Two more things…

Lupine twins

First, the lupins/lupines are beginning to bloom! Just today; not yesterday.

This second one’s trickier. JCB and I have seen a white!! raptor!! soaring above the grasses above the field and through the orchard, yesterday afternoon and today, too. Not many times, but a few. It’s white. Like, very white. With black wing-tips and tips on the tail feathers. At least that’s what we think we’ve been seeing. Haven’t got the glasses on it.

Went through two editions of Sibley’s studying all the pictures, and there seems to be only one possibility: gyrfalcon, white variant. It’s a majestic bird.

Inhale (use your imagination)

Lilac CU

Do you say lie-locks or lie-lacks?

The Guru wrangled the lawnmower, traipsing across the ENTIRE lawn, all the nooks and crannies—no big rectangles here…. The sun was out and it was a hot, red-face-inducing job.

This being Michigan—one of the places where the saying goes “if you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes”—the weather indeed did change. The ten-minute window wasn’t met, however. Instead, the sun dipped behind clouds just as he was returning the mower to its parking place in the garage.

Sure enough, after he got out of the shower he checked the radar, and there’s a precip blob to the southwest moving our way….

Lawn now looks great! And so does the terribly strange screen-protected garden-mound sown with both seeds and sheep/alpaca/llama poop (thanks so much, Sherry!)….