Jan 11

Remember January of this year? We were not living like we were on the precipice of a descent into a pandemic. We ate out that month, two fancy meals…. “Ate out…”—slow and casual dining, too: sounds radical today!

Jan 27

…and I had a beet salad each time. I do love a beet salad. These are proof.

Today we watched “Freight trains and monsters,” an episode of “Yellowstone.” There was no beet salad, although there were campfire biscuits. Neither beet salad was a freight train or a monster. BTW, that refers to non-preferred horses in the barn….

I’m foine

Fern sidewalk

Metaphor for my day? Mossy concrete and a low wall. Invasive ferns. Dangling ivy. Accumulating organic detritus. Other unidentifiable bits of life in a shady urban spot.

In a very good way.

Oops times two

Oops erasure

Painted public errors can haunt you.

Oops antenna

Antenna problem with temporary fix.



I typed in a name for this photo…I thought I was creating “skyline,” but what I made was “shyline,” which is a lovely error. Overcast equals shy? Still pondering….

Cat shadow

Sigh. Mmmmm. Cat loveliness.


Steps driveway

I’ve been eyeing this driveway and steps combo for years, watching the concrete degrade and thinking somehow there’s a photo here, but not finding a way to capture it. This comes close.

Big leaves

This is easier to grasp: leaves (almost) the size of a manhole cover! Ehem, sewer access lid…whatever.

Secret lives

Fungi under

I often find insects on my flower photos, and here are three insects: the large one under the cap on the tissue ring on the stem, plus the two darker dots on the cap-top: insects.

Is this a metaphor? For…what?


Colorful flower

Such a colorful flower (bud).


It makes such strange seed pods. Note texture, size, surface (aka total morphology)…little spikey pillows with pointy tongues.

Much more interesting than reading about fomite transmission rates for Covid-19—be much more worried about aerosol rates!

Nature’s/my experiments

Moldy fungi

Is this moldy fungi? I don’t remember seeing this combo before….

Lily portrait

Okay, portrait mode here…HAD to do it as the flower was standing away from vegetation/visual distractions, all by its lonesome: perfect for the stage-light option.


Detritus line

Last night, we had more rain, or more rain at once, than I noticed zzzzzz. Look at the line of detritus the water left behind. Not a wrack line, and neither flotsam nor jetsam. Just organic material without an ocean or tide.

BTW, that’s plastic not grass beneath the…Stuff.

Tales of details


This tale revolves around the Ridler brand…and silvery shininess.


This tale is centered on moving back in to your house after it’s been rehabbed to become a different house, but only partly different.

I haven’t found the tales yet, and I haven’t composed them either. You?