Pretty (spotty)

Woods view

During a short stint of sunshine in mid-afternoon, I slipped out and took this shot of the woods. You can see there’s some color, but still plenty of green.

Birches starting to change

These birches behind the cottage are showing some gold.

Lake view

After a mostly overcast day (the photos are from the brief sunny interludes), the clouds mostly cleared at sunset/dusk, and the lake became quiet.


Color on our road

I made a grocery run, very local. Bread and milk. I know that’s a standard joke, but true today. Over off the northeast side of the lake, the leaves are well within the golden orange/brown bronze continuum, with considerable green remaining, and bits of red. This is our road, same latitude, but far more green—and many of these are maples. A Ma-Nachur mystery.

Cottage maple

This maple, right next to the cottage, has far more colorful leaves, and many are already falling. This tree runs ahead of its neighbors every autumn, in my observation.

Raccon tracks

Down at the beach, the water was quiet, revealing a narrow sand strip. I think these are raccoon tracks.


And this rowboat…it showed up early in my childhood, making it about a half-century old. If I remember correctly. The moss and lichen are creatively obscuring the STAGECRAFT logo….

Here’s another “track” (broadly defined)…about a half-mile north of us is a swamp, maybe a quarter-mile along the road. The road bumps along only about a foot above typical water level. Sometimes, there’s a weather change at the swamp; this may sound unlikely, but I’ve noted it over and over. It happened today. As I passed north, headed for my shopping, the asphalt was wet, just damp, in the swamp, and beyond. At our end of the road, nope, dry—the air was humid, but no rain. It is expected broadly across the area before dark, however.

Harvest-time fruits

Barberry fruits

I didn’t actually pick any of these barberry berries.

Plum tomatoes again

These, however…what can I say; we got a prolific plum tomato plant by sheer luck.


Morning sun thru squirrel cage

Early morning sun…has crested trees and is backlighting droplets on squirrel-cage hardware cloth, making them spherical diamonds. Photo doesn’t capture magic.

Late sun over Manistique river

Late evening sun…shining upstream along the Manistique. Bubbles are natural foam from upstream cedar swamps (chemistry) plus rapids (to stir it up).

Wally dinner

Between the two all kinds of things happened (as in rrrrrt (imagine turning wheel of vehicle), change of plans), including my Wally Dinner. I might have called it walleye. Definitely yummy.

Color no-bars

Linear foam lake

Yesterday’s blustery continued through the night and all day. Here’s the lake by afternoon. Stirred-up sand and sediments make the water unclear. I have only rarely seen linear foam patterns like this. Not sure what factors produce it. Note the boiling grey sky….

Tiny red shroom

Such a tiny mushroom, and so colorful….

Brown eyed susan

One lingering brown-eyed susan….

I could write a short story?

Swamp river view

We drove across the swamp on a gravel road that’s atop a corduroy road. Saw only a few bits of corduroy, as the wood is now well-covered and pressed into the swamp-murk. The road was lined and sometimes crossed by plenty of puddles from yesterday’s rain.

Later, westbound on the north edge of the swamp, we encountered a dirty white pickup towing a garden rake, much narrower than the bumper it followed and probably from a large multi-purpose mower-machine. I think they were scuffing the road surface to come back and look for deer/bear tracks. Of course, I suspect the immediate goal was primarily to drink beer.

I was glad to see that in spite of all the rain, the Tahquamenon was running clear. Means runoff is controlled upstream. A minor victory in the world of logging, clearing, and climate change.

Friday karma

Buddha in bowl

What could be a better surprise find than a Buddha in a bowl?

Driveway survivor

Perhaps a blooming driveway survivor?


Brick wall decoration

As far back as I can remember, I liked the juxtaposition of round and angular geometric shapes. What does it mean that these these forms are common on ancient pottery, if decorated at all….

Sky vs sky-in-puddle

Pickets against sky

My photos from this morning’s walk were mostly mundane and uninspired.

Puddle reflection

These two, however, have something going on, both with the sky and quite different.


Utility disguise

I saw this out of the corner of my eye and had to back up to make sure what I was seeing. Yup, contact paper that looks like a brick wall. I agree with the idea; this is better than a grey metal box, especially for a spot you see near-daily—plus this is a big utility box!

Stump fungi

This stump is losing its battle with the fungi. Their function in the wild is as part of the army of living things that breaks down dead things. I’m no specialist, but I counted five visually different fungi in the process of turning this oak into dust.