Happy almost…

Horse tails of autumn

Equisetum spp.

We’re in the closing hours of a year, that is, by one calculation…and we are reminded that backlighting adds a lovely dimension to the every-day world.

Kitchen smells…gooood

Paperwhite trio the first

The first trio of the paperwhites are open. I bought ten bulbs, selected from the same box. I don’t understand why they their progress is so staggered; others are just three inches tall.

Throat report: improvement

Juniper berries on the ground

Thanks in part to Pooh’s (aka Cyclopath’s) reminder to me of the warm saltwater gargle, my throat is better, and hopefully the improvement trend will continue.

One of the paperwhite bulbs, planted about 10 days ago, has opened two blooms. I caught a whiff as I watered them. Our future is scented!

Our wonderful, thoughtful neighbor Diane brought us hot bean and ham soup (the tastiest I’ve ever had!) and a luscious cornbread with onions and spinach that was outta-this-world, all hot and ready at lunchtime. We are lucky! (Southerners know just how to treat a neighbor’s sore throat.)

The juniper berries I found over behind the stores in Little 5. Made me think of gin. So, I’m having a medicinal gin-and-lime juice….

Cross your fingers for me

Droplets on red green

Red, green, and droplets.

I looked after my body today, dosing myself with a range of liquids, plus some sunshine during an early afternoon stroll to the library (yes, and back!). Since this morning, I rotated through water, café au lait, water, water, hot green tea, water, martini (and that’s where I am; I anticipate more water in the near future…ho hum).

This regime was spurred by an almost-throat tickle, and a strange backnote to my voice. Let’s hope it is not an incipient sore throat.

Focus! Focus!

Wintery birdbath reflection

Rain overnight is moving up levels of Lake Lanier—Atlanta’s drinking water source.

I stripped the turkey carcass and have broth on the way. I managed to avoid letting it boil—just simmer—so it’s still clear. Yippee!

Mid-day, after post-turkey processing cleanup, the rain stopped and a pallid sun attempted to emerge. Taking advantage of what I figured was the best weather of the day, I made it over to Piedmont Park for a loop under once-again overcast skies.

Surprises and not-surprises

Early bulb DEC on Amsterdam

When we walked today, I expected to find the odd azalea bloom, but not this bulb’s flower, or the not-pictured redbud. I’m thinking this is some twist of La Niña plus global warming.

Meanwhile, we’ve spent the day periodically raiding the fridge and kitchen in general for leftovers.


Extra points to anyone who recognizes the structure behind the bloom….

Feast vs banquet

Table after banqueting before dessert

It’s a long story, but around here, “it’s a feast,” announced at the onset of a group meal, has a complicated history that’s become a bit loaded. We’re trying out substitute vocabulary: banquet.

The noun form works perfectly, but the wrinkle is in the verb—they aren’t as interchangeable.

The photo is at the pre-dessert lag when we all hoped what we’d consumed would compact to make room for…two kinds of pie! With fresh-whipped cream!

Waiting for Mister….

No flash tree lit up

…um, no, for Santa Claus!

Not to be confused with sardonic clause. Or sumpin.

Bad-kid buttocks

TJs brat buns

This was much too good not to post….

…and it is not referring to the latest Survivor winner, Sophie Clarke, either, whom the venerable Ozzy called a spoiled…you guessed it.

Upside-down season

Bulbs away week 1

In this season, when the plants outdoors are dying back, we have bulbs being forced in the south window, and we just brought in a whole pine tree to fill one corner of the living room, severed from its roots in its youth.