Throat report: improvement

Juniper berries on the ground

Thanks in part to Pooh’s (aka Cyclopath’s) reminder to me of the warm saltwater gargle, my throat is better, and hopefully the improvement trend will continue.

One of the paperwhite bulbs, planted about 10 days ago, has opened two blooms. I caught a whiff as I watered them. Our future is scented!

Our wonderful, thoughtful neighbor Diane brought us hot bean and ham soup (the tastiest I’ve ever had!) and a luscious cornbread with onions and spinach that was outta-this-world, all hot and ready at lunchtime. We are lucky! (Southerners know just how to treat a neighbor’s sore throat.)

The juniper berries I found over behind the stores in Little 5. Made me think of gin. So, I’m having a medicinal gin-and-lime juice….

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  1. kayak woman says:

    Glad you are feeling better. The GG obviously did not comprehend *my* blahg yesterday because this morning he asked me if *I* was okay. Duh. Yes. I do not have any cold symptoms at all! That is Sam with the sore throat… 🙂