Looking out

Rock surface

We were going to take a steam-train today. Then, the weather looked worse today than tomorrow, so we switched to Sunday.

Then, the train people cancelled—too much rain expected along the tracks. And it’s supposed to be worse east of here, especially in South Carolina—and that’s without a Joaquin landfall. We’re, of course, hoping the wind stays…minimal.

Beauty bush

Love the unexpected color of the beauty-bush berries.

Slow news day

Ginger fleur

Ginger blossom.

Learned new vocabulary today: fipple and aerophone. Fortunately for me, they’re related.

Errant branch

Only one branch is predicting autumn’s arrival.

In other news, I found hints of fall in a neighborhood tree…

Possum in cage

…and saw the critter that the exterminator removed from a neighbor’s house.


Concrete plain

There’s plain concrete…with a surface treatment (swab swoop?).

Concrete w husk

Here’s a different, knobbly concrete…with a decorative nut-husk.

Mailbox neckwear

On the other hand, this is a mailbox with living, green neckwear.

Bounty in limitation

Pano Yellowstone

Yeah, a pano deserves to be BIGger, wider, LARGEr. This is my canvas, however….

Dunno why, but several times today my thoughts drifted back to our fine days at Yellowstone last month.

Can’t be the weather. We had afternoon rain, not forest-fire smoke….

Anyway, here’s a travertine-geyser shot. Think about the hot sunshine, the strange sulfur smells, the unevenness of the boardwalk, the diversity of t-shirt and cap decorations…all contributing to my experience of this moment, captured in pano form by my now wildly outdated iPhone.


Waves crashing

Down on the beach this afternoon, I watched the waves rolling in, not crashing, unless your perspective was right down on the beach. After all, no white caps.

Love the wee ridges the waves leave on the sand when they recede. I figure it’s related to differential surface tension along the edges of the liquid.

And there, not far down the beach, a crab claw, all blue-tinted. Poor crab. Sacrificing an “arm” to art…let’s hope….

Bee body lure

And, lording it over all the beach-wave (capillary) action, this bee-lure body part (?), no doubt washed up by similar waves, and collected last week by a sharp-eyed cousin/cousin-husband.

Ah, these are the things that catch my eye when our exit is hours away.

Hot, sticky—time for a dip

Afternoon lakemoon

Time to cool off; thank you, lake. And look at that moon, that dot high in the afternoon’s center-sky.

Small clamshell

On the beach, the flotsam and jetsam included this little gem, the nacreous home of an absent, soft-bodied creature.

A different perspective

Another lake view

Same lake, different shore-view. Foggy here, too. Love the reeds.

Lichen farm implement

I do not expect to see this many lichen colonizing a metal object. Still, this hay cutting bar implement was festooned.

Field and ex-farm

Orchard field view

Our clothes line has been down since the other clothes-line post rotted at the base and no longer stood upright. The remaining post has become a sculpture, bearing mosses and enterprising spiders.

Somehow, other chores keep rising to the top of the to-do list, and the sculpture remains. We hang the wet stuff inside.

Where the tent is. I’ll take that down tomorrow, and maybe replace it with swim-wet gear.

Beyond The Rivers

001 LkMI ex dock

With the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers behind us, I was on pins and needles to see Lake Michigan. Our first views were near a series of dock-ruins. This one is made, I think, of concrete sections.

002 wooden type

We made a side trip to a wonderful wood type museum in Two Rivers. I knew nothing about the history of the Hamilton company; now I know more.

003 LkMI MI

The previous LkMI shot was from WI. This one’s from MI soil.

004 wild golden hour

Oh, the light! I totally grooved on this evening’s golden hour.

Prairie and Midwest

01 tallgrass prairie roots

Mostly there are fields, plowed, planted, this time of the year. What was here was tall-grass prairie. It wasn’t just grass, but an assortment of deep-rooted plants, well suited to occasional dry spells.

02 Miss R

Yesterday we crossed the Missouri; today, the Mississippi. Water levels are holding for now, which makes sense given how green the landscape is. The plants, I mean.