Light = heat

Early light

I was out early this morning—another day predicted to get into the 90s (which became a fact). Not a good situation—this heat plus high humidity—for exercising…. So this is the morning sun getting ready to make air conditioners busy.

Visual light

Leaves against darkness

Inspired by the Guru…leaves against darkness. Love the concept…I think his version is more eye-catching….

Color contrast garden

Look at the color contrasts in this garden. It’s on a lot that someone bought and emptied of the house that was here, then turned it into a garden. A gift for us all; don’t know what the taxes are on an empty lot on this street-corner…thank you, stranger(s).

Leaves of notgrass

Now this is sheer visual pleasure. Enjoy these leaves of not-grass.

Lighting (lesson) trio

Fire station no 19

Neighborhood landmark. [Good to be home.]

Blackbird mosaic

Blackbird art.

Pink hibiscus backlit

Hibiscus silhouetted against the sky, and backlit.

Extraneous data

Chives abloom

Turns out the electricity came back sometime after midnight and before 1AM. I slept through the signal, but the Guru heard the radio playing dance music. We forgot it was on when the power…went.

So, in the interests of recognized continuity, these are the chives I remember from my deep childhood, probably escaped from great-grandmother’s garden maybe shortly before WWII. Maybe. Without a doubt, they have been here a while. Baked potatoes anyone?

Rhubarb jewels

Today’s big excitement was picking the 2016 crop of rhubarb and making a simple compote with a bit of water and more sugar than I expected. No photos of the deep crimson compote…none of that greenish, grayish stuff, just a deep red sauce extracted from these jewel-tones…. The fine genes of our rhubarb are from careful husbandry a decade ago (and more) by the Botanist. [Tomorrow’s chore is to weed the (surviving) five rhubarb crowns and give them the gazinta to get through another summer/winter.]

Gate lupine

Okay, an artsy shot. The gate has sentinel white lupines. And outside, to the left where you cannot see, is a robust group of lilacs I do not remember from times past. Clearly, my memory is from years ago, and not from, well, last year.

Sometimes, anyway.

Misc and various

Backlit apple tree

Backlit photo number one: an apple tree this morning.

Freighter entering locks

Here’s a high bridge view…freighter entering locks. Nope, didn’t look up the name. Lame me.

Two NAmn flags

Here’s proof we left the country to visit our northern neighbor for a bit.

Not an exit x3

They are curious/nosy in Sault Mich. All doors must be labeled, even if the label is only slightly helpful.

Backlit fern frond

Backlit photo number two: a fern frond this evening.

Afternoon wander

Maize emerged

How does it get to be JUNE so quickly? This is a tiny, emerging maize plant, less than an inch tall. Very early for sweet corn here…relatively warm plus enough moisture equals stimulated seeds.


I learned this as pussytoes, but it looks slightly different from the one in my wildflower book. A different species, I suppose. Tried to photo them the other day and failed as the wind kept wobbling the stems.

Glassy lake ducklings

I love the lake when it’s glassy like this, such a mirror for the sky. Later I could count the mallard’s ducklings: seven; that’s quite a brood.


I mean this two ways…

Bridge out where

Here’s a sign from our woods trek yesterday. The way we went there was no bridge out. Mystery signage….

Poison ivy sign

We found this lovely sign today. I don’t remember ever seeing one like this. It is very correct. We speculated that it was to inform fisherfolk and canoeists/kayakers who didn’t know much about the out-of-doors, although the fact that it was situated for people on the road suggests our hypothesis is bunk.

Breaking waves foreground

It was windy last night and all day. This morning it rained, but the sun came out by mid-afternoon. The waves are a sign of the windiness, roight?

Learning curve

Stanley Lake

Since we drove up the Woods Machine, we felt compelled to play hooky from chores and head for the creeks, ponds, lakes, rivers, and forests of the northland. In this lake we found a fine downed log with a half-dozen turtles aboard, their shells blue-black and shiny in the sun.

Bluebead lily

In the woods we found many of these. I had to look them up: bluebead lily. I have seen the blue fruits/seeds later in the summer, but never associated a flower with them. It’s about time!

Pink ladys slipper

We saw several of these showy orchids, pink lady’s slippers. We also saw a single group of small white lady’s slippers. I don’t remember seeing them before. Did we miss more?

Fringed polygala

I have no recollection of seeing or looking up these distinctive flowers. We saw just one cluster. If I have identified it correctly, it is in the milkwort family (rural folk thought consuming them would up milk production—in humans and cattle), and is Polygala paucifolia, commonly called fringed polygala or gaywings. Neither term is familiar. My guide notes that its bloom “resembles a tiny airplane without a tail;” not sure I would have made that observation….



The barrel is now in place awaiting rain. I see the playhouse looks…unattended…from this angle….

Late day sun

The late-day sun highlights the woods; you can see these trees are almost fully leafed out. I expect that up at Lake Superior, the trees are less leafed out.

Trillium old pinkish

The trilliums are still in bloom on the forest floor, but are reaching the end of their flower-phase. Here’s a lousy photo….

Water notes

Fox at MeadCreek

Here’s the ___ River at Mead Creek. In my distracted mind, it’s the Fox River and a few miles and more bends downstream from where Hemingway had Nick Adams fish. But it’s not the Fox. Well, Nick Adams didn’t exist, either….

Birches on bluff over lake

A cluster of birches on the bluff above “our” lake…sturdy against the wind. This morning was a bit rainy (and the landscape needs the rain—dry spring), and the afternoon turned into clear and windy.

The lake

And the wind piled the waves inshore…but not as far as I had feared. The beach is holding its own….

UncDave reflections

This isn’t truly water, only a reflection in the brass chest my uncle made. Looks rather like water, however….