Just wait 5/10/45/other minutes

Ice irony

This little juxtaposition is probably unnoticed by pretty much everyone passing by this still life, which lasts all winter.

The day has played out cycling between big drifting flakes and sun/melting, with a few episodes of overcast/windy. We’re in the latter at the moment.

We hear that north of here they got six to eight inches, but maybe half that here, but difficult to assess as there were so many melting cycles. Now there are just scattered patches of snow and most of the mowed grass is snow-free. Several times, the green was obscured by the white stuff.

Accumulations expected

Snow apple

This was less than an hour ago, when it had stopped and I thought, oh maybe this is all we’re getting.

But, no; it’s been coming down in big fat slow flakes for the last half-hour.

I promise this is the last of the morning oh-look-there’s-snow posts. And, the science experiment is: how much snow fade with this hotspot wifi?