Crick in neck?

Metal man pondering

I have problems “getting” sculptures and poetry sometimes. I like this anthropomorphic form very much, but I find the hands creepy…so I’m not showing them. Anyway, “he” has a great view of northern downtown/southern Midtown.

Incongruity in the city

Drinking fountain woods

I do enjoy the occasional strange urban juxtapositions, like a drinking fountain in the woods.

Actually, I’m deceiving you. Off to the right, out of the photo, is a tennis court….

Fountain, artificial

H4WP fountain

Today, I ventured down the new(ish) ramp (aka Gateway Trail) that connects the Historic Fourth Ward Park* with the Beltline, angling along the Georgia Power yard between the two. Love this fountain, especially when the wind catches the water and turns it into blowing mist. I’ll like that effect even more when it’s hot out, although today I ventured forth in only a t-shirt (on top, that is!)…I hear it won’t be quite so nice tomorrow….

* Abbreviated H4WP or H4W Park. Just FYI.

Slanting sun

Chattahoochee path

We wandered along the bank of the Chattahoochee, amidst detritus accumulated after the last flood…along with fine sediments. Mostly, though, what was underfoot was leaves and small dead branches downed by recent breezes. We encountered a few people walking dogs (including one sweet puppy), and some others walking kids, and some parties with both.

Engagement photo?

Muscovies and people

Photographer: Do animals always come up to you?

Lady in red: No, I guess they think we have food.

Photog: (pause) I have one cracker.

The Lady had a very American accent; I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop, and didn’t hear the gentleman in white speak.

Layers of focus

Reflection overcast

Misty, moisty. Check.

Morning. Nope.

Cloudy. Yup; purely overcast.

No old man in any type of clothing. Too unpleasant, I guess, especially for a leather outfit.

I managed to get out between spitty-weather phases (in the early afternoon). Yippee!

Lookin’ and lively

Grass seedheads aglow

Outside an…IKEA, of all places….

If summer and the shoulder seasons are the time of the flower-photo, this part of the year is when I find seed-heads and branch-silhouettes compelling. And, with today’s sunshine, I did enjoy this clump of grasses, especially the curves in the tips.

…and windchill

Long view

One of the things we came to WNC for was to see for miles and miles. We found it from a couple of overlooks and tree-openings along the short section of the Parkway that’s open. I especially loved the visual effect of the white-crested tree limbs. Had I been more winter-hardy, I might have walked down among them….

Backlighting rocks

ABG trail curve backlit

Over at the Bot Garden, we enjoyed the natural autumnal delights like the dried, spent plants, overlooking and ignoring the…uh-hem…fancy lights, which, let’s face it, don’t look good in daylight. We’ve heard they’re…stately?…after dark, but I’m not so sure I’d like them….

Maybe five inches (snow)

Snow shore

I wanted to go out for a good walk, but thought the feet-warm situation was probably…not-so-good. Then, I remembered I’d squirreled away a perfectly good pair of low-top boots. Adequate, given the accumulation. So, I dug around and found an appropriate pair of socks (socks and shoes must work together, you know).

Aha! Then, I remembered that I’d tucked in my gaiters, and I was ready to suit up!

Nice walk, toasty all the way! Saw lots of deer tracks from approximately mid-day, even one place they’d gotten some apples from beneath the snow.