Afternoon perspective

Grape leaves backlit

I succumbed to impulse this morning, and did an Instagram-style blog entry…forgive me.

After the dramatic early hours of the day, we ended up with a wash of pre-sunset sunlight backlighting, in this case, a few grapes still on The Botanist’s grapevine, over by the juniper and the peonies (the floral decorations on the path by the outhouse). I will have to nab those grapes, but maybe the fact that the critters have not already consumed them is an indication of their less-than-attractive flavor….

UPDATE: Whoops, more flurries, then just overcast at dusk. Sheesh.


Snow on wood apple

Winter Storm Warning off to the west.

Here: drifting flakes, then rain, then more flakes, now perhaps it’s clearing.

Just so it stays above freezing. ?

Commenter OOTF (Out of Town Friend—aka WDW) sent happy news yesterday. He is now a father-in-law. Congrats to the happy couple!