What’s old is new

New river gorge

Turns out the New River is an anomaly. It crosses the Appalachians yet is not tidal. It is geologically ancient despite its name.

We found it simply darned pretty.

I’m ready to go back and get to the bottom of it, however….

Duh (see photo)

Lights on

I’m not sure we can make one of those universal assumptions, but today’s data point indicates that drivers should expect fog on the way to Knee of Kennedy, or Wrist of Washington, or Leg of Madison, or Mouth of Wilson. Whichever is real.

Light n lines

Morn sun wires

I’ve been seeing robins several times each day bobbin’ in the back yard (garden). But I can tell the squirrels have been busy, too.

In an almost-non-sequitur, one fellow I passed today when I was walking had on a t-shirt that read The SQUIRREL WHISPERER. I figure there was a great story there, but I didn’t ask.


Darn Google. Apparently it’s a sky-mall item. Darn darn. My version (in my head) was better!

My luck

Crape sun pickets

When I depart, it’s no longer dark, although I don’t see the sun. I begin to make my “side loops,” up and back on side streets that add steps without taking me farther from home. I find spots of sun and delightful shadows. I hear doves. I see several cats, awake and watchful.

Hunting? Certainly posing like they’re hunting.

I pass under a tree and feel a leaf land softly on my neck. I reach up to brush it away. It’s not a leaf. Ick.

Wasn’t a bird. Must have been a caterpillar. I’ve been poop-bombed by a caterpillar!!

Got high

Sky view over wing

Yeah, we made like sardines* and got high today. Great views of Rainier as we drove to the airport before sunrise. Also saw a quick view as the plane turned onto the runway. Then we leveled out over the Rockies, and I watched the sierra-layers until the cloud cover obscured visibility.

* Ancient plane compared to the last few we’ve flown state-side, with no screens in the seat-backs.

Pano eve

Pano d sunset

So much fun today. I’ll just give you the sunset. Not quite so spectacular as yesterday, but darned fine!

Boat on rocks

Painted skin CU sunset

The sunset sky was a gorgeous orange trending to pink. I promise you that I have not adjusted the light-color at all on this painting—this is exactly the hue MaNachur (apologies for repetition from yesterday) delivered for about twenty stunning minutes.

LATER. Oops, silly me. It’s not a boat on the rocks, it’s a walrus hunt across the entire piece, and this is a close-up of the sled, and part of the team of harnessed dogs preparing to pull the sled over ice chunks. Sheesh and oh boy did I not look at what was right in front of me…. Long day. Different time zone.

Still beautiful

Sprinkler drops

I was all starry-eyed when I found these lovely droplets on this feathery vegetation. The experience lost some of its luster when I realized they weren’t dew, it was sprinkler-water.

(Almost) complete blank

Rooftop reflection

Not thinking of a thing that’s particularly entertaining to record in this space. Informative, yes—but…. Soooo, here’s a pretty….

Differential exposures

Light in sky above gas station

6:41 this morning….

To my eye, it was nowhere near this dark.