Edible Halloween art

Edible choppers

Marshmallow choppers and almond fangs.

I neither made nor ate them….

Upgrade and drops

Fall grass backlit

Back in the big city, and doing big city activities, like spending money on a new cell phone…just for me…with the number that used to be our shared number. The Guru hasn’t decided what number he’s going to use, so is temporarily cellphone-free.

I’ve downloaded a few free apps, and I took the 5s camera for a walk to get a few shots to analyze. I like the first one for demonstrating the capabilities of this seriously upgraded camera.

Walnuts n marlboro trash

And I like this odd composition…as a street-inflected juxtaposition of the discards of a tree and a pedestrian.


Red gold in fog

We drove a bit more than 200 miles in thick fog, but not so dense we couldn’t see nearby traffic. No vistas, though.

The fog coughed up a few surprises—that’s a colorful load of canned tomatoes!

Fast food influx

Picnic tables rest area

Seems like picnic tables at rest areas are mostly empty these days. My recollection of my childhood days is that they were regularly used.

Labor not needed

Log cabin door pen

A visual representation of the changing demographics of rural America…this is what mechanization has wrought.

We persevered

Bluff view sun

We had a few phases of spectacular sun, and this, the earliest, was the best. Of course, by late afternoon, it had devolved into rain.

Pink dawn

Sunrise behind woods

Glorious sunrise this morning, with frost on the field.

While the sun was out we did outdoor chores during mid-day. I finally got the rhubarb goosed with alpaca poop* and protected with newspapers à la The Botanist.

* Sincere thanks to W & S at Spinner’s End Farm.

Glowing cottage

Cottage maple leaves autumn

Temps as high as 44°F (nice, if the sun is out and it’s not windy) brought nearly the end of the snow. Sun and clouds played tag, with stints of rain now and again. Very inconsistent. Loved the sunshine times.

Today is Day One of a short series of loved-one’s birthdays. D. today. M. tomorrow. K. Saturday. HB to all! We will celebrate from afar….

Just wait 5/10/45/other minutes

Ice irony

This little juxtaposition is probably unnoticed by pretty much everyone passing by this still life, which lasts all winter.

The day has played out cycling between big drifting flakes and sun/melting, with a few episodes of overcast/windy. We’re in the latter at the moment.

We hear that north of here they got six to eight inches, but maybe half that here, but difficult to assess as there were so many melting cycles. Now there are just scattered patches of snow and most of the mowed grass is snow-free. Several times, the green was obscured by the white stuff.

Accumulations expected

Snow apple

This was less than an hour ago, when it had stopped and I thought, oh maybe this is all we’re getting.

But, no; it’s been coming down in big fat slow flakes for the last half-hour.

I promise this is the last of the morning oh-look-there’s-snow posts. And, the science experiment is: how much snow fade with this hotspot wifi?