Foot placement

Corner steps Yellow brick steps

I thought about steps today, about architectural solutions to elevation change between the sidewalk and a house. Nothing monumental in that…just functional problem-solving.

Mud prints

This is simple, however—footprints in mud. People (sneakers) and dog.

Are Fitb_t steps (possibly simply footfalls?) simpler or more complex?

See the scent?

Alley scented

So, during her pre-dawn prowl, KW discovered—and photographed (a coup!)—a curious raccoon. During my midday prowl down this alley, I saw no raccoons, but I did smell a skunk. Scents don’t photograph (obviously), so you’ll have to imagine….

Winter grey planting

Bonus texture photo…this plant is vanquishing winter.

Times a‘changing

Birdbath bird

Rusting bird in a shallow birdbath…metaphor for…????…the stability of iron molecules???

Waning light

Getting on toward sunset…loving the reflections on the power lines.

Stacks sunset

Waning light at The Stacks…not gonna be seeing this very often or ever going forward.

Fun multiple ways

Hum bao trio

We returned to the favorite Chinese restaurant, and had the homemade noodles we’d had before, but all the other dishes were different. Plus, mid-day on weekends, they have additional offerings that are more…labor-intensive? Anyway, these were something like BBQ steamed buns, or hum bao (my guess on spelling; I know bao is the steamed bun part).

Green lake ice skim

Then, we walked about a third of the way around Green Lake to stretch our legs and get our big luncheon to settle into our toes (or something). And back. Parts had a skim of ice, even after mid-day and in the sunshine….

After that, we whiled away the afternoon at the new Star Wars movie. Lots of wars. Or several battles in one war. Plot twists. H_Ford family-talking with now-General Leia. Too many annihilations for me….

Noise of several types

Log creek

I walked along the path near the creek, and tried to hear it burble. I could easily hear a huge flock/murder of crows down by the creek mouth, both in the water and in the overhanging trees, just cawing away (“this is MY branch; get your own” over and over, I imagine). Up the valley, I could hear a bag-piper; was it music from “Outlander,” I wondered. I had to adjust my path to get close enough to the creek to hear the water-noise. Finally, yes! Then, my phone rang.

I wasn’t even sure I had service down in this valley. Turned out the oldest kid was out of school—closed because of a bomb threat. Sigh. Okay; readjust afternoon plans. We can do that.

Ice cream cake underway

Youngest nephew is having buddies over for spaghetti, with ice cream cake dessert. Oreo cookie crumb crust, with three flavors of ice cream. All good! I figure a half-dozen boys and a big dose of sugar constitutes another noise source….

Progress of nature

Grass plume backlit

Glorious sunshine again today; we are so lucky. I saw more cherry trees in bloom, poor things.

Bald cypress knees small

Over at the pool at the Old Fourth Ward Park, I noticed that the bald cypress are growing knees. These are still wee buttons, but another tree has knees that are around 8–10″ high.

Art two ways

Sky panels

Beltline art. Lots of metal pieces this time. Does that mean more funding for materials? Sorry, didn’t get artist’s name or the title of the piece.

Streetlight shadows

Nature’s art (kinda). The new streetlights make more distinct shadows that I found eye-catching when I was out taking a lap after dusk. Probably helps that most of the leaves are down….

Sunny yet mysterious

O4WP murky

I thought the water in the depths of Old 4th Ward Park was pretty murky until I looked along the edge-shallows…which were clear. And infested with still-life flotillas of minnows. I don’t understand the turbidity…maybe not sediment but algal life?


Fairy ring

During a break in the weather (more wind than rain, but none of it particularly pleasant), we went down to the beach. This dark green arc indicates a fairy ring, and the fungi’s special tenticles makes the grass darker (although some types kill the grass). I love the red of the apples and the gold and brown of the leaves superimposed on the green, both light and dark.

Beach pano

Panos require a lot of work by the processor, and even more so when moving water is involved. Still, this image looks both normal and spooky to me.

Another beautiful autumn day

Early day sun

Today I caught the sun just after it crested the horizon for a different effect. Still orange-gold.

Log splitter

Here’s the splitter that has been, under the Guru’s control, helping us convert more of the huge pine to firewood. Thanks to the neighbors for the loan. This one is on a trailer carriage, and is very sturdy. Note the hearing protection. The 8-horse Briggs and Stratton is noisy, and the operator has to stand right over it.