Oregano, sí y no

Oregano commencing blooming

Photo is of oregano (in front garden), although nice-spice for dinner was coriander seed. Didn’t even use oregano in the salad.

Why do I use coriander when it’s seed and cilantro when it’s a leaf? Same plant….


  1. Mary Jo says:

    I am one of a few who LOVE cilantro, I mean LOVE it! It’s great in a peanut butter, mayo and cilantro sandwich, with as much cilantro as you can pile on and fit it in your mouth!! Coriander on the other hand I only use in a few stews and see it in corned beef packets. Interesting that in your link “The different perceptions of the coriander leaves’ taste is likely genetic,…”. Maybe the genetic perceptions extend to skunk smell which I find to be like a not too-unpleasant strong lemon juice smell while others find it very offensive. Could be why I became a zookeeper! A study of the senses of smell among zookeepers compared to the general public would be interesting.

  2. Sammy says:

    NEVER tried PB&cilantro sandwich. Good with a brewski? Or—stupid question? 😉