve been noticing the Haisley flag seems to be up 24-7. Doubt that it’s an all-weather flag but who knows.