Cyber sunshine


It’s rainy out there this morning, with precip expected to continue into the evening, albeit at decreasing intensity.

I’m up early, or rather at my winter normal of 5-5:30 am (no matter when I go to sleep, oddly and unfortunately). I’d rather have more sleep in these dark hours, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

Anyway, absent walkable weather (for a while), and with time on my hands (for a bit), I thought I’d break my pattern and blog early. Very early!

And, to bring sunlight to the day, I select this photo from earlier this week: the new outdoor pool at Piedmont Park (which seems nearly overfilled from recent rainfall). It’s part of the renovations there along with the new parking garage and gardens installed by the ATL Bot Garden. While this hardscaping etc. provides interesting new visual scapes, I also hear that the ABG now turns away local garden/plant groups they used to let use their meeting rooms, which seems a poorly conceived management trend.

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