Friday lights

Streetlamp banner shaderoof

Yeah, this was the other day, but I’m still liking it, especially the little strokes that represent the fountain (top of banner).

Ahh, denouement?

Lichen bench

I noticed a fluffy ginger cat sprawled atop the neighbor’s red car across the street, alert not sleeping.

Then I saw a black-and-white cat cross my front yard, stopping at the far right to take up a post on a low wall.

Aha, I figured out, they are aware of each other. I went out to watch the soap opera.

I quietly took a seat on the porch.

Soon, fluffy hopped down and I lost track of him (probably a him given the color).

After a bit, black-and-white headed back across our yard, staying amidst the azaleas, protected from cat—and my—eyes. Less than a minute later, fluffy popped up just where black-and-white had been sitting.

Like any soap opera, that’s the installment I witnessed. I didn’t hear any caterwauling or hissing, so I think they must have gone their separate ways….

Habitat habitat habitat

PiedPk carriage road overlook

Somehow until today I missed the plaque saying this is Joni Winston’s Carriage Road Overlook in Piedmont Park—over the “marsh” below, which is really a ponding area for rainwater overflow. I told The Guru the other day that they sure were letting a lot of young trees take over the basin. Then, today I also discovered that they had cut down a bunch of the volunteer trees, leaving willows and I don’t know what else.

Pink dawn

Sunrise behind woods

Glorious sunrise this morning, with frost on the field.

While the sun was out we did outdoor chores during mid-day. I finally got the rhubarb goosed with alpaca poop* and protected with newspapers à la The Botanist.

* Sincere thanks to W & S at Spinner’s End Farm.

Of deer and apples

Apple tree amidst fog

The fog this morning was so dense and…persistent. There’s a doe and two fawn-children (but not so fawn-y this late in the season) who hang out right under this apple tree. With its fine crop-of-drops.

The bonus is that I can monitor this subset of the deer population from the kitchen and bathroom windows…to the east.

Until they notice me and skitter skitter away.

Fall filaments upon the firmament

Milkweed seed time

Rumor was we’d have spotty rains today, but it was well into the afternoon before it precipitated.

With the compressed seasons of the northlands (nearby is, as I understand it, the southernmost lobe of sub-tundra in North America), October is seed-time. Some plants went to seed much earlier in the year, but the later species are working the season-end to their utmost.

Milkweeds are plenty of fun this time of the year, but they’re on my not-here-not-now list at the moment as they have overtaken much of the orchard and part of the field. Not good.

And I don’t know how to turn the tide—in a green or greenish way….

The moon. (Again.) The moon.

Moonlight no madness

Thanks to the Guru for this shot….

Walking back from our dinner date (entrée: venison-cranberry stew—oh yum!), we watched the moon preening. Or, if you anthropomorphize, it was preening; otherwise, it was playing hide-and-seek with the clouds.

Jet stream again?

Butte in sun

I find this humid sometimes rainy summer unsettling after so many dry and dryish summers. So I was thinking about being in the desert last spring. They’d just had some moisture, so there was a greenness, but it wasn’t in bloom.

Sunset in color

Strange sunset

Thanks for the photo, Guru.

Definitely; the weather these days can be strange.


Rock in the woods with moss

I need a walk in the woods right about now. I’ll meditate on this moss-laced rock instead for a bit…and console myself that this way I won’t have to do a tick-check.