Pano eve

Pano d sunset

So much fun today. I’ll just give you the sunset. Not quite so spectacular as yesterday, but darned fine!

Boat on rocks

Painted skin CU sunset

The sunset sky was a gorgeous orange trending to pink. I promise you that I have not adjusted the light-color at all on this painting—this is exactly the hue MaNachur (apologies for repetition from yesterday) delivered for about twenty stunning minutes.

LATER. Oops, silly me. It’s not a boat on the rocks, it’s a walrus hunt across the entire piece, and this is a close-up of the sled, and part of the team of harnessed dogs preparing to pull the sled over ice chunks. Sheesh and oh boy did I not look at what was right in front of me…. Long day. Different time zone.

Still beautiful

Sprinkler drops

I was all starry-eyed when I found these lovely droplets on this feathery vegetation. The experience lost some of its luster when I realized they weren’t dew, it was sprinkler-water.

(Almost) complete blank

Rooftop reflection

Not thinking of a thing that’s particularly entertaining to record in this space. Informative, yes—but…. Soooo, here’s a pretty….

Differential exposures

Light in sky above gas station

6:41 this morning….

To my eye, it was nowhere near this dark.

Life on a wee scale

Micro mossy world

While it was still super-overcast and before the spitty rain started this morning, I wandered about outdoors. Typical landscapes looked crappy, even if the exposure was right, because the sky was so flat. I thought: I need another plan.

And so I futzed with a few mossy shots. Preferring not to get on my knees in the wet grass complicated matters. However, as an adventure in creativity, I enjoyed myself.

Water water…

Mead creek mouth in flood
Rotten gasket

This is the mouth of Mead Creek (foreground), where it flows into the Manistique River (flows right to left, background). We were pleased to note that the banks of the Manistique showed marks that indicated that the water has dropped on the order of 2.5 feet over the last few days. That’s a LOT of water that’s now in Lake Michigan!

Speaking of water, the plumbing parts are from a fix-it project the Guru kindly took on. Sounds like today is Part 1 of a 2-part undertaking (as in: back to the hardware store tomorrow). Note how degraded that gasket is—probably installed in the 60s? earlier?—not sure….

Huge changes: coming o’ green

Woods aleafing

Eleven days ago this view was…trunks, branches, and no green atop the trees.

You can’t see the hoards, clouds, and aggressive platoons of black flies. Trust me; they are waiting to vampire you, me, and every unprotected mammal around!

Just before sunset, we watched deer at the edge of the treeline—the first ones we’ve seen on the place this visit. Tracks, yes, but bodies—not until this evening….

Changes underway

Tahquamenon lower falls high water

Yesterday you saw the Upper Falls; this is the Lower Falls. There was at least one additional set of falls that logger-developers removed in the later 1800s.

Today has been a “bits” day: bits of this and that, so that when you look back you wonder what you did. One thing I do know: I’m making progress with Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch (2013).

Today’s sunny has become overcast, and a breeze is kicking up.

Social day

Tahquamenon upper falls

We hiked about the upper and lower falls of the Tahquamenon from morning through midday with KW and the Twinz. The trail between is closed due to high water. However high this water appears to you, it is flowing over the falls at only half the rate of the highest recorded flow-rate. Wow!

Then we had a bit of downtime in the late afternoon, before we went to the neighbors for venison chili (perhaps the best chili I’ve ever had—succulent!) dogs and a fantastic salad. Most important was we laughed and laughed, and Facetimed with “Keep on Truckee” L.