Twists of life

Bromley yes snowy

Isn’t this the way it goes? Well, not always, but enough times that it dominates your memories (creating anxiety?). Perhaps you’ve experienced a version of this….

We headed out on a winding two-lane road, yeah, a small line of traffic ahead of us, but they were locals, and as we got farther from town, they lefted or righted out of our path. Soon, it was just us and a tanker truck, with him leading. Sigh. He rolled pretty fast considering the upgrades and curves. Still, we were stuck following.

Then, after a while, on flipped his blinker. Yippee!, we thought! Freedom!

As he made his slow turn into a gas station on the left, we could see a fully-loaded logging truck pulling into the tanker’s old position in front of us….


However, luck was with us and the road opened up a bit, as you see, and our intrepid driver was able to careen around the slow-mover, and we could enjoy the terrain ever so much better.

With white stuff….


If I’m not mistaken, the AT crosses this peak….


  1. kayak woman says:

    It sounds like your Prius hasn’t been going over 60 mph lately 😉 Joking aside, that is *very* frustrating!

  2. Sammy says:

    That was perhaps the least offensive thing the guy said, but was certainly not the most inaccurate….