Flat world


Yesterday had another big excitement, but the headline had to stay the way it was.

So, finally, we’ve joined this century, with this 26 inch Samsung flat-panel TV, with all the right attachments, etc. (I am assured). JCB reports that the user interface was much better than expected (I stayed away in case smoke started rising—it didn’t!).

High-def is truly a much improved picture, and JCB actually watched some of the Talladega NASCAR race and the weekend’s golf tournament just to see all those well-honed pixels (if that’s possible). Separate blades of grass and each tread mark, I guess….

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  1. mouse's moom says:

    We went through a period of time after we were married when it seemed like everybody and his mother gave us their old television sets. One of them smoked when we turned it on. Not joining the 21st century here.