Mindful…what’s that?

Rest area path

Before I get into the day’s details, have you ever seen an interstate rest area that includes a long-distance path? Milemarker 52. New to me, that mix. !!

Rebel aboard

Farther along, hmmm, cars in motion. Not new or new-ish cars, but historic vehicles, that means silvery and chrome-y and not-new. Here’s a Rebel. Who wouldn’t find a “Rebel” being a temptation? Me, sorry, I get sidetracked by the Dodge part. Old history, not present, yet….

Le bridge

Soon, we crossed The Bridge. With the usual lane closure at the top of the arc. We soldiered through, then waited our turn through the toll-booth section…and off to a late lunch at Clyde’s.

Sigh. Life is darned good!

Roadster orange 1937

And there at Clyde’s, I dunno, maybe a half dozen of the cars (roadsters? I think so) in town (StIgnace) for an upcoming old-car parade. I think we’ll miss it; we are westbound!

Tall grass orchard

Here at the farm, the grasses in the orchard are TALL this year, almost tall enough to overwhelm the lupines with grassiness. Still, I have to say, we are here and we are ready…to do chores and to relax, in a mindful mingling and mixing.

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  1. kayak woman says:

    Oh right, it’s *that* weekend. Iggy and Family Fare will be slammed. May have to get groceries farther south.